Friday, January 7, 2011

22/23 Weeks

I know it says 22 weeks and 5 days over to the side, but when we saw the specialist he put me a week ahead so that would make me 23 weeks and 5 when I have my next regular appointment we'll see if she moves it up.  I don't know how much of a difference a week makes!  Our next regular appointment is Jan 20, I'm still feeling great, a little tired and huge but good.  I feel like my belly has really popped out and I feel sooo big...and to think you grow the most in the last 3 months...ugh!  Tonight I came out from the bedroom in sweats and a t-shirt, Brett started giggling.  I asked him what he was laughing at and he said, "your pregnant!"  I started laughing and said, "yup sure am!"  It was pretty funny, he kept telling me how cute my belly was for some reason he just got a kick out of it :)  

-Still eating a ton of ice cream...cookies and cream with chocolate syrup to be exact
-Berry Skittles
-Getting up to use the restroom at least twice a throughout the night
-I generally sleep on my side but it's officially uncomfortable to lay flat on my back
-Experiencing a little more heartburn
-Feeling him move around a's amazing
-Still not even close to agreeing on a name or narrowing it down to at least 3...

Here's some updated photos, I was just taking my weekly one but with my photography camera so Brett felt cool and started an impromptu photo shoot...enjoy ;)

We have decided on bedding you can click here to view it.  I wanted something a little more modern than sports stuff or dinosaurs and I wanted it to be very tranquil with relaxing colors, not crazy bright or wild with patterns, so I think this accomplished that.  Not sure on paint yet, I'm waiting for my swatch card to come in.  
Maisy has been SUPER cuddly this week...not sure what's going on there.  She is pretty clingy to me as it is but she's really stepped it up a notch.  I think it may be because we took her kennel away when we moved the desk into our room and we took the guest bed (aka her bed) away to clear out the room.  Whatever it is I love it :)

Here she is knocked out right under my arm...

In this one she is taking up most of my pillow, I had very little space.

That's all for now, once I get the swatch of baby bedding we will decide on paint and get started so hopefully soon!

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