Monday, December 14, 2015

Hawaii and Getting Prepared

We are tan, refreshed, and back from Hawaii! We had an absolute blast and did not want to leave! We left Saturday for the airport around 3:30 am. It was freezing rain and awful. Jaris slept all the way to the airport and then was wide awake. Our flight left at 6 am to Phoenix, then we had a 4 hour layover and left for a 6 hour flight for Maui. Jaris did not sleep on the plane like I thought he would but he did great, Brett and I however were exhausted. There is a 4 hour time difference so by the end of the first night in Maui Jaris was ready to crash. *Flying at 8 months pregnant...not so fun. My ankles looked like elephant legs by the time we landed, yikes.*

trying to keep all entertained during the 4 hour lay over there!

The first couple of days it was actually a little chilly. Too chilly to be in the water but I have a kid who can't stay out of it so I sucked up and got in the pool with him. And it felt really good to be weightless for awhile! JT's only wish was to go on a submarine. I wanted to go really bad because I knew I couldn't do much else however my doctor told me no so I settled for a massage while he went with Brett and my family. He loved it and even got to see two sharks, it was so fun listening to him explain everything with such excitement.

We did a lot of swimming and eating the first few days and then the KU games and Wake Forest when we could. Jaris would've spend all day and night on the beach. He loved the sand and after a little convincing, the ocean as well. He got to do lots of playing with his cousins, we did some shopping, the adults took a helicopter tour of the islands (it was beautiful but when you're 8 months pregnant the turbulence isn't good...which is why I threw up :)) but the best days were just spent on the beach. I loved being in the sand and playing in the water with JT because he loved it so much. The waves were fun, we got knocked down a few times which JT thought was hilarious, he did some boogie boarding, and just had a blast. And the fact that KU won the tournament made it that much better!

looking like a true local!

Thanksgiving we spent at a traditional luau, wasn't my normal thanksgiving food but I was in Maui, how much could I complain?

Our flight didn't leave for home until 11 at night. We went so a really cute little town called Paia and got to watch 20 or so sea turtles crawl up on the beach to rest for the night. It was beautiful, right at sunset, and huge waves in the distance. A perfect way to end our trip. It was so fun having all of our family there, Brett's parents and sisters, cousins, my parents and sisters, something that probably won't happen again and something to remember.

There are a few big rocks but that is mostly sea turtles!

Our flight home...was terrible. On the way to Hawaii I was able to get up and walk around, stretch out, etc. We must have gotten an old plane (there were ashtrays in the armrests) but there was half the space. Jaris was sprawled out over Brett and I so I couldn't move. I spent the entire 6 hour flight not being able to even get up to go the bathroom. My back hurt so bad and my ankles were huge. We had another long layover and then a better second flight, thankfully Jaris slept the entire time both flights, so did Brett and I. We came home to freezing rain and Brett's truck covered in a sheet of ice. Yuck.

We've been back for 10 days now and I'm not joking when I say Jaris has asked to go back to Hawaii every single night. The first 4 night he had tears, crying to go back because he missed the sand and the water. He kept asking if we could go back after Christmas. Finally we told him we could go back when he was 8 because that's when KU will be back there again. I thought that would solve the problem but he still continues to ask. I guess that just shows how much fun he had and how much he loves the water! *update: Jaris is still crying about Hawaii...over two weeks we've been home!*

After getting caught up on sleep and finishing all of our laundry, it was operation nursery mode. I picked up our crib on Thursday (we had it painted), went shopping for some room accessories on Friday, and Sunday Brett got her room painted. I painted a rocking chair I found at a garage sale for $5! We need to finish painting her dresser! Crib and mattress with bedding are good, stuff is hung up, rocker is in place! I got all bottles washed and put away, tags off clothes, just need to finish things up. It's coming along! And so am I, I'll be 34 weeks as of December 15th. Feeling big and uncomfortable! Knock on wood I haven't been nearly as swollen this time around. Everything from my face to feet was swollen last time, really only my ankles are looking extra big these days.

sorry for the bathroom selfie!
We took JT to see Santa at the Bass Pro shop again this year...only he was a total grump. He didn't ask what his name was or what he wanted for I made JT tell him!

We also took JT and his best buddy to the KU game, they had a blast!

And this year with all that is going on, trying to get a nursery ready, get the house prepared for baby, guests for Christmas, Christmas shopping etc I decided not to send out a Christmas card...too busy! But I had to take a picture of course!

I'll update when the nursery is ready!

Merry Christmas!