Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lots of things.

 I was going to write separate posts for all of the following but it's been an exhausting few weeks at work so I'm putting it all in one! More pictures less typing!

~Carrie Underwood....I went to the CU concert with my sister in laws and mom (although mom sat with her friend) and we had a blast!  Girl puts on an AWESOME concert!  It was a fun show, great music, Hunter Hayes was great, and I had a reason to wear my boots :)  We will be seeing her again!

JT has been in the Bouncing Bee's gym class at LGA for about 6 months now.  He loves it and I love taking him, lots of fun!  With summer approaching we decided to stop classes and get him back into swimming lessons.  We will go to open gym every once in awhile to let him run like a mad man.

Don't worry, he really likes it.  He just doesn't want to get off the trampoline, but he laughs when he gets thrown :)

The Ballard clan came back into town for a wedding so we got to hang out with Brooks at the KU baseball game! Love these boys, love baseball, and it was perfect weather.  

Brett and I always joke that Jaris is going to grow up and either be a landscaper or a Nascar driver.  This kid is obsessed with mowing and cars.  I'm not exaggerating when I say when he wakes up in the morning and says..."daddy mow?"  "Jaris mow?" Every day all day he is asking if daddy is going to mow.  We even sing a song about mowing the grass at night, he loves it.  He pushes one of his TWO mowers, helps Brett push the big mower, constantly talks about it.

And then there is cars.  Toy cars and the movie Cars.  We exchanged some birthday gifts that we already had and we let him pick out what he wanted and we left with 1 pack of 9 Hot Wheels, a Cars set of 4 cars, and 2 little character cars.  We walked up and down the isles at Target and that's all he wanted. He even asked to take two cars to sleep with him tonight :)

Mother's Day was perfect.  I woke up to biscuits and gravy from one of my fav spots.  I had to set up for the baseball game and when I came back JT greeted me at the door with a yellow rose and his card with his adorable little hand print on the inside!

We had gone out to eat with my mom the night before because she drove back to Iowa to surprise my grandma so we went to Brett's moms house to relax with everyone over there.  We went home so JT could nap, Brett did yard work and I took a quick nap and then did house work.  It was perfect.

Brett and I got out for a date night and went to my favorite PF Changs and as usual it was delicious.  We had plans to go to a movie afterwards but dinner went faster than we thought and we were both so full and tired we headed home...losers ;)  We did however stop and get cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory....mmmm chocolate mousse is the BEST!

my mouth is watering...
Nothing else but pictures for now...

Work has been crazy and in the middle of all that clients are starting to call.  I had another photo shoot with Fortuity.  For Mother's Day, anniversary, and birthday lol my present was a new camera, can't wait to get it and start shooting!

That's it!

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