Sunday, December 16, 2012


Holy smokes this has been a super busy week!  I was feeling better but because I haven't had a day of rest or gone to bed before 1 am I got sick again.  I had to call in sick Friday after throwing up at 2 am the night before.   So I finally went to the doctor and got on an antibiotic.  There are a lot of pictures to follow from the week so I'll keep the writing to a minimum.

Brett and I had somewhat of a date night when we went to dinner at the amazing Nikko's for my uncles birthday.  Such a great meal and always fun!

All week long I worked on finishing photos, stuff for an upcoming baby shower, cleaning, getting Xmas cards out, and on and on.

Kelly and the boys came into town Friday and Jaris was so excited to see them!

Saturday we had Brooks' birthday party in the morning and Taylor played UMKC in the afternoon so we finally got to see her play!  He had so much fun all day, he was a ham at the game and was dancing on the steps and running all over!

love my boys

Jaris found himself a comfy spot for gift opening :)

He had so much fun at the game, he fell asleep within 10 mins in the car!
We were suppose to go to the Carrie Underwood concert but she lost her voice and had to reschedule.  I was actually a little relieved considering I still had to do cupcakes and strawberries for the shower the next day. 

Daddy and JT helped me clean :)
Kelly's sister in-law Katie and I threw a "sprinkle" for her since we are finally getting a niece and she needed some girl stuff!  I love having people over, baking, and putting things's so fun!  Here are some pictures of the shower!  Can't wait for our new niece!

I make a delicious cupcake if I do say so myself!

"sweet treats to celebrate a sweet baby girl"

loves his aunt kelly!

love watching him eat cupcakes...beyond adorable

The shower went perfect and Kelly got a lot of cute stuff!
That's all for now...
Brett and I haven't had ANY time for Christmas shopping to we will finally start tomorrow and hopefully I'll be back to 100% better by Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2012

18 Month Check Up

We were a little behind considering Jaris is 19 months now but he finally had his 18 month check up today.  I wasn't able to leave work like I thought would be able to so my amazing mom was able to take him.  We have officially switched to a pediatrician from a family doctor and I'm really happy with our decision.  I did love our family doc but when he was sick I was never able to see her and when the PA missed croup, I decided it was time.  It's so comforting to actually see our doc when he is sick, I feel really comfortable with him, and he is great with Jaris.  His stats are...

Height: 32.25 inches (35th percentile)
Weight: 24 pounds 10 oz (27th percentile)

So....still a little guy :)

He did get shots today and tonight he was running a low grade fever so he was pretty mellow all night.

The doctor was super impressed that he can blow his nose (and he really does a great job) and apparently that has something to do with speech development/understanding so that's good.

He's talking a lot and says...

momma, dada, maime (maisy), tee-tay, please, ball, football, basketball, donut, poop (he has told us a few times when he goes!), snack, milk, night, bye, hi guys (one of my favs), plus a few more. 

It's fun to hear him try and communicate, he's really been putting words together and is very vocal when it comes to what he wants.  He is certainly independent and is very particular about things.  He finds very tiny things and take them to the trash, he likes his sippy cup in a certain spot on his tray, his blankets go a certain way when he sleeps,  his legos go only they he likes...he's entertaining that is for sure!  

He keeps us on our toes and we love it!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Tree decorating

Jaris did a great job helping me decorate the tree.

I found plenty of ornaments stuffed in to random cute!

He even took some off and moved them to a "better" spot :)

Then he just took some off and played with them instead.

Caught this tonight, they are both watching The Polar adorable.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving catch up...

 This year for Thanksgiving things were a little different.  My parents and sister went to Michigan to visit my other sister so my grandparents came down from Iowa.  We also had Brett's grandma and Stephanie who couldn't make it to Tulsa.  This would be my first time hosting Thanksgiving and the thought of cooking a turkey was terrifying.  
The day before I started to not feel well and by early evening I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  What made it worse was that Brett was at Johnny's for the annual Turkey Bowl so I was by myself, cleaning, cooking, decorating, and taking care of Jaris.   My temperature went from 99 to 102.6 within an hour and my body was so achy I could hardly move.  It was awful.  I finally got to bed around 2 am and woke up around 8am to start prep.  I didn't have a temp anymore but I didn't feel any better.  I thought Brett would be back from the Turkey Bowl football game in time to do the turkey but he wasn't.  So I cleaned it out (gross), basted it in butter, threw some seasoning on it, put it in the turkey bag with some broth, put it in the oven, and crossed my fingers!  A few hours later all the sides came out great and the turkey was PERFECT! I was so excited, exhausted but excited.

 I started to feel a little better that night but over the next few days my cough got worse and my voice went.  Just now have my voice back. And on top of all that Jaris was sick as well, he just finished his antibiotic...mommy and baby shouldn't be allowed to be sick at the same time!  AND I had 3 photo shoots that weekend...yikes.

I did not do any black friday shopping.  I'm sure maybe in the future I may do some but I'm not a fan of waiting in long lines or big crowds just to catch some deals.  So instead I did some shopping online and some more on Cyber Monday and got great deals without all the craziness.  We spent the rest of the weekend recovering from Thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas!
This past Friday Brett left for North Carolina so it was just me and JT.  After a crazy day at work we had a sweet dinner date at home and then I had to drive to the Sprint Center after the KU game to pick up product.  It was actually a really relaxing drive there and back, my music, up loud, and singing was a pretty good stress reliever! Saturday we went to the Lawrence Downtown Christmas Parade.  I was really excited for Jaris to watch it, he loves animals and he watched every single horse that came around the corner.  We had a great spot at the very beginning of the parade, with a drink and a cookie in hand he did awesome! I love the clydesdale horses with all the bells, they are so pretty!

   I somehow managed to get the perfect photo of his reaction when Santa came around the corner.  Cracks me up every time I look at it...I need to send it in somewhere, it's just too funny!


Sunday Brett got back so we went to the tree farm to find our perfect tree.  However, we didn't find one.  But at least we got the memories :)  We had everyone over for some of Brett's famous chili...chili dogs, corn bread muffins, and cookies were a perfect way to end the weekend!

 That's all for now!