Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Busy weekend!

We had a fun and busy weekend to kick off the fall season!  Friday night Brett and I headed to the Rangers/Royals game for his b-day.  It was PERFECT weather and we had AWESOME seats!  Brett and I love going to baseball games...it's relaxing with all the fun stuff like hot dogs and beer, wouldn't mind being season ticket holders some day!  It was nice to be doing something just Brett and I that wasn't a quick dinner out.  Jaris got to stay over and grammy and papa's.  When I came to pick him up the next morning he said, "don't take me home mommy."  Glad he had fun!

We were on tv twice (bottom right pic)!  We are such a good looking couple they couldn't resist :)
Next up was the KU football game.  The morning started off cool but it quickly warmed up.  I really like the morning games because a breakfast tailgate is the best!  All the breakfast casseroles and mimosas, you can't go wrong!  Kelly and the boys were in town so JT had a blast running around with them in the kid zone.  He wasn't feeling the game too much, he woke up early at my parents house so I think he was a little grumpy, we ended up leaving at the start of the 4th quarter and missed the 52 yard field goal to win the game!

My high school reunion was also that afternoon.  Originally we planned on leaving the game early to go there but Jaris was having too much fun with the boys and because he was a little grumpy we just went home for a nap before our next event.  My mom had planned for us to go to the stock car races outside of Topeka that night.  It was entertaining and JT loved it...not our normal crowd but it was fun.  We didn't get home until around 9:30 so it was a pretty long day for us!

please excuse Brett's cheek full of sunflower seeds

Sunday was so nice.  A great church service, lunch with my mother in law, Cowboys won, put JT down for a nap, picked up the house, took small nap, and then we had my family over for BLT's and corn on the cob.  It was too nice to be eating inside and having people over is one of my favorite things to do. 

We are going to conquer potty training this weekend using the "3 day" method so wish us luck!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Things to remember.

Things to remember at almost 2 1/2 years old...
Still obsessed with cars, trucks, motorcycles...
Really into Buzz and Woody, loves to say "to infinity and beyond!"...
Starting to get picky about clothes (especially his pj's), will wear only ankle socks, and only a certain color at night (usually black, blue or green Nike socks)...
Really testing the limits with mom and dad...volunteers to go to timeout when we threaten it and pretty much laughs anytime mom tries to punish...
Talks so good...validated by my mother in law who's a teacher :)  The kids vocab is fantastic and he talks in full sentences all the time.  Repeats everything after you say it.  Conversations with him are a hoot...
Still very particular about everything.  "Mommy sit there, mommy put your feet up"  "I need a snack on a plate mommy"  "Daddy you have this race car"  "I need new (aka colder) water please"  Things have to be in the perfect place, cars "parked" in a row, blankets in certain spots in his bed, and on and on...
Favorite sayings..."Daddy working out the kids?"  "Mommy what you doining" (and yes doining is how he says it, adorable).   "Daddy come play with me in the playroom."  "I ride papa's motorcycle?" (and then doesn't want to even sit on it). The things he says and the way he says things are hilarious... 
Eats really well still and cheeseburgers are still the favorite, likes animal crackers, goldfish crackers, donuts, eggs, fruit, rice, chicken strips, mommas cupcakes, chips and salsa, mexican food...
 New favorite activity is dance parties before bed, also my new favorite.  And he has all the classic "white boy" moves...
His relationship with Maisy grows more adorable by the day...
Loves to play hide and seek but like most 2 year olds laughs while hiding...
Loves to wrestle/tackle dad and play cars with mom...
He has a HUGE personality.  A little shy when new people are around but crazy, very loud, energetic, smart, sweet, ornery little boy. 
I count my blessings every single day with him.

Come on fall!

I'm so beyond ready for fall!  Football is finally here, now I'm ready for sweaters, boots, leggings, scarves, pumpkins, cider, hot chocolate, all that fall is about.  I finally had a somewhat free weekend so I decorated for fall to help usher in the season!  It was so nice on Saturday to just clean the house, get all the fun stuff up, and make it smell delicious thanks to Yankee's apple pumpkin scent (heavenly). 

Saturday was also Brett's birthday! He and I went out to dinner Friday night at one of our favorites, Carmen's in Leawood.  So good!  We walked around for a little bit after dinner and then went over to my sisters house to see her new kitten, ask my new bestie. 

Saturday he relaxed and watched football and then we went to dinner with family that night.  Nothing crazy, birthdays kind of fizzle down as you get older :)  For his gift I got him tickets to the Royals/Rangers game Friday night which is what we did last year but this year it's just him and I...no suite.  We have pretty good seats about 7 rows up from the Rangers dugout.  Really looking forward to that game and hopefully the Rangers can win after their recent string of losses.
Last year :)
That was about it for the weekend, church on Sunday and more football...tis the season!
Just some iPhone pictures to upload:
I melt.

Patiently waiting for his food :)

Got some new "Buzz and Woody toys" as JT calls them.

Please ignore the red comforter, our duvet is at the dry cleaners!

Did a little grocery shopping before the weekend :)
Out on the boat last Sunday (w/o a choking accident thankfully).

Loves his books!
iPads are awesome, he LOVES and is a master at his puzzles. He learns a lot from that little thing!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

KU Game day in pictures

It was SUPER hot so we had to pour water on JT :)

Somehow my hair didn't frizz in the humidity!

My gorgeous momma :)

So hot but we had fun!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Oh 3 Day Weekends!

Every weekend should be 3 days.  We had such a great weekend and I was definitely sad to see it end. Friday the Ballard family came into town and we had dinner and play time at our house.  Jaris loves being around Kaden and Brooks, those poor boys don't get a second without JT calling their name...but I love watching him with them.  Saturday I got started on a project for our living room wall while Brett took JT to go play with the boys at the park.  

We met with the family for lunch and headed back to our house for more play time.  That night we took the kids out for dinner and called it a night.

Sunday we had everyone over for burgers and that night Brett and I got to relax and watch a movie! Monday was perfect weather for the boat.  Brett couldn't go unfortunately because he had clients but we had such a relaxing day on the water.  Well..until Jaris choked on a chip.  I was in the water with Stephanie on a floaty.  My sister and dad were on the pontoon with Jaris eating lunch.  All of the sudden I heard my sister yell, "Amber he's choking!"  You know they say when your child is in danger you get super human strength to save them...somehow I got off my floaty, over to the ladder, up it and to the middle of the boat with in 1/2 a second.  You think you would know what to do when your child is choking but in that moment of pure panic, it seems to just leave your head.  To top it off he had a life jacket on.  Luckily as soon as I got to him he was able to get it down.  Seeing that "I can't breath" choking look on his face was the most awful thing.  I was shaking and trying to hold off the tears so he wouldn't get scared, as soon as he could breath again the first thing he said was, "wipe my nose please!"  I don't know that I've ever been that scared.  After all was okay my sister said, "how in the world did you get to him so fast because I said he was choking and then there you were!"  I really don't know how I got up there so fast considering where I was...I do have a few wounds from the ladder.  I'm still not sure if I actually climbed it or just pulled myself up, either way it roughed up my hand a little bit!  After that we were all fine and had no more chips for the rest of the day!  We ended our weekend at one of our favs, Jefferson's downtown.  


it was beautiful weather!

out within 3 mins.
Tuesday was the annual Lawrence Pooch Plunge at the pool.  We take Maisy every year and she loves it, she would be there all night but her hips kill her the next day. Jaris got to enjoy it this year too, he got a kick out of all the dogs running around and jumping in the water.  At one point I was holding JT and a boxer came up to Maisy and got aggressive with her.  JT was watching and all of the sudden he screamed her name and started to cry and said "no doggy!"  He was scared that dog was hurting her.  It broke my heart to see him get so upset but at the same time it brought a little tear to my eye seeing how much he really does care about her.  I know he loves her but I always wondered how much he understood that and now I clearly know.  Love him...love her...love them together.  He will be a great big brother.

 That's all for now!