Friday, November 26, 2010


It is official! Our little baby is no longer an "it"... he's a boy!  I had my normal check up appointment on Wednesday and they weren't planning on doing an ultrasound but I thought that because all my family was in town I would at least ask!  So my doctor came in and after the usual routine I asked if we could and because she is AMAZING she slipped us in later in that day!  

So we came back in the late afternoon, we got the same tech that did our testing 4 weeks ago so I was excited because I really liked her and she printed off a ton of pictures for us last time.  When we first got pregnant I had the idea to reveal the sex of the baby with all our family there by cutting into a cake with pink or blue frosting in the center.  I still really wanted to do that but Brett wanted to know before everyone else, I didn't.  So that's what I planned on doing but I didn't think we would find out the day before Thanksgiving so Brett's family was all out of town and I didn't want to wait another 4 weeks before we knew. So I decided to just do the cake thing but with my family, however my dad and sister were in Chicago and wouldn't be home until Thanksgiving morning.  So Brett was going to know that whole time and I was going to have to wait.  So the tech took some measurements, showed us his little arms and hands, feet, ect. so than it came time to see what it was so I had to cover my eyes and she typed it on the screen for Brett.  She printed it off, sealed it in an envelope and off to the baker we went.
I made it to the end of the street before I was begging Brett to tell me!  I called my mom and told her that since I didn't tell her first that I was prego I would tell her first what the sex was.  So Brett (after 5 annoying minutes of saying, "are you suuuuuuurrrrreeee?") finally told me.
This whole pregnancy I thought for sure that it was a girl.  The majority of my family and friends thought it would be a girl.  I had girl names set.  Every silly "gender prediction test" said girl.  I was ready for bows, dresses and everything girl.  So when Brett said "it's a boy!" I was a little shocked!  And I will be the first to admit that I did have my heart set on a girl but I am equally as excited to have a boy first!  My side of the family needs some boys and on Brett's side we are happy to be adding the boy count already started by Kaden and Brooks!  Brooks and baby Temple will only be about 1 1/2 years apart so I'm pretty excited about that!  And watching my best friend with her older brother I was always envious, so when do have a girl I'm excited that she'll have an older brother.  Everything else was great with my appointment, we are still on track for the May 9th due date, he was measuring perfectly, with a heartbeat of 154.  My weight was on track (yippee), and my blood pressure was nice and low!
So now the name game really starts and we can finally by things!  We feel so blessed to have a healthy growing baby boy, we couldn't be happier!

Thanksgiving day we brought over cupcakes with blue frosting that said, "It's a boy!" in a yellow bag.

  After my dad and sister got back from Chicago we called a few family members that couldn't make it and put them on speaker phone.  We let my dad pull the cupcakes out since my mom already knew.  Everyone was really excited especially because have no boys on my side and it was just a really fun way to reveal what the baby was!

My parents looking at the ultrasound!

After all the excitement we ate a great dinner and than played games like always.  We had the perfect Thanksgiving and couldn't have asked for a better day!

I didn't do any black Friday shopping this year but I did find a great buy at Hastings today! I got the 25th anniversary edition of The Polar Express with an interactive CD and an "All Aboard the Polar Express" train pass :) for only 5.99!  It was the last one left and I couldn't pass it up! The first book for our little one's bookshelf!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, can't wait for this Christmas!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Way overdue!

Looking through my blog I realized that I never posted about our Texas trip! I don't remember all the details so here are just some pictures!  Jan & Marks/Plano...Grandbury lake/Biffs Ranch

Waiting in the airport!

Hey big sexy ;)

Hey T-Pa pay attention!

Stephs new best friend :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Here are a few photos from our Halloween! We had a great time at my families annual Halloween party, and even got some trick or treaters Halloween night! I love Halloween and wish I had time to really "go all out" each year, next year however will be quite a different Halloween experience for us.  We'll have a baby! I can't wait for the pumpkin patch and I've already got tons of costume ideas in mind!

Last minute costumes!

My dad and Brett

My aunts!

My uncle

My parents :)

The two cutest nephews ever!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Now it's on to Thanksgiving and Christmas! I LOVE this time of year!
*Be excited...for my bedroom shelf project Brett and I have to take some new pictures together so those will be coming soon...I know you're all super excited ;)