Monday, April 9, 2012

Let's get caught up!

I think when I left off we were preparing for JT's first swimming lesson.  I was SUPER nervous for him.  The drive over to LAC and the entire time we were waiting for his turn, I was so jittery.  I'm sure every mom thinks the same thing I did, "oh he loves bath time so maybe he'll like it."  WRONG! The second I handed him to Claudine (who is awesome by the way) he started screaming.  And it continued throughout the entire lesson...a whopping 6 mins.  It's safe to say that was the most he'd ever cried.  He did some back floating, some gliding, and even when under quite a bit!  I was really nervous every time she dunked him but I was trying to be as encouraging as I could from the sideline.  He did great at blowing out the water like he is suppose to and since that 1st lesson (yes he still cries the entire time) he is doing great!  At the last lesson he glided from one girl to Claudine underwater!  My dad however is NOT a fan of his swimming lessons.  While there he pointed out that he could get some major brownie points if he jumped in and saved him and that he probably wouldn't be coming back to watch another :).   I'm really glad LAC offers these classes because we want Jaris to not only love the water but also respect it.  He'll know what to do if he were to ever fall into a pool, ect and with my parents having a boat and soon a swimming pool at home we want him to be a good swimmer.  I'm so excited to get out on the boat this year and get him used to being on it and in the water, Brett and I both love it.

One of my all time favs, cracks me up every time!

Happy again!

Video is about 6 mins long but it's mainly him crying throughout his first lesson!

Jaris also had his first St. Patty's day!  We went downtown for the annual parade and even though I've lived in Lawrence my whole life, this was my first time as well.  We didn't get there early enough to get a great spot but we did find some friends and were able to see just fine.  If there wasn't something with a motor, siren, or animals coming down the street, he really didn't care too much but he did great and I'm looking forward to next years parade!

I have been planning JT's 1st birthday for about a 3 weeks now and I'm getting so pumped.  I have one more project to finish and then all the decorations will be done.  I'm very big on making to do lists when it comes to planning parties and things so I've got the entire menu written down and even a sketch of how I want the dessert table set up...ocd much?  I can't wait to post all about it! 

It's still hard for Brett and I to realize that he is almost one.  I know everybody tells you it goes fast but until you have your own it just doesn't hit you.  He is such a little character and has quite the personality. He is all boy, he goes 100 mph all the time, he is ornery, he is loud, and he makes me laugh every day.  He has taken his first steps and is getting close to walking, he wants to go really bad but I'd say maybe another month before he really gets the hang of it. He loves mac and cheese, pretty much anything we give him...he likes.  He is such a little ham, he makes goofy faces and noises all the time...I just can't get enough of him.


This picture cracks me up, that's what my lip does when I lift something heavy!

Such a good dog, I love her.

Poor Maisy can never get a moment of peace :)

Hi friend...

loves loves loves cars

and remotes...

Love this picture...Maisy searching for fallen mac and cheese
Since basketball season is over we have been trying to spend a lot of time with Kelly, Kaden, and Brooks.  We are SUPER happy for Brett and the family for this big move but we are also super sad.  Jaris LOVES being around Brooks and Kaden, he cracks up at anything they do!  They love being around Jaris, Kaden is such a big help and Brooks is his little protector and I love love love that.  I know Tulsa isn't far and we will visit as often as we can but there is nothing like being able to have them just stop by and play, grab dinner, head to the track, or go to get Tad's.  I will miss that so much (sorry for making you cry Kelly :)) and it just won't be the same without them!  But Tulsa is lucky to have Brett and we can't wait to come down for a game!! Go Hurricanes!!  

Jaris also just had his first Easter!  We attended church in the morning which was followed by a little egg hunt and then went to brunch at First Watch.  Brett and I have a lot to do in preparation for JT's birthday party as far as getting the yard and patio in good shape and since this was one day where we had lots of time we just went home after brunch and got started on that.  We decided to have a impromptu cookout with my family and Brett's later that night which was a perfect way to end the day.
(the photos are a little bright, forgot to change my camera settings)

I love Brooks in the background lol

That's all for now!