Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine's Day

 We don't do much for Valentine's day and this year was no exception.  We made JT's cards this year, he and I baked a cake, and Brett and I went to a movie and then ordered pizza!  Pretty perfect for me, I'm a  "at home in my sweats, cook our own dinner" kind of girl over the fancy, over-priced, and always crowded restaurant kind of least on Valentine's day!

I ran out of frosting before I could do the last rose...

 This was our Valentine's day pic last year which is pretty hard to top!

Very last minute (and I mean 30 mins before the sunset, get home, get him dressed, do his hair, find a location within walking distance, the day before) I decided to do this...

...add the sucker and they were perfect!

Loved how they turned out except I'm wishing I took a picture of him with out his arm up because it's rare I can get this out of him!

On a fun side note this was Brett and I's 14th Valentine's day together (since 2001)! How crazy is that?!  We didn't officially start dating until that March, which will make for 13 years together!