Saturday, April 6, 2013

Perfect Saturday

I'm not sure of anybody that doesn't, but I love the weekends.  Some changes are going to be happening at my job so I'm trying to enjoy this weekend as it may be on of my last without work being involved.  So today we decided to do something fun that was out of the house but in Lawrence.  Jaris is obsessed with animals right now and KU has a great Museum of Natural History on campus so we decided that would be something he would love.  Taylor is in town so we met up with her and my mom for lunch and then headed over.  He had a blast running around and looking at all of the animals.  It makes me excited for a zoo trip this summer!  Daddy was a trooper, he's been a little sick for the later half of the week and he was pretty bad on Saturday.  We had plans so go to the KU baseball game at 2 but the wind was really blowing and I didn't want to stir JT's allergies more than they already are.  Two is his normal nap time, he would've been fine if we did go to the game but after the museum nap time was much need.  We'll catch a game soon!  After a grocery store run and an actual run, we had my family over for BLT'S and corn on the cob.  So yummy.  I love this weather, playing outside, eating on the covered porch, I love it all.  Now I'm off to soak in the tub, catch up on the latest People mag, and hit the hay.  Love these days.

comparing his face to a chimps...looks the same to me! ;)

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