Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Main Squeeze

I can't believe Jaris is 10 months old! He is getting so big and doing such big boy things!  We recently had his check up and his stats are as follows...
-19 lbs 5 oz
-27 1/2" long
-2 1/2 teeth (only one top tooth so looking a little hillbilly-ish :))

What he is doing lately...
-crawling super fast and all over the place
-Pulling himself up onto everything he can
-Furniture walking and walking with his toy walker
-Working on waving bye bye...almost there
-Gives kisses on demand (big open mouthed slobbery kisses, melts my heart every time)
-Still yelling all the time and talking up a storm
-Says "mom mom mom mom" but with no meaning yet :(
-Trying more and more adult food
-Loves to snuggle...(love this time with him)
-Total momma's boy :)
-Started sticking his tongue out
-Just tonight he stood on his own several times for 5-10 seconds
but once he figured out what was going on he would take a step towards me! Yikes!
-Happy 99.9% of the time!

I get told everywhere we go what a happy baby we have.  He is so laid back and easy going, he does have his moments where the "Temple temper" emerges but he is happy when he wakes up, happy all day, and happy when he goes to bed.  He goes to anyone, he isn't shy at all! In fact last Sunday at dinner he was trying to give the waitress a kiss!  He is for sure a momma's boy and I'm loving it!  He loves being with daddy but if something is wrong or I'm close by, he wants me :)  The best part of my day is coming home from work, picking him up and he wraps his little arms around me, lays his head on my shoulder and kicks his legs in excitement...love it.  He is quite the little nerd as well!  He is so funny when he screams in excitement (which he does all the time), he makes goofy faces and noises.  He definitely gets from me :)  
So happy 10 months to my little man.  God has truly blessed us with a amazing little boy and we couldn't be more thankful.  We love you little man!

Likes to push cars around

Don't let go!

More pushing :)

Jaris and Sophia...1st of many play dates! How cute are they?!

Watching over her baby 

This is my new favorite photo of all time :) I had my camera just following Jaris around when he went over to the door.  Maisy came and sat next to him and licked his face.  He returned the kiss...so sweet it melts my heart!
The other day Jaris and I walked to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner.  I got home and put him in the living room with his toys and bubble guppies was on.  I went in to the kitchen to get stuff put away and he was being awfully quiet.  So I snuck out to check on him and he was doing this...

I tired so hard not to laugh, so I video taped him...

And finally just him being a little nerd...