Monday, January 24, 2011

26 Weeks

I can't believe in another week I'll be in my 3rd trimester!  These past few weeks have been great...I'm right on track with my weight gain (although I feel huge), baby is growing right on track, and we have finally registered!  My belly has really popped out and it's getting harder and harder to get of out bed, bend down to get Maisy's leash, tie my shoes ect, but we get a good laugh out of it :)  I was telling Brett that I really do like being pregnant but I still don't understand the women who say they feel just as sexy as when they aren't pregnant...because sexy is the last thing I feel!!

Heartburn has set in so I try and avoid things that might irritate that but sometimes it just happens with random things.  My fingers have started to swell a little more during the day (which even before I was pregnant they would swell at night sometimes) but I'm wondering if I should take my wedding ring off soon in fear of it getting stuck on!  My lower back is starting to ache a little more and we were warned I might start having Braxton Hicks contractions but I haven't felt anything yet.

We had our doctor's appointment Thursday and everything was looking good, our next appointment is Feb 3rd and from now on we go every two weeks.  We also had to make our appointment to go and take a tour of the labor and delivery unit and to fill out all of our hospital paperwork ahead of time.  That really makes it feel close!  I go on Wednesday to drink the yummy glucose that tests for gestational diabetes and than have my blood drawn (my favorite....).

He is moving like crazy! Kicking all over especially at night.  Brett feels his kicks all time, he gets pretty excited to feel them, it makes me giggle :)

We were planning on painting the nursery this weekend but Brett's grandma was admitted to the hopsital and has been here since Saturday.  She is pretty sick so please keep her in your prayers.
So we will get to the painting soon and I've changed bedding...again...we have finally decided on THIS.

No cravings really besides the cereal.  I have a girlfriend who is due the same time we are and she updated that she was eating more and more cereal...I said welcome to my's ALL I eat!  Recently it's been just the Reese's Puffs but it takes me a solid 5 minutes to choose :)

That's about all for now!

Also if you haven't looked at the Keefer's photos on my photography blog go take a look, they are super cute :)

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Shannon said...

LOVE your bedding choice! :)