Friday, December 8, 2017

Things to Remember


-You are all about giving kisses and always make the "muah" sound!

-I love our nighttime routine, I hold you at your bedroom window and we watch the cars go by while singing our songs. You love to rest your head on my shoulder and other times you like to put your hands on my cheeks and sing along (my favorite). You love to say "big hug" and "big kiss" to all of us. You can be so crazy right before bed but the second I set you in your crib you know it's bed time, we NEVER have to come back in!

-I give you a bear hug before I put you in your crib and you always say "again?" So I do it again and again.

-During a diaper change I sing the original Mickey Mouse Club theme song. You've memorized it quickly and especially love to sing the "high! high! high!" part.

-You are obsessed with getting in the fridge to get a snack but especially to get Danimals come running out of the kitchen anytime you help yourself and yell, "I got em! I got em!"

-You would eat cookies for all meals of the day and are constantly asking for one so sweetly. "Cookie?!" And when you get one you do a little happy march in place dance and say "cookie yeah!"

- Currently you are such a mama's girl. Daddy makes you laugh and you love daddy but always want mom. I'm not complaining!

- Brushing your teeth is your new favorite thing to do. I ask if you want to brush your teeth and you say, "brush teeth yeah!"

- You light up when your brother walks in the room. Every time you laugh and say "Hi J!" then look at me and say "it's J!"

-When you see Maisy it's still so much excitement and you always say, "Maisy cute!"

-Still a super picky eater. Nothing besides grilled cheese, mac and cheese, hot dogs, rice, fries, and chicken nuggets. No fruit, no veggies, and you still eat baby cereal for breakfast because you will not try oatmeal or anything else.

-When you say "hi mommy" or "hi daddy" and we answer you (usually with "hi sweetie/sugar) you repeat it but in a whisper.

-You are calling your brother bubba all the time, "thank you bubba," "look it's bubba!"

-You are great at saying thank you and you are welcome, bless you, etc. Very good with your manners.

You just bring so much laughter and light where ever you go. You melt our hearts every day with something sweet or funny, we simply cannot get enough!

Friday, October 20, 2017


It's been awhile since I've updated (an entire summer and into fall) and holy moly there have been a lot of BIG changes! At the end of the school year Brett accepted a position with Adidas and ended his time with Veritas. This was super hard on all of us and his students. He continued to teach weights over the summer and I continued to coach cheer. We decided to transfer Jaris to public schools which was a big change for him. He was mostly excited that he didn't have to wear a uniform anymore! Luckily a few of his buddies from sports were in  his class so that helped make the transition smooth. We hit the jackpot with his teacher so things are going well so far.

Brett's position was a 6-12 month interim/training under his sister here at KU as an NCAA Licensed Coordinator. There was no guaranteed position at the end of that time so it was a huge leap of faith. Well almost 4 months in and there is already a job offer...


I'm still processing it...and probably will be for awhile. Brett has been offered the position in the southern region, so we'll need to be close to Atlanta (the closest international airport). He'll be services schools in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee.

We are a mix of excited, sad, nervous, stressed, and happy. This is a great opportunity for us but we are so sad to leave the majority of our family back in Kansas. My sister just moved back from St. Louis. Brett's sister (along with our nephews and niece) just moved back from North Carolina. I've moved away from family fact it's why I initially started this blog but I didn't have kids at that time and it wasn't quite this far. I rely so much on our family here I'm not sure what I will do without them. Just a quick family dinner at my moms, catching my nephews games, everyone coming to JT's games, having so many babysitters close by, all these little things I take for granted everyday will change. That part makes me sad.

I keep telling Jaris that this is going to be an adventure that we get to go on as a family. Moving is apart of life and I look forward to exploring and falling in love with the south! Brett has to be down there by October 23rd. The kids and myself will follow once we find a home.

Brett and I just got back from exploring Atlanta. Everyone warned us about the traffic but I was just thinking it would be like Dallas, not a big deal...been there done that. Nope. It is comparable to LA traffic and it is awful! All of the cities I had wanted to visit were so congested, with traffic not just on the highways but bad in the cities as well...and with the tall trees and winding roads it was a little overwhelming. So the next day we went out to towns that were a little further out. Finally we found two towns we really liked but ultimately decided on the Cumming or Buford area. It was definitely an adventurous trip, a few tears shed (mainly from me), yummy food, and we had a lot of laughs. So now we are moving on to the next step and trying to find a place to live!

Prayers as we move forward in the next chapter of our lives!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

2017 Survey

1) What is your favorite color?  Red

2) What makes you happy? Dodge Ball

3) What is your favorite fruit? Mandarin oranges

4) What's your favorite tv show? Little Big Shots

5) What's your favorite movie? The Batman Lego Movie

6) What is your favorite thing to wear? Green and blue ADIDAS shorts

7) What is your favorite sport? Basketball

8) What is your favorite place to eat lunch? Mr. Goodcents

9) Where is your favorite place to eat dinner? Encore

10) What is your favorite snack? Chocolate chip cookies

11) What is your favorite animal? Cheetah

12) What is your favorite song? No Such Thing as a Broken Heart - Old Dominion

13) What is your favorite book? The Bible

14) Who is your best friend? Anna

15) What is your favorite part of school? Math 

16) What is your favorite thing to do as a family? Playing outside and going to the trails

17) If you had all the money in the world what would you buy? A basketball court

18) What is your favorite holiday? Halloween

19) What's your favorite meal mommy makes? Little cheeseburgers

20) What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Powdered donuts

21) What is one thing you are good at? Dodge ball

22) What is one thing mommy always says to you? Jaris I love you

23) What is one thing daddy always says to you? You're a stud

24) What is the hardest part about being a kid? Getting in trouble

25) What three words best describe you? Fun, nice, and I play sports like a stud

26) What do you want to be when you grow up? A professional dodge ball player

27) What do you love about mommy? That you come outside and play with me

28) What do you love most about daddy? When he gets excited about my sports

29) What is your favorite thing about Landry? When she throws her food to Maisy

Oh man I love doing these!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

6 Years Old

This year has gone by so quickly. And I know every year gets faster but it's hard to fathom that you are 6 and going to be a 1st grader this year. Your first year of school is almost over (19 more days!) and it has been nothing short of amazing watching you learn. We've gone from reading to you at night to you reading to us. Your favorite subject so far is math, you love numbers. And you are a dodge ball playing expert. You've had a blast this year with dad after school...going to football practice, then basketball practice, and now baseball practice. Attending all the home games for those sports and helping dad out with the state tournament. You ran your first marathon in marathon club after school, finished two seasons of basketball, and are ready for your second season of baseball. You've got a really fun group of sports buddies you're playing with and it you've made some good friends there as well as school. It was a busy school year and you were always able to go with the flow.

You have your moments of annoyed big brother with Landry (when she's stealing your cars etc) but for the most part you are so awesome with her. You always want to see her in the morning before you leave for school and you can't go to bed without giving her a hug and kiss. And I love that you still say, "goodnight baby." She adores you. 

We've had our fair share of challenging parental moments with you but with that comes growth...for all of us. We are hoping there's a little less attitude with 6...I won't hold my breath. But you have such a tender heart and still love to snuggle up with us, so happy you haven't grown out of that yet. You are so caring and usually move up on the behavior chart at school for being kind. I guess you are listening when I send you off in the morning, "learn and be kind." 

You've taken over family prayers when we eat and at bedtime. I love listening to you pray, it really shows just how sweet you are. You pray for friends, family, Maisy, safe travels, for people to feel better, whatever is going on with someone you know, you pray for them. It's amazing to hear. 

We are excited to watch another year of growth and couldn't be more proud of you. How blessed we are to be your parents. We love you to the moon and back. 

Time Slips Away!

As always, life has been busy. Following Haiti and Landry's birthday we got back into the swing of things by taking advantage of the amazing weather the first couple days of February. Of course I had to get in Landry's 1 year shoot. This was a challenge, I can't make her laugh like Jaris and Brett do but Brett couldn't come with us so I was relying on JT. The hard part was carrying Landry, my camera, and my props to the location. Not an easy task but we made it work. My assistant did his job and the pictures turned out great.

We spent as much time outside as possible and a lot of time at Veritas basketball games.

Brett wanted to host the state tournament and worked really hard to make sure that happened. He got it and he did an amazing job. He pulled double duty as athletic director and coach. He was the first person there and the last to leave. He had so much help from parents and the entire school seemed to rally around the event. It was SO MUCH FUN. It was awesome to watch the students really get into each game and for the entire school to really support our athletes. I had to miss a few of the girls' day games but my cheerleaders did such a good job on their own. I really had an awesome team this year that could do what they were supposed to do when I couldn't be there. The boys played at night usually super late and let me tell you Landry did AMAZING. Even though I was the only that could hold her (nothing new) she didn't fuss, cry, or throw a fit...nothing. Jaris of course had a blast each night. Our girls placed 4th, not the finish they wanted but they played hard and had a good season. Our boys got to the championship game. Brett was gone all day for the day games and the kids and myself were running errands. All day I kept saying how I felt like it was going to be our night, it was our time. Last year we lost a heart breaker and I just felt like this years team was going to do it. And I was right! It was such a fun night, the crowd was awesome, my cheerleaders did an amazing job keeping them in it and when the buzzer went off they all stormed the court. What I love about our school is that it's all ages. So you had little brothers and sisters, kindergarten through 12th graders storming the court. It was awesome, and what an example to set for those younger kids. I'm so happy for Brett as a coach and athletic director to bring in the first state basketball title in Veritas history, while hosting! He's awesome.

They asked for JT to be in the picture, it was so sweet. Love those boys!

Jaris finished the second half of the basketball season. He did awesome and we are ready to move on to baseball. We got so lucky to get in with this group of boys, they are competitive and FULL of personality!

Jaris also got to throw out the first pitch for a KU baseball game this year! KU's current baseball coach surpassed Brett's papa as the all time winningest KU baseball coach. They had a small presentation on the field with Brett and Steph to recognize Floyd and congratulate coach Price. After that Jaris threw out the first pitch. He did awesome! It was so cute to watch him out there and before when he was warming up with the guys and coach. He loved it.

How stinking cute does he look?!

My mom, the kids, and I headed to St Louis to visit Danielle. We hit up the zoo and holy moly it was packed. It was the first super nice day of the spring and because the zoo is free everyone decided to come out. It was almost too busy and slightly overwhelming. Landry loved the penguins, you could get close enough to touch and they liked to splash you. She was cracking up. Jaris loved the sea lions show and the snakes of course.

We also went to the Magic House. Super cool place for kids of all ages, over 100 things/attractions in the house for them to do and it was really fun!

In other fun news, the Ballard's are moving back! Well..Topeka but that's much better then NC! They came into town when we got back from St Louis for the press conference and to do some house hunting. So lucky for us we got in some quality niece and nephew time!

We had a nice Easter (although we didn't have time to dye eggs #parentfail) at my parents house and my mother in law joined in. Jaris went on a fun scavenger hunt my mom and sister put together and got a ton of candy.

I got to join Jaris on his field trip again this year to my favorite place, Deanna Rose Farmstead. I love the 1900 era of one room school houses, general stores, parlors, etc plus all the baby goats and cows...I could live here. It's fun to get to watch him with his classmates.

We also got to host the junior and senior classes for their Night on the Town event. It's hard to do a prom when the graduating class only has 15 students so they pair the the junior class and start at one house for appetizers, head to another for dinner, and another for dessert. They take a limo and then head downtown. We hosted the dessert portion of the evening with and ice cream bar! It was super fun and I think they loved it!

Things to remember about Landry...

Her new thing is holding her arms out and doing the "come get me" gesture with her hands. So stinking cute.

Whenever one of us is laying on the ground she will come over and plop her head down on your belly and lay comfortably.

Lets out a little giggle every time I lay her down for bed and she gets her blanket.

She gives the most amazing hugs! He little arms spread shoulder to shoulder and she lays her head down, ugh they melt your heart.

When I pick you up and you pat the back of my shoulder with your little chubby hand.

Any time you want me you come over and put your head between my legs and wrap you arrms around them...I love it.

You are super obsessed with Maisy right now. You like to tell her "good girl" while petting her nicely (which we work on everyday) but you also like to use her to help you up while grabbing her fur! And sitting on her if your favorite thing.

Your favorite thing to say right now is "hi" and it couldn't be more adorable.

You might not want other people to hold you but you have no problem walking around a restaurant or wherever all by yourself and saying hi to people.

And still obsessed with books.