Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Destin 2013

The big family vacation came and went way too fast!  All the families (27 people total from littlest to oldest) arrived either Friday and Saturday, our flight left Saturday and Jaris was an excellent flyer.  An iPad and Toy Story 2 helped but good nonetheless through 2 flights. 

We got in pretty late so we grabbed dinner and went straight to the condo, did a little swimming in the pool and then the ladies headed to Wal-Mart for grocery shopping.  That place was busy a madhouse!  I've NEVER seen a Wal-Mart so busy, it looked like the end of times was near and people were trying to stock up.  Crazy busy week for Destin!  

We wanted to get on the beach early the next day because it happened to be the "tax free" weekend as well so we wanted to get some shopping done later that afternoon!  JT liked being in the ocean but loved being in the sand.  Digging, building, playing, whatever...he loved it.  He liked being at the pool with Kaden and Brooks most of all :) Most of our days were spent at the beach/pool, going up for lunch and a nap, and heading back down to the beach.  Unfortunately a little virus hit and about 7 of us got sick, myself included.  I didn't have it as bad as some others but it took about a full day for the sick ones to recover. 


One thing Brett and I really wanted to do was rent jet skis.  My family and some of Brett's family wanted to go as well so we all went and it was totally worth it!  1) the waves were waaay better than the lake, got some good air a few times.  2) we came across a pack of dolphins!  It was amazing, there were about 10 or so and they were just swimming along side of all of us.  Pretty awesome!

Toward the end of the week we went across the street to a putt putt/go-cart place.  They have little kid rides, arcade games, ect.  Jaris was dying to ride the go-carts or race cars as he called them however he was about 2 inches short of the minimum but we waited in line away and kept our fingers crossed.  He had already been turned away from the water boat ride so I was worried but he LOVES cars and I would've felt terrible if we didn't try.  I thought for sure they weren't going to let him on but to my surprise they did!  He LOVED it!  For my 2 year old that was living his dream!  He rode twice and talked about it the rest of the night and the next day. 

Family pictures took place on the last day and that was it!  It was really nice to wake up, hit the beach, relax all day, not have to worry about a thing, and being with my family...we were sad to leave.  Definitely looking forward to next year!

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