Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Austin and More

Over spring break Brett, JT, and I decided to go visit Taylor in Austin! Flights to Dallas are less expensive so we flew in to there first Friday afternoon.  We met our Dallas friends at Covino's for dinner and stayed the night with Brett's family.

Saturday morning we got up and drove into Austin! We met Taylor and Danielle (who came down on Thursday) at our favorite, Rosa's for lunch. Taylor showed us around a little bit, we did some shopping, and called it a night.

Sunday...lunch...KU game...

After that crappy loss we headed out to Salt Lick BBQ. It's out in the Austin countryside and it was a beautiful drive and an awesome location. A few acres of land with a kids play place and sand box (all outside) picnic tables, outdoor lemonade stand, live music, and a ton of people. The weather was prefect and the food was great!

Monday Dan left and Taylor had to go to work. Brett, JT and I decided to go do a little exploring of the Austin trails. Jaris had been really patient doing every thing we wanted so I Googled parks and we found an awesome one! It had a ton of cool play equipment we'd never seen, a trail along the river, and rocks to climb on with a wading pool! They also blocked off a section of the river for people to swim in, with a slide, life guards and everything so cool!

We walked up and down the trail throwing rocks etc. Then we headed to lunch at Rosa's (again) and then found a Nothing Bundt Cakes (amazing, I had lemon and oh my word it was good).

We went back to Taylors and she had fresh baked cookies delivered to the apartment. Oh. My. Word. They were sooooo good! What a genius idea to have a business that delivers fresh (and I mean still warm from the oven) cookies. I would be 600 pounds if I lived in Austin! We decided to go back outside and find a place to paddle boat or kayak down the river. Not as easy to find as you'd think but after about an hour of walking the wrong trails, getting lost, and stuck in traffic we finally found somewhere! Jaris was a little scared at first but loved it after about two minutes. It was such a fun atmosphere on the water, so many people just renting paddle boards and laying out on them with music, very cool area.

this picture doesn't do the softness of these cookies justice...they fell apart when
I picked them up and they were oh so warm!

We met with Taylor for dinner on the lake and left early that next morning.

waited for an hour to get our luggage...passing time
As soon as we got back Brett left for Veritas' first ever baseball game.  As of right now they are 9-1! A great group of kids and what an awesome start to the first season ever. So fun to see Brett coaching (and in a baseball uniform ;)) and his program doing well as an AD. Love the Veritas family!

FYI that's me in the Eagle costume. I thought it would be fun/funny for me to be the mascot at the baseball game for one night! Brett was thrilled...he's such a lucky guy :)

The next weekend mom and I went to FLEETWOOD MAC! I have seen some awesome concerts recently...Cher, Madonna, and so on but I've never been more excited than to see Fleetwood Mac. They were amazing. Amazing. They were all together for the first time in 20 years and it's probably the last time they will all tour together as FM. A once in a lifetime thing for me. It was crazy to me that I was listening to these iconic songs, the majority from before I was even born, I'm pretty sure I talked about for a week after...Brett was over it lol.

The next day we took an old train out to an Easter egg hunt with grammy and ganny. JT made out pretty well!

We colored Easter eggs with Kool-aid this year and it worked so much better! JT woke up to his Easter basket, candy and eggs hidden inside and out.  We headed to church which had a GREAT message and powerful video, truly celebrates what Easter is all about.

We met with all my family and Brett's to eat a brunch at the Oread, saw the Easter bunny, went home and played baseball, dinner, bath, bed.

Throw in a lot more baseball games, Jaris getting hit with bad allergies, Brett's sister moving in with us, a father in law visit, my job change, a 5k run, a couple of photo shoots and that's our last couple of weeks! And on top of all that my uncle lost his battle with cancer. I got in some family time Saturday when it happened but thank you for all of the prayers, he will be missed by many!