Tuesday, November 13, 2012


We had a great Halloween! Last year was fun but he was still too little to really get the hang of it and this year he did so good!  I really love getting into the spirit of Halloween but every year I'm so busy and never have the time and this year was no different.  I wanted so badly to go as Barney, Betty, and Bam Bam because how perfect would that have been and Brett was actually on board!  But it didn't work out this time and I wanted Maisy to be apart of it so she could go with us.  Last minute I found an adorable monkey costume and decided Maisy would be a banana!  Maisy's costume was a little small but it worked and they both looked so cute :)  We went "trunk or treating" at our church and it took about two cars for Jaris to understand you reach in and get candy lol.  He was a trick or treating machine after that, I had to stop him multiple times from reaching in for a second or third piece of candy.  He did great and it was so stinkin' cute watching him walk around with Maisy, they were a big hit together!

 It was super hard to get both of them to be still! 

trying to sneak her a a treat 

the best we could do lol

how cute is he?!

After trunk or treating we went to Brett's grandma's apartment and they all line up and pass out candy! The line was out the door but went really fast thank goodness.  Brett's gram was last in line so he made out pretty well over all.

Can't wait for next year!


I am obsessed with music.  Love it.  Thanks to my mom I've been cultured on the best...anything 70's and 80's including...Madonna :)  I almost passed out from excitement when I found out she was coming to the Sprint Center and even more excited when I actually got tickets!  My mom was going with one of her girlfriends so I was a little sad she and I weren't going to sit together because Madonna will always remind me of my mom but I had a blast and we texted each other :)  Kelly and I went and met up with my friend Kristy and her friend Julie.  Our seats were pretty high up but I didn't care, seeing her was enough!  The show was AMAZING.  The BEST technical, graphics, dancing, artistry, show I've ever seen.  The set was unbelievable and it was pure entertainment from start to finish.  Most of the pictures are from my phone so not great but I put some on from the web so you could see better.  I still can't believe I can add Madonna to my list of concerts...crazy!


Yes those are drummers hanging from the celling!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

So Busy!

Oh my we have been busy and it's not slowing down!  I'll try to make this short and sweet...I'll try.

Maple Leaf Festival.  Weather was great, Jaris loved the parade and the petting zoo!

Jaris is back to swimming lessons.  The first lesson back he cried for a little bit but as you can tell from the pictures below he's doing just fine now!  Claudine is the best and I'm so glad JT loves the water as much as Brett and I do.  

Homecoming weekend at KU was also the same weekend as the First Annual Floyd Temple baseball game.  I was working so I missed the beginning (and I'm so mad) but when Brett's dad was giving his speech on the field, Brett and the family sat behind home plate.  Apparently Jaris walked all the way over to the dugout (by himself) grabbed a bat and a ball and walked back over and starting hitting.  Everybody told me how cute it was and the crowd loved it and I still can't believe I missed it!  I'm sure Brett's papa was proud and I know Brett was.

I told JT to say "cheese" and this is what I got :)

Every year my grandparents have a "pumpkin carving party" and every year it's a different theme.  This year everyone had to wear a hat!  I love Halloween and this get together is always fun!  My mom got Jaris a costume for the event and it was so funny and a BIG hit!

Brett got really creative with his hat...
I LOVED my little hat!

My uncle Kevin his fiance Jackie and their little girl Charlie, how cute is this costume?!

Love him :)

My dads pumpkin lol

No stencils needed here! I drew it on and Brett carved! Jack!
Okay that's it for now, I'll post about Madonna (ahh!) and Halloween later!