Sunday, April 21, 2013

Almost two...

I can't believe we are days away from my little baby turning 2 years old! Party planning is in full effect this week, food, decorations, plans, and cleaning.  I'm so excited for the party, this year there will be more kids and I think he will really have fun.  I'll post pictures that night!  We've been very very busy over the past few weeks with work and events.  Here's a little of what we've been up to!

We finally got a nice day out so we did much needed yard work and played.

The ups and downs of Kansas weather took a toll on Jaris and we had 
a double ear infection and nasty nose...oh how fun

After some antibiotics he was back to being his silly self again!
Early Sunday morning we head to get some of his fav donuts!

I am a HUGE fan of musicals.  Mary Poppins was my favorite movie when I was little, my parents had to watch it over and over's still one of my all time favs.  Can't be bad with Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews, and "Stay Awake" from the movie is one of my favorite songs to sing to JT.  So I almost passed out from excitement when I heard the broadway production was coming to Kansas City.  However we couldn't find tickets but one of our friends had season tickets and couldn't make this show.  He posted it on facebook and thank goodness I checked it when I did because I was the first to respond.   The seats were fantastic, center 5 rows back!  It was a fabulous show and so fun to watch.  I loved it and it was fun to see it with my mom.  Wicked is coming back to KC in October and we are for sure going to see that one again, it's my favorite!

This was my favorite number, it's long but the tap dancing is amazing.

Saturday night my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  The entire family surprised them with dinner at the Capital Grille on the Plaza.  There was no way we were taking JT with us, it is waaaay to fancy, so we got a little bit of a date night :)

I got to enjoy 2 FULL glasses of wine (I finished the first glass before I even got my salad...yikes), 
a fantastic filet, and cake without any interruption!  It was super super delicious.  Although I hate not putting JT to bed so I was anxious to wake him up the next morning.

And in between the spring game, baseball, softball, relays, gym class, Taylor visiting, and running all over the place, we even got some play time in!

Saturday while I was at work, Brett and JT did a little shopping and apparently couldn't leave without a cowboy hat lol.  He loves it and looks adorable. He's so funny!

Okay gotta go clean!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Perfect Saturday

I'm not sure of anybody that doesn't, but I love the weekends.  Some changes are going to be happening at my job so I'm trying to enjoy this weekend as it may be on of my last without work being involved.  So today we decided to do something fun that was out of the house but in Lawrence.  Jaris is obsessed with animals right now and KU has a great Museum of Natural History on campus so we decided that would be something he would love.  Taylor is in town so we met up with her and my mom for lunch and then headed over.  He had a blast running around and looking at all of the animals.  It makes me excited for a zoo trip this summer!  Daddy was a trooper, he's been a little sick for the later half of the week and he was pretty bad on Saturday.  We had plans so go to the KU baseball game at 2 but the wind was really blowing and I didn't want to stir JT's allergies more than they already are.  Two is his normal nap time, he would've been fine if we did go to the game but after the museum nap time was much need.  We'll catch a game soon!  After a grocery store run and an actual run, we had my family over for BLT'S and corn on the cob.  So yummy.  I love this weather, playing outside, eating on the covered porch, I love it all.  Now I'm off to soak in the tub, catch up on the latest People mag, and hit the hay.  Love these days.

comparing his face to a chimps...looks the same to me! ;)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


We had a fantastic Easter Sunday!  Holidays are so much more fun with kids! I love planning things out for him and getting him fun stuff.  Saturday we colored eggs, that was an adventure and it was a good thing I put down a cloth on the table and the floor!  Sunday we woke up and Jaris hunted for eggs outside, we headed to church (great service as usual) and then did the church egg hunt.  After that we went to brunch with my family at the Oread and it was delicious! We headed home for naps, played at the park, and then grilled burgers and corn on the cob. Perfect!

It was ADORABLE watching him run and find eggs, he would've looked all day if we let him!

Ready for church with my little stud muffin :)

My boys!

watch out ladies!

Love this little family photo!

aunt steph & jt
granny & jt

He actually gave him 2 hugs and knucks! I couldn't believe it!

 Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter!