Sunday, August 25, 2013

Short Nebraska visit

Saturday after I got off work Brett, Jaris, and I headed up to Nebraska to see my grandma.  It's only about a 3 1/2 hour trip and Jaris did really well.  He didn't sleep at all which was a surprise to me considering it was during his nap time so he watched Toy Story and Cars and we hardly heard a peep from him :) 

We got in town right around 6:30 so we met my family for dinner.  Once Jaris warmed up he was the entertainment for the evening.  It's so funny watching him when he realizes that he is making everyone laugh.  He really turns up the silliness and is such a ham but it really makes us all laugh!  He didn't have a nap and after dinner we all went back to my aunts house and he stayed of pretty late so needless to say he was pretty feisty by the time we went to sleep.

This is who Jaris gets his middle name from, my grandpa.  He is missed every day.

Jaris had a cough and runny nose when we left so that was nothing new but when he didn't eat his donuts the next morning...I knew he didn't feel well.  On top of that was whining a lot.  We met my cousins for lunch and again JT didn't eat a single bit.  Toward the end he started grabbing his tummy saying it hurt and he was sweating.  I held him and rocked him for a little bit and within 2 mins he was knocked out.  

Kept a hold of his motorcycle though :)
We left to go see my grandma who is in a rehab facility after leaving the hospital.  She'll be there until she is strong enough to go back to the hospital and start chemo.  I was really hoping JT wasn't going to be grumpy when we got there, I knew he didn't feel well but we hardly get to see my gram so I wanted her to see the fun and happy side of him.  Well when he got there he was like a whole new kid! Running around, laughing, again being the center of attention! 


After catching up and we got back on the road again and headed home.   Jaris slept the majority of the way and although I thought he was feeling better, when we got into our driveway...he threw up.  After a bath and a little bit of dinner he was feeling better.  

Football and family snuggles :)

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