Friday, February 10, 2012


I'm blessed with the most amazing parents, because of them we were all able to take a trip to Michigan and visit Taylor.  We were leaving on Friday at 6 am for the airport and because I'm a better packer last minute I waited until Thursday to start packing.  Well a little bug was going around and unfortunately Brett caught it that morning and was feeling terrible all day and into the night.  Now for me...Brett getting sick is the worst thing that could have happened.  I won't go into detail for my husbands sake but lets just say he's quite possibly the worst patient ever.  Ever.  So now not only do I have to pack Jaris and myself but now I've got to get Brett too.  After work that night we went to dinner to celebrate Brett's grandpa's 86th birthday so after that, giving Jaris his bath, and night time stuff, I finally got started.  Brett when straight to bed so I was hoping he would just sleep through the night and wake up better in the morning.  I finished packing around 1:30 am and still had to shower, dry, and straighten my hair.  So I hopped in the shower and after I dried my hair I sat on the couch for a small break and then I heard Brett get up.  He wasn't feeling any better and now was starting to debate on whether he should go in the morning or not.  We decided he wouldn't make a decision until the morning so he went back to bed, I straightened my hair and finally got to sleep around 3.  I got up around 5, got myself ready and the bags at the door, got Jaris up and ready (he was totally confused at 6 am, he usually sleeps until 9).  My parents got there at 6 and Brett was still debating on I made him get up and go.  I knew if he stayed he would regret it and just lay in bed all day not getting any better.  So as the day went on he eventually felt better and by the next morning he was back to normal.  
Mom why am I up so early?

Still too early mom...

Keeping him occupied

Ready to fly!

I was really nervous about flying with Jaris for the first time.  I did not want to be the lady with the crying baby!  It did help that 6 am was not a normal wake up time for him and he didn't sleep on the ride to the airport so I knew he was tired.  He also is teething (the 2 front are so close) so I gave him some Ibuprofen before take off.  He drank his bottle as we took off and was out like a light until we landed.  We had a layover in Chicago and so I was really worried that he wouldn't sleep on the second plane and he didn't.  He was pretty loud at some points but it was his happy loud screams so I'll take that over crying!  We finally got to our hotel and my parents went over to my sisters where they stayed and we all took a little nap and met for dinner that night.
Taylor was so happy to see Jaris and I was so happy to see Taylor!  Dinner was great and it was kind of fun to see another college town and where they all like to eat.  We headed back to our hotel for bed and we did Jaris' normal routine and put him down in the pack n' play that we rented from the hotel.  Apparently he didn't like it because at 3 am he woke up screaming and would not go back to sleep in that thing.  When he is teething, he is very clingy...especially to me.  So for the first time ever, he slept in the bed with us.  Except instead of sleeping between us, he would only sleep on my chest.  Which I totally love but I was really exhausted after the previous night and all day stuff so I needed a good sleep but that didn't happen :)
Taylor's game was Saturday, I love watching her play but unfortunately she didn't get to play very much this game so that stunk but they did win! 

Ready for Tate's game!
Laughing at grandpa

Very cool to see her on the wall! (#1)

Hangin' with Tate's teammates!

 Later that night we watched the KU/MU game at our hotel bar and after a disappointing loss we went to bed.  Jaris did better that night, he woke up at 6 am and slept on my chest again until he woke up at 9.  Sunday we did some shopping and Jaris was the main attraction strolling down the mall.  He does this "thing" with his hands and arms when he gets excited or laughs.  His arms go out to the side and his hands start to look like he's revving his motorcycle.  It's hilarious and then he begins to laugh.  For some reason he was doing this up and down the walk-ways of the mall, I had no idea what he thought was so funny or exciting but it was crackin' me up!  Everyone was laughing at him as we walked by them, he is such a little nerd :)  We went back to Taylor's, napped, got some wings and food and watched the super bowl.  
Monday we ate breakfast with Taylor and then said our goodbyes.  I wish we were closer so we could see her more...I want both my sisters close at all times :)  We had a great time!

Drove by the Michigan Stadium...HUGE!

While napping before the Super Bowl he had a poo explosion and had to go pant-less

Vacation is so exhausting!

The first plane ride home he slept through the entire thing and the second he was awake the whole time but so happy!  Overall he was pretty awesome, he had his moments of crankiness but that's to be expected with flights, teething, time change, new place, and a new bed lol.

Let's go mom!

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks.  I can't believe he is getting so big!

His hair has gotten even more curly since this photo!

On a side note I've was presented with a pretty big opportunity to do some photos for a great little boutique downtown that will be put on their Facebook page as well as an add in the Rock Chalk!  I'm pretty excited about it so here are some photos from the shoot!

That's all for now!