Sunday, June 22, 2014


The first 5 anniversaries Brett and I have spent working, basketball camps or whatever it may be.  Pizza Shuttle was usually our main dinner.  This year, now that we had some time we decided to take a little get away.  We left on Friday for Chicago!

We stayed at the beautiful Drake Hotel right on Michigan Ave.  It was gorgeous and the place where Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio stayed after their wedding and carved their initials into the bar.

Once we dropped our bags off and freshened up we went out to do some shopping.  Last time I went to Chicago it was a girls trip and my mission was shopping the whole time.  This time was a little different, I didn't care so much about shopping and I kind of forgot how crowded the shops are.  So we were pretty quick.  That night we had reservations at Ditka's Restaurant.  My parents had given us the recommendation and oh my word was it good!  I mean really, really, really good.  We had pulled pork nachos (craving them right now) for an appetizer, Brett had a filet, and I had a KC strip.  We both had loaded twice baked potatoes and let me just tell you it was heaven in my mouth.  Mike Ditka apparently eats at the restaurant often and was in fact there that night so we got to see him! We of course had to grab cheesecake on the way back to the hotel and then we called it a night. 

Foggy walk back to the hotel...

That night we tried to FaceTime with JT (to say goodnight) who was having fun with Granny but when he saw us his lip started to quiver and he cried.  Cried he wanted us and that he wanted to go home.  I felt terrible!  I know he was fine and back to having fun 5 mins later but it was pretty pitiful! Needless to say we didn't call on Saturday night!

Saturday we woke up and head to the Yolk for breakfast, another great food stop!

Then we walked over the The Art Institution of Chicago.  I could've spent all day there.  All. Day.  I love art and the Art Institute holds some of my favorite pieces.  I think my elementary school and high school art and humanities teachers would've been proud of my knowledge, Brett was impressed!  He was super sweet in letting me "ooh and ahh" forever at each painting and I know it wasn't his cup of tea but I loved it. **Sorry for all the art pictures below...I got carried away.  And the pictures do NOT do them justice to the size and texture of them.**

Stopped at a park along the way...

Gustave Caillebotte, Paris Street; Rainy Day
Van Gogh, Bedroom in Arles
Seurat, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
Edward Hopper, Nighthawks
Grant Wood, American Gothic
Mary Cassatt, The Child's Bath
Toulouse-Lautrec, Equestrienne
Toulouse-Lautrec, At the Moulin Rouge
A personal fav...Toulouse-Lautrec, Ballet Dancers
Monet, Water Lilies
After that we walked over to the "Bean" and then headed to Sky Deck.  I'm so glad I bought fast passes for the Sky Deck because holy tourists!  The line would've taken forever but we got up pretty quickly.  It would've been better if it wasn't like a sauna in there.  It was pretty cool and a little scary standing on glass over 1,000 feet above Chicago.

We headed back to the hotel, rested up quickly, and left for the Cubs game.  We took the subway and when we arrived at Wrigley it was POURING down rain.  We bought ponchos and ran 2 blocks to The Cubby Bear.  It was packed but after about an 45 mins of waiting we got a table and ordered some food.  The game was delayed about 2 hours which was fine and allowed us to eat before.  

Hey hot stuff.  Such a manly beard...#iloveit

Our seats were AMAZING!  Brett and I love going to baseball games so we were very thankful that a friend of a friend passed his extra tickets along to us.  It was pretty cool being able to be in Wrigley watching the Cubs.  Definitely will be doing it again! 

We headed to get cheesecake again :) and then back to our hotel.  We left early Sunday.  There is no better feeling than picking up your 3 year old, running to you with open arms, jumping on you, and receiving a huge hug and kiss!  He asked us a ton of questions about where we went, what we did, etc. We told him we rode and train to the baseball game and he said, "I wish I could've gone to that you guys!" Ugh break momma's heart why don't ya!?  We had a water fight when we got home and got things back to normal!