Sunday, January 13, 2013


When we moved into Brett's grandparents house we made a few changes.  Paint colors in every room, took out a old window, and carpet in the basement.  I knew there were hardwood floors under the carpet upstairs.  The carpet was in okay condition, but the problem is that the house has one main walkway so it was really worn down and discolored.  After a couple of conversations with Brett's dad and aunt we decided to restore the wood floors.  I can't believe these floors have been hidden under carpet for 58 years! It is beautiful! Homestead Hardwood did an AMAZING job.  They were professional, on time, clean, and fast.  It was a long couple of days only having two rooms to hangout in but it was well worth it.  We also purchased our first dining room table and I love love love it!  I really wanted a bench on one side but I didn't like the bench that came with the table and NFM didn't have another one I liked.  So we decided to get all six chairs and get a bench later.  It's really big as it is and has two leaves, I don't even know if that would fit with both of them in! 

This was fun :)

Loved running around and making lots of noise.

Finished and gorgeous!

Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

reworked my shelf a little bit

love my rug for under the dining room table

This rug will be replaced with a cream color carpet rug, something  a little softer :)


This will be short and sweet since there are a ton of pictures below.  After church on Christmas Eve we went to my parents house and had my dads delicious chicken noodle soup.  The Ballards came into town and stayed with us so Christmas morning was lots of fun with all three boys.  This year was a little harder to keep Jaris focused on keeping the opening going.  He wanted to take everything out of the box and play with it asap.  After we finished at our house we went to my parents to open gifts there.  We had dinner at our house with dessert and a few games of Apples to Apples at the end of the night. 

He loves his cousins! Look at that smile!

The Sunday before Christmas Eve my entire family (grandparents, aunts, and uncles) volunteered at the homeless shelter.

best buds

Entertaining us all :) Love that smile and giggle.

Doing the Rock Chalk chant, his favorite song.

Love my little family!

Reading the Night Before Christmas