Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a great Christmas! This year was Brett's big family Christmas so all of his cousins were in town from Texas, their kids, his aunt, and his dad.  We spent xmas eve with Brett's mom, went to a great church service, ate dinner, and opened gifts.  Christmas morning we headed to my parents bright and early!  This is most likely the last Christmas in the house we grew up in, as my parents just closed on their lot, so finally their new house will start to go up!  Which made this xmas a little bitter sweet :)  We grew up in that house so there are a ton of memories there, especially involving Christmas!

We opened gifts...

Colby :)  

...and ate our traditional breakfast...sooooooo yummy!

Please excuse my extreme need for a tan...

After my parents we headed to Brett's grandparents house and spent the rest of the day there!  We ate lots of food, got great stuff, and spent lots of time with family.
We made out pretty well this year!

A much needed set of new pots/pans from my parents 

CUTE Jordan outfit from my sister.

 Hopefully the Boys will be a little better by the time our baby is wearing this ;)

 Feast your eyes on what will be this child's ONLY Texas Longhorn gear.  And to even the score I'll be adding 3 Nebraska outfits as well :) Brett was pretty pumped about these!

This baby is going to have a ton of ADIDAS stuff thanks to Steph and a ton of Jordan/Nike stuff from my sisters and Brett!

An awesome digital photo frame from Brett's dad, I'm pretty excited about this one!

So again, we had a great Christmas with amazing family.  We are very blessed! 

On a side note: I know most of you know something is going on with our baby but may not know exactly what.  We have an appointment Wednesday and when I know the results from that I will let you know all about what is happening.  It is a very stressful/scary situation waiting for answers and not knowing what is going on.  Everything could be fine or it could be a life changing appointment...scary.  Please pray for our baby, for Brett and I, and that everything goes well on Wednesday.  As soon as I know I will blog all about what we've been through.

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