Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2 months!

A lot has happened since last month! 

Our sweet girls 2 month stats are:

11 pounds 3 ounces
23.25 inches

We moved her into her crib at 6 weeks and it was a great decision! Her fussy time went away and she now takes a bottle around 10 and gets rocked to sleep. Sometimes she will wake up around 3 and then again at 6 and sometimes she will wake up around 5 and then around 8. But usually only twice a night. She drinks a bottle and falls back asleep. I've been lucky to have easy babies that sleep! Lord knows I like sleep! She doesn't spit up. She is trying to suck her big surprise there. She drinks about 4-6 ounces per feeding and is doing awesome. She is starting to make lots of adorable noise and squeaks and she is really smiling a lot. I love when she recognizes my voice and gets a huge smile, especially when I come home from work.

Speaking of...I have officially started back at work. For about 4 weeks now. It was hard to go back to work after I had JT but it's even harder with her. I think because I know this is our last baby and I won't have another one to see "firsts" again or  do all those things that I will miss. I want to see everything and be there for everything because I won't have that chance again. When I had JT I didn't have to be to work until 10 so I was the one getting him up, dressed, and fed. Now I leave for work by 7:30 and everyone in the house is still sleeping when I leave. I don't get to see either one wake up, get them breakfast, get them dressed, put on JT's favorite cartoon, etc. So this time around...every day is hard.

I want to snuggle her all the time and it's easy to do. She is just the sweetest and has the most kissable cheeks! We are so blessed.

The Jayhawks may be out of the tourney but we had fun re-creating Wayne Seldon's monster dunk!

We had an easy Easter. Woke up to snow which wasn't fun but by the afternoon it was in the high 50's ...only in Kansas.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

One Month

Our sweet baby is one month old already! She has made getting back in the newborn routine pretty easy! She is really alert, smiling, and making all sorts of adorable sounds. Her sleeping habits are a little like a teenagers. She falls asleep in her bassinet for the night around 12, wakes up for a bottle around 5, and sleeps until around 9 or 10. Which is fine for now but when I go back to work next week I'm going to be a little tired. Her fussy time is a lot later than JT's was...around 9-12. I'm thinking she'll move to her crib in the next week or two. Thankfully both my kiddos have been good sleepers, the best advice I got from my Dr. when JT was born was when the baby is napping put them where you want them to sleep at night. That way they are used to sleeping has worked for us! 

She is gassy and goes through more diapers than I've ever seen a baby go through. You think she's put a new diaper on...and bam she goes again. #2 seems to be an issue and causes some fussiness but I think we are getting past that now that we are on the right formula. She seems to wet her diaper what feels like every 10 mins. Because of that and after 2 weeks we noticed her wet diapers were smelling very strong/weird and she seemed to fuss every time she went, I thought she may have a UTI. Dr thought the same thing so we had to do a catheter to get a urine sample. Boy did that suck. Turns infection. So then we did a blood test to see if the hospital missed anything...nothing. Then had to catch a urine sample in her diaper to do other tests...came back fine. Turns out it was the brand of diaper that was making her urine smell so strong/weird. And apparently she just has a very small bladder. I felt terrible for making her go through all that only to have it be something so simple but I'd rather be safe than sorry and she won't remember anyway!

She LOVES when Brett and JT talk to her. She really listens and looks for JT when he is close. He absolutely adore hers. She is the first thing he asks to see in the morning, always wants to hold her, give her kisses, and he is protective of her. At his parent/teacher conferences the teacher said, "every time we ask about his little sister he gets really protective and doesn't want to talk about her!" He tries to comfort her if she is crying, gives her a pacifier, wants to feed her, and always wants to "see"'s just too cute.  Some of my favorite things he's said about/to her...

"her toes are so little and cute!"
"look at her face it's so cute!"
"she has big cheeks!"
""it's alright sweet girl, mama's coming"
"that's Maisy...she's a good dog"

I'm really proud of him. It has been a little rough for him not getting all of my attention but it's good for him and he's adjusting well.

She was 9 pounds at her check in and doing great! She is really holding her head up good, makes hilarious faces, and loves to look around and lay on her lamb (thanks aunt Kelly!). She HATES being cold. Bath time is much better thanks to the heater in our bathroom and she LOVES to have her hair brushed after her bath! She currently has the "6 week rash" on her face and cheeks but it's starting to fade. She naps awesome in her automatic rocker (props to whoever created that wondering invention). I'm pretty sure her eyes will stay blue but her hair color is still a guess. Some days it looks brown and others it has a red tint to it...time will tell! She is an absolute doll and is such a blessing to our family. We love her to pieces!

favorite sleeping position