Friday, May 10, 2013

Really gross product review...

Thanks to my post about Maty's Couch Syrup, I've helped some of my friends little ones get some much need sleep over this extra long winter.  So I thought I would help out a warning, this one is a little really gross.  At JT's b-day party I was talking to a friend about how the ups and downs of our weather has left poor JT with a runny nose for what feels like the past 6 months.  Suctioning his nose is like trying to suction a bucking bull, it's all out war.  We usually stick with the one from the hospital but we have tried the electric ones and every kind in between.  My friend said it's the same fight with her daughter until she got a gift.  It's called NoseFrida.

Yup.  That is exactly what you are suck the boogers/snot out using your mouth.  Disgusting I know! After hearing my friend tell me how good it worked and after learning JT had another ear infection I decided at this point I would try anything.  I ran down to Blue Dandelion and literally asked for the "disgusting booger sucker."  She knew exactly what I was talking about and said it has been selling like crazy.  I got JT home and tried it right away.  Now, this is very important...THERE IS A FILTER!  Yes you put the red part in your mouth and give it a really good inhale but you get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN YOUR MOUTH.  I promise! You don't even have to put the blue tip in the nose you just place it at the base of the nostril and inhale.  And holy moly it cleared each nostril with only one try!  I could not believe the amount of yuck I got out.  It wasn't a fight, no tears were shed, and it was over in 5 seconds.  Totally worth it.  However now that he realizes what it does, he isn't too thrilled but nothing like it was with the other ones.  And instead of having to suction each nostril 10 times before I get it all this just takes one maybe two times and is so much easier on all 3 of us.  Definitely gross but definitely worth it!

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Michelle Harris said...

That's awesome and gross at the same time! I will definitely keep it in mind when we come to that path!