Sunday, March 27, 2011


This is a not an important post but I'm excited about it!  I love to bake, usually I'm the only one who ends up eating it because Brett isn't a big sweets person (I only wish I could be like that), but I had a little craving for some brownies.  I have tried to make brownies 8 million times...I love them.  However, they NEVER turn out right.  The edges are always hard and the inside is nice and gooey but never the same consistency all over.  I couldn't figure it out...I tired different pan sizes and fifty other things but nothing helped.  And granted they are just brownies from the box but still.  So today while doing some grocery shopping the brownies were on sale so I thought I would try again and  if the edges were hard again at least I could eat the inside!  I made sure I followed directions to a "t"...however this time instead of cooking them at the recommend oven temp and time I just very slowly cooked them for however long it took and finally......THEY TURNED OUT!

How silly is it that it took me that many tries to make brownies?! Oh well...I got it now!
April is going to be a very busy month for me.  I have an appointment this Thursday and than the first week of April I have a haircut and our hospital walk-through.  The next week I have my last every two week appointment on the 12th and from then on it's every week.  April 16th is my shower (which by the way it's extremely hard not to look at our registries..).  The week after our shower will be spent getting everything put together, clothes washed and put away, car seat installed, and finishing the baby's room.  I started laughing writing that last line just thinking about how close we are really freaks me out!  I truly can't believe we are so close, I know I've said this a million times but I feel like I should still have 3 more months!  I'm starting to think more and more about what will go on once we get to the hospital. I'm not nervous for all the needles or epidural (don't get me wrong I'm not looking forward to them) but I'm terrified to start the whole pushing process.  That is the point of no return lol.  There is no going back after that, you can't put it back in, you can't stop him from coming and as soon as he's out your responsible for a new life.  THAT'S SCARY!  I know we'll be just fine but still...ahh it's so close!
I'll keep you updated after our appointment and hospital walk through!

Brett walked into the baby's room (which as of right now if Brett's clothing room) and found her sleeping like this...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Nothing too exciting...

Nothing new to report.  Everything was looking great at my last doctors appointment and I only have 2 more every 2 week appointments and than I start going every week.  April 4th we go in and have our hospital tour.  It just seems like it's so close and yet I feel like I just told everyone!  It has really gone by super fast.
Baby is moving ALL the time, a lot more during the day now but still a lot at night and in the morning.  I've been craving a lot of fruit lately, mainly strawberries and grapes.  I'm starting to really feel the effects of pregnancy all over.  If I don't get a lot of time to sit at work my legs and feet are really sore that night and the next day.  I make a ridiculous amount of trips to the bathroom.  My back still hurts and my feet/ankles still swell all the time.  In fact I think they will just remain swollen until after labor, Brett told me yesterday that they looked like Fred Flintstones I think that is a pretty accurate description!

Random thoughts...
I'm getting really excited for my baby shower.  It's about one month away and I can't wait to see what my mom has done! And I can't wait to see all my family that are traveling down!  

Really hoping KU can win the NCAA tourney this year so the bracket can go in the baby's scrapbook.

We have officially moved ONE name to the list.  That was a big step for Brett ya'll lol.  We want to get a list with 2 or 3 names on it and once we see the baby we'll decide than.  So I'm pumped he has finally agreed on one!

Brett's cousin and her 3 year old little girl were in town recently and she was fascinated with my belly.  She liked to tickle "the baby" aka my belly and she even sang Justin Bieber's "Baby" song to it.  It was SUPER cute and I have it on video on my phone but I can't figure out how to get it to my computer so once I do I'll post it.  Every time I saw her she asked, "is the baby still in there?" It was very cute, we even had a belly bump bump instead of a chest bump ;)

I think that's it for now, not much to update on!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I feel huge! I feel like I'm ready to go any day now :)  A little over a month ago I posted a facebook status saying how fast the first two trimesters have gone and someone said well the last 3 months drag on!  Well not for me...I feel like it's right around the corner and I'm still so unprepared!  We are going to the doctor every 2 weeks and so far so good.  He kicks like crazy and moves all over the place, as I sit and type now I can see my belly moving.  It's the weirdest...yet best feeling.  He is especially active at night and lately in the mornings while I'm laying in bed.  I love laying in bed at night with both hands on my stomach just feeling his random movements, especially when he does a "long" kick and it feels like my hand is being pressed right against his little hand or foot :)  I found this photo on my phone and thought I would do a little comparison...

After, sorry no make-up and hair not done lol 3/4/2011
As far as I go, I almost passed out when I saw my weight at the last appointment.  I know, I know that you are suppose to gain weight but whoa...I wasn't expecting to gain this much.  But after cleaning out my closest this past week and looking at my old jeans I have plenty of motivation to get back to normal after this baby is here.  And I'm glad he will be here in the summer so I can take plenty of walks and workout outside.  My back is still killing me.  I try to stay off my feet as much as I can while at work but sometimes it's just not possible and sitting to watch tv only lasts for about 20 mins before I have to lay down.  Poor Brett has given me more back massages in the last month than in our entire relationship ;)  My hands pretty much stay swollen and my ankles are pretty sensitive to swelling as well.  Other than that lol I'm doing pretty well!
My left ankle is more swollen than my right
My sausages...and my fake ring because mine doesn't fit anymore!
In other exciting happenings, my Temple Photography basket sold for $400 at the auction!  I was sure that it would make $50 max (if that) so when Kristi texted me that it went for $400 I almost died.  I couldn't be happier with the result!
JCCC women's basketball team won today which sent them to Nationals! Taylor is pretty stoked and she had a great game today, wish I was able to go and support her in Illinois but I can't leave work :( Good luck ladies!
As far as Maisy goes, you can see in the photos below she has made her way onto the couch.  We both vowed when we got new furniture she wouldn't be allowed on...and we stuck with it for a little over a year.  However we started to notice paw prints on the microfiber showing up while we were at someone had been making herself very comfortable after we left everyday.  So eventually we just put a blanket down and allowed her up.  It just kills her if she can't be laying on us or next to us...and apparently neither Brett nor I can say no to her sweet face anymore :)  

I think that's about it for now!