Sunday, July 31, 2011

End of 2 months into 3 months.

 Oh goodness where to start?  We have been so busy since the 4th, every weekend we've had something to do.  The first weekend after the 4th we had a wedding to attend.  It was outside and may have been the hottest wedding I've ever been to.  I think I lost 5 pounds from sweating but thankfully the ceremony only lasted about 15 mins.  Jaris on the other hand did way better then me!  He didn't make a peep the entire ceremony and was happy during the reception and actually fell asleep for the majority of it (I don't know how he slept through the music).  We saw a lot of people from high school who hadn't seen Jaris yet so that was fun to watch everybody with him.  It was a late night for the little man but he did a great job.

I've been so busy with photo shoots and it doesn't look to be slowing down!  Just in the month of July I've had 2 weddings, 1 family, and a newborn shoot.  August I'll have one family session, a senior session, and a newborn.  September is one wedding and a newborn and in October one wedding.  Yikes!  Brett and Jaris will get some quality daddy baby time :)

Taylor has officially left us and settled into Michigan (insert super sad face).  I'm so happy for her and can't wait to get up there to visit and watch her play, I know she'll do great.  But at the same time I'm sad that I won't be able to just call her up and tell her to come over or meet for lunch and I'm even more sad that she'll miss a lot of Jaris' first year.  But we have Skype thank goodness!

Brett's knee is doing GREAT!  He no longer has to wear a brace unless he is in a crowded place where it could be bumped.  He is doing his physical therapy 2-3 times a week and he is able to ride the stationary bike.  AND most importantly he is finally able to get up with Jaris in the middle of the night without

And speaking of Jaris he is doing awesome.  I could not have asked for a happier baby, I can't get enough of him.  He is great at holding his head up, he is really reaching for his toys when he is laying on his play mat and when we sit him on our leg he will reach for them on the table in front of him and pull them off.  He has really been sucking/gnawing on his thumb, sometimes I think he'll fit his whole fist in his mouth!  It's nice that we don't have to worry about a pacifier and he really uses his thumb to "self-sooth" so we'll let him do it for little longer ; ).    We've moved him up to a faster nipple flow so he is able to drink more before falling asleep which allows him to sleep more through the night! He had no trouble switching from slow to medium so yay for sleep!  I've started reading books every night while he eats, usually after one or two books he's almost done with his bottle so I'll sing him to sleep the rest of the time until he's out.  He is "talking" all the time and it's so cute!  I love when he's around our nephews Kaden and Brooks, he likes watching them and they love to love on him.  We got to Skype with my God-daughter Savannah tonight and she sang Jaris a goodnight song and she also sang "how much is that doggy in the window" to Maisy lol. I think that's about all on my little man for now, I can't believe he's 3 months already!  We are so blessed.

(don't forget to pause the music at the bottom of the blog!)

We named his little bird "Petey" and he loves talking to him!   And we are so over the hot weather and ready for fall!
                  This may be my favorite photo...
Watching mommy get ready for work in the morning!
This photo is a very close second!
He loves bath time and I love giving him his baths.
                       Talking with daddy and getting ready for bath time!
Dreamin' away :)

Daddy reading his favorite book.

I walked into the living room and they were both watching a car show...

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

Every year for the 4th Brett's family heads to Harlan County Lake, just over the Nebraska border, to their aunt and uncles lake house.  The past few years Brett and I haven't been able to go and this year was no different.  We aren't allowed to put sunscreen on Jaris until he is 6 months old per his doc (and I think that's normal anyway...) and with Brett's knee being only a few weeks out of surgery we decided to stay home.   I can't wait to go next year, Jaris will be a year old which is a perfect time to introduce the lake to him and Brett's knee will be back to normal.
So Sunday we headed over to my grandparents for their annual 4th get together.  There is always way too much food and plenty of fun.  Jaris was SO good.  He was so happy all day long, before we left for the party he was sitting up in his boppy just being content and I was snapping away (shocker I know) when I caught this...

I had to make this super big because it cracks me up! Can't believe I caught it on camera!
Hope they stay this blue!
He was wide awake most of the time and during that time he was with all different family members and I never heard a peep from him besides his little laugh.  He took 2 bottles over the time we were there and slept maybe a total of 1 1/2 hrs.

Mommy needs a tan!
Brett & Taylor...My beautiful mom and my dad with Jaris
Great Aunt Jackie...Avery singing to Jaris
Danielle isn't actually sleeping...she just didn't want her picture
Laughing at grandpa/my dad...LOVE this photo!
After everyone stuffed themselves full of food it was time for games!  It was sort of like "minute to win it" style games.  This one, everyone had one minute to stack 6 dice on a popsicle stick that you had to hold in your mouth and they had to stay on for 3 full seconds.
Dice game...My dad...uncle Brad...Brett
This one was fun!  Everyone was put into pairs (I got my sister Taylor) and two teams at a time competed to get 3 ping pong balls in the container.  One person threw and the other had to catch and the winner moved on to the next round.  I threw to Taylor the first round and we won (all those years of slow-pitch softball finally paid off ;)) and the next time we played Taylor threw to me and she sucked so we lost!

Getting ready for the ping pong ball toss
Very entertaining!
The next game was taking these two things of gum balls and having one minute to shake them from one end to the other.  It was quite entertaining to watch and Brett actually won...52.5 seconds!

My family goes all out on fireworks every year and last year they set them all off right on the street, cops stopped by several times lol.  This year they decided to go out of city limits to shoot them off.  Brett and I decided to head home instead of watch, Jaris was tired and needed a bath still so we called it a night.  I heard it was a great show, my uncles apparently bought "commercial" fireworks (stuff the city's use to put shows on) so I'm sad I missed it!

One tuckered sweet boy.
Monday I woke up around 7:30 feeling really light headed and really hot, I fed and put Jaris back to bed and within 5 mins of getting him down I was in the bathroom throwing up.  I don't drink nearly enough water...if any...and Sunday the only thing I had to drink was a pink lemonade with malibu...all day, that's it.  It was really hot out and I think over the course of the day I think I just got dehydrated or got a little bit of heat exhaustion.  Still felt a little light headed off and on all day, lesson learned...drink more water! Everyone was invited back to my grandparents house on Monday for seconds from Sundays feast but since I was a little under the weather we decided to stay home and grill out ourselves!

Can't wait for next years 4th! Hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend!

Read below about Jaris' 2 month check-up!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

2 Months!

Oh how my little man has grown!  He is now 11 pounds 2 ounces and is 22 1/2 inches long, he is just in the 35th percentile so he is still a little guy but I like it that way :)  Overall the doc said he was doing perfect, especially on his sleeping patterns and his "talking."  He had his shots as well and he did great, he let out one big scream and then I was able to pick him up and he was back to normal.  I gave him some Tylenol right after and before he went to bed and he's been his normal sweet self since.  He was a little fussy for a couple hours after but after his bath tonight he was back to being a happy baby.  
He is talking SO much and smiling all the time.  At his doctors appointment he was having an entire conversation with Dr. Cordova, just laughing and talking to her. He likes to be sung to, he likes when you stick your tongue out, he's kicking like crazy, and still makes the best faces.  He is starting to get a little more hair on top but not much, he has only spit up twice since he was born, and he is only waking up about every 4 hrs to eat at night...and the other night he went from 10:30 to 6 am!!  He makes me so happy it's indescribable.  We are truly blessed with an adorable, easy, and happy baby.  I love watching him grow and every minute with him is truly amazing.  I love him to pieces.

Here is a link to a video on Facebook...HERE

1st Jordan outfit, thanks aunt Danielle!

He was a big hit at Dyana's birthday dinner!
Andy & Dyana

Cordeus & Kristen

Brett is doing great, he got his big brace off so he is able to get rid of his crutch and bend his knee again. He's started rehab so he's in a little bit of pain but he is pretty determined to get better asap!  I on the other hand had to take a night off the other day.  Between work and having to do everything for Jaris I was really wearing myself down.  Tuesday I just had a really hard time waking up, my body was exhausted and then I started to get really hot and an upset stomach.  It was starting to catch up to me so now that Brett was off his crutch he made me go to bed at 10 and he did all of Jaris' night stuff and feedings.  It was much needed because I felt so much better the next day.