Friday, May 31, 2013

Things to remember...

Random thoughts of things I want to remember at this age:

Jaris is talking up a storm!  He repeats EVERYTHING you say.  Every word of the sentence you say to him, he will repeat.  He has an awesome vocabulary, I would say 100+ words and becoming a pro at sentences! 

A few fav phrases right now:
I got it
momma hold you (aka hold me mom)
daddy mow grass
I sit momma (aka I want to sit with you mom)
mom/dad where are you
wake up
Maisy get it (if he's scared Maisy will eat his food)

He really wants you to understand what he is saying.  95% of the time I can clearly understand his words but when I can't I'll ask him again and he will say it until you get it.  He really takes his time the second time around and tries to enunciate better, which is great that he doesn't just give up.

He knows all the names of our family members, Brett's side and mine.  And he saysthem all really well, even aunt Stephanie!

He's very into doing thing himself or as he says, "I do it."  He wants to buckle his car seat, he wants to put his sock and shoes on, he wants to do it all.

He can't go to sleep unless we do his routine to a T.  Bubble Guppies (he calls it buggles) while eating a snack.  Brushing his teeth and he really likes doing that by himself!  Giving everyone, including Maisy a hug and kiss.  I hold him and sing songs but I have to have his blanket over my shoulder, the fan has to be on, and the water machine has to be on.  He has to get a drink of water before I go out of the room.  Miss any of these steps and good luck!  Particular much?!

And he very is particular about everything he does.  Things need to be in their correct place, if you move his drink he will move it back.  Down to the tiniest detail, things have to be perfect.  A lot like me :)

Starting to get a little feisty with "no."  When he does get in trouble, after a time out and an explanation, I ask him if he understands and I"ll tell him to respond with yes ma'am.  He now does that on his own!  We want to make sure that he uses yes ma'am and yes sir from now on.

He always says thank you on his own now, most of the time says please but still has to be prompted on that one.  He also says bless you when you sneeze now!

When he plays hide and seek he will hide but yell, "Jaris where are you!?"

Still says hi to everyone, loves mowing, cars, cheeseburgers, donuts, fruit, Bubble Guppies, his baseball, Cars movie especially Mater, being outside, and trucks.  

That's all for now!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lots of things.

 I was going to write separate posts for all of the following but it's been an exhausting few weeks at work so I'm putting it all in one! More pictures less typing!

~Carrie Underwood....I went to the CU concert with my sister in laws and mom (although mom sat with her friend) and we had a blast!  Girl puts on an AWESOME concert!  It was a fun show, great music, Hunter Hayes was great, and I had a reason to wear my boots :)  We will be seeing her again!

JT has been in the Bouncing Bee's gym class at LGA for about 6 months now.  He loves it and I love taking him, lots of fun!  With summer approaching we decided to stop classes and get him back into swimming lessons.  We will go to open gym every once in awhile to let him run like a mad man.

Don't worry, he really likes it.  He just doesn't want to get off the trampoline, but he laughs when he gets thrown :)

The Ballard clan came back into town for a wedding so we got to hang out with Brooks at the KU baseball game! Love these boys, love baseball, and it was perfect weather.  

Brett and I always joke that Jaris is going to grow up and either be a landscaper or a Nascar driver.  This kid is obsessed with mowing and cars.  I'm not exaggerating when I say when he wakes up in the morning and says..."daddy mow?"  "Jaris mow?" Every day all day he is asking if daddy is going to mow.  We even sing a song about mowing the grass at night, he loves it.  He pushes one of his TWO mowers, helps Brett push the big mower, constantly talks about it.

And then there is cars.  Toy cars and the movie Cars.  We exchanged some birthday gifts that we already had and we let him pick out what he wanted and we left with 1 pack of 9 Hot Wheels, a Cars set of 4 cars, and 2 little character cars.  We walked up and down the isles at Target and that's all he wanted. He even asked to take two cars to sleep with him tonight :)

Mother's Day was perfect.  I woke up to biscuits and gravy from one of my fav spots.  I had to set up for the baseball game and when I came back JT greeted me at the door with a yellow rose and his card with his adorable little hand print on the inside!

We had gone out to eat with my mom the night before because she drove back to Iowa to surprise my grandma so we went to Brett's moms house to relax with everyone over there.  We went home so JT could nap, Brett did yard work and I took a quick nap and then did house work.  It was perfect.

Brett and I got out for a date night and went to my favorite PF Changs and as usual it was delicious.  We had plans to go to a movie afterwards but dinner went faster than we thought and we were both so full and tired we headed home...losers ;)  We did however stop and get cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory....mmmm chocolate mousse is the BEST!

my mouth is watering...
Nothing else but pictures for now...

Work has been crazy and in the middle of all that clients are starting to call.  I had another photo shoot with Fortuity.  For Mother's Day, anniversary, and birthday lol my present was a new camera, can't wait to get it and start shooting!

That's it!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Really gross product review...

Thanks to my post about Maty's Couch Syrup, I've helped some of my friends little ones get some much need sleep over this extra long winter.  So I thought I would help out a warning, this one is a little really gross.  At JT's b-day party I was talking to a friend about how the ups and downs of our weather has left poor JT with a runny nose for what feels like the past 6 months.  Suctioning his nose is like trying to suction a bucking bull, it's all out war.  We usually stick with the one from the hospital but we have tried the electric ones and every kind in between.  My friend said it's the same fight with her daughter until she got a gift.  It's called NoseFrida.

Yup.  That is exactly what you are suck the boogers/snot out using your mouth.  Disgusting I know! After hearing my friend tell me how good it worked and after learning JT had another ear infection I decided at this point I would try anything.  I ran down to Blue Dandelion and literally asked for the "disgusting booger sucker."  She knew exactly what I was talking about and said it has been selling like crazy.  I got JT home and tried it right away.  Now, this is very important...THERE IS A FILTER!  Yes you put the red part in your mouth and give it a really good inhale but you get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN YOUR MOUTH.  I promise! You don't even have to put the blue tip in the nose you just place it at the base of the nostril and inhale.  And holy moly it cleared each nostril with only one try!  I could not believe the amount of yuck I got out.  It wasn't a fight, no tears were shed, and it was over in 5 seconds.  Totally worth it.  However now that he realizes what it does, he isn't too thrilled but nothing like it was with the other ones.  And instead of having to suction each nostril 10 times before I get it all this just takes one maybe two times and is so much easier on all 3 of us.  Definitely gross but definitely worth it!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sound the Alarm!

Another birthday in the books.  Like every parent says, time goes so fast and it really does when you have little ones.  April 30 was coming up fast and it kind of caught me off guard that it was so close to his birthday and I hadn't done a single thing yet!  I went into a little bit of panic mode and started throwing out ideas.  I knew this year may be the last year where I get to pick the theme so I decided to go with something he trucks!  Of course I went crazy after I figured it out but everything turned out PERFECT (minus the weather) and I couldn't have asked for a better party! 

I started with invitations.  I have a good friend from high school who is an AMAZING graphics designer and I asked him to design me a "modern" fire truck and he came back within the hour with the perfect design!  Once I start a project like this I can't stop until it's done so I think I stayed up until 3 a.m. finishing them.

Thanks to online party supply stores I got a majority of the favors ordered right away. Last year I did a dessert table so this year I thought it would be fun for the kids to have a candy bar. I wanted to stick with red, yellow, and black candy which ended up being harder than I thought! I had a surprising amount of glass jars at home already so I only had to buy two, those things aren't cheap! At Hobby Lobby I was walking by the garden section and came across a fire hydrant that was still too pricey at 40% off but when I looked at it closely it had quite a large crack and a few small ones so I was able to haggle it down to 75% off! It was such a cute centerpiece! I downloaded different types of flame images and used scrapbook paper to make a border and a "candy station" label. I ordered paddle balloons which were WAY bigger than I thought they would be and they get even bigger than that...up to 3 feet wide!  They were awesome though.

For more party favors I ordered helmets, badges, and tattoos.

I didn't want to serve food, just didn't want to spend the money to be honest so we did a snack table instead.  I found hydrant cups online & I thought it would be the perfect thing for the table and one more thing for the kids to take home.  They looked so cute!  Signs made my me :)

Initially the weather was suppose to be sunny and 70. Over the week it turned to rain and 60.  So our plans of doing a coloring sheet outside and presents outside kind of went out the window and we got a bounce house instead.  It keeps the kids entertained and warm in the cooler weather and they like to be in there the whole time!

The main event came about half way through the party when the DCFD came by with the firetruck! As I was searching the internet for activities for kids this age I came across another fire truck party whose local FD came with the truck and in her blog she said that most fire departments will do this per request.  Well they don't lol...however luckily for us we know an amazing firefighter who made my request happen.  The kids and the adults loved it and it was so fun watching them explore the truck and ring the bell!  Although JT had to watch everyone else before he was comfortable ringing it :)  Thank you to the DCFD and especially Pat K for taking time out of your day to make my two year old's party awesome! 

My grandpa made JT's cake (and they are soooo yummy) and he did a great job!  He made my first birthday cake so it was pretty special to have him make a cake for JT.  I'll take one of his cakes anytime, no special reason needed!

After cake and some more jumping everyone went home.  At this age I don't like opening gifts with everyone there, it just takes too long and it can get a little overwhelming with all the kids "helping" :)  We'll save that for next year!

The only damper of the party was the weather, chilly and no sun but besides that it was perfect and I really loved how everything turned out.

Brett and I saved Jaris' present for his actual birthday.  For dinner we decided something easy and he loves burgers so we just went to Freddy's with the family.

Jaris is such a blessing in our lives and our families lives. So thankful that most of our family was able to be here to celebrate our little man along with our friends. Can't wait to see what the next year brings us and if the twos are really that terrible!