Friday, November 20, 2015

31 Weeks

My first pregnancy felt like it went by incredibly slow. This one is so different. Not only has it flown by but I am so not even close to being ready! The past few months/weeks have been incredibly busy for Brett and I. We've both taken on a lot of extra work and Veritas events we are usually both involved with.

Once we found out it was a girl I started going through Jaris' baby clothes and stuff around the house to have a garage sale. I could only do this after Jaris went to bed because of work and cheer practice so it took about a month to get through everything. In the middle of trying to prepare for a garage sale my grandmother was given a few weeks. I pushed the garage sale back and drove to Nebraska with Jaris to see her before she slipped away into someone who couldn't talk or remember me.  We spent two days in the hospital and it was so hard. She was fully aware of what was coming so when we had to head back home it was the ultimate goodbye. We both knew it was the last time we would see each other, hug, or reminisce. Not easy to do...especially all pregnant and hormonal! Jaris was fantastic. He was cooped up in a small hospital room for two days and was entertaining, so well behaved, and so mature about what was happening. I love that kid.

My grandmas hands are the one thing I will never forget about her...
We had the garage sale the next weekend and did awesome. It felt so good to get rid of all that stuff that was just taking up space...I hate clutter! What was left was taken immediately to the Salvation Army. 

Brett and I decided to move our bedroom so that the kids could be next to each other. Our new room however needed to be painted and get new carpet. Thankfully I have an awesome mother in law who is a fast painter and doesn't mind doing it. She and Brett got it finished in two days and then it was just waiting for new carpet. Once we got the new carpet we simply had no time to move over. Then my grandma passed. She has fought cancer for 4 years and many other health challenges after that so she is in a much better place, pain and cancer free. She was a spitfire until the very end. Ornery, funny, and loved her family. She is so missed.

Once we got back from the funeral services we had some time so we finally moved our bedroom. Then is started two weeks of Veritas events. This week has been really crazy with our "late night" event. We've had cheer practice every night from 6-7 to work on our routine and then added the basketball boys to work on their co-ed routine. I was up until about 2 am Sunday night working on that routine. And about the same time the next night working on finishing it. We also leave for Hawaii the morning after Late Night. And I also had to get senior photos done for a client. So working on routines for a little bit, working on photos for a little bit, getting laundry done so I can pack...all between the hours of 8:30-2 am, and that was if JT got to bed on time. I'm exhausted. Oh and 5 photo shoots somewhere in all that time.

So all of that means we have no nursery ready. And we are about to take up another week in Hawaii. When we get back it is MISSION NURSERY. I really really really wanted an iron crib but they are stupidly expensive and I just couldn't justify buying one when I had JT's crib. The only problem was I hated the brown wood. So I wanted to have it painted but again had no time. So we took it in to have it done, one less thing I have to worry about. When we get back and get her room painted with her crib in it, I'll feel a lot better about it. Right now I'm in a little bit of panic mode. January 26th seems so far away but saying I'm 30 weeks makes it sound so close.

Besides being extremely tired I'm feeling pretty good. My feet haven't started to swell up too much so far but my ankles have made up for that. Especially after a long day. I still get really sore from sitting in my office chair all day. Still feeling every movement. Some are painful but mostly fine, just a lot and all day. She's most active right before I fall asleep. It's pretty funny to watch my belly move all up and down, side to side while laying in bed.

Hawaii will be a much need break! Can't wait to spend the week there with all of our families, enjoying KU basketball, sun, sand, and the water! At least I'll have a nice sun-kissed glow when she comes!

Friday, October 23, 2015

4 Year Pictures

I took these a little over a month a little over 4 years but oh well! He was sooooo good that day, he let me do his hair (which took so long because it's just not quite long enough yet so plenty of gel and hairspray were used), and he posed great! Love this handsome kiddo to the moon and back!

Monday, September 14, 2015

It's a girl!

I can't believe we will be welcoming a sweet baby girl into our family. I've always wanted a girl and I'm so pleased with they way God has planned it out for us. One of each. Boy first to be that older protective brother.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I immediately looked up the Chinese gender chart to see what it said. It was right with Jaris and so many of my friends so I went with it. I was going to have a hard time convincing Brett to have a third one if this was a boy so I was praying hard to have girl. And as always a healthy and happy baby! And according to the CGC, it was going to be a girl. 

This pregnancy we've had a few bumps in the road. I had some pain/cramping a few weeks back so my doctor did an unscheduled ultrasound. Turns out my placenta was low. I was told to take it easy, no heavy lifting, among other things . I'm not really one to "take it easy." Don't get me wrong, if I could nap daily I would but just like everyone else in this world, I'm busy. Between cheer practice, teaching them new routines, Veritas Fall Kickoff, Veritas volleyball, Veritas football game, having JT by myself the majority of the time, photo shoots, a concert, a wedding, and anything else in between, taking it easy was hard. A few weeks later I had another issue and went in for another unscheduled ultrasound. I was right at 20 weeks and wasn't supposed to have the anatomy ultrasound until 21 weeks. Thankfully this ultrasound turned out to be SUCH a relief and I'm really glad I didn't have to wait. I am fine now and the baby was great. My placenta is moving in the right direction. It's not exactly where it should be but she thinks by delivery it should be okay and I can avoid a c-section. I'm also cleared for normal activity and I'm cleared to go to Hawaii in November! I was really worried about that, if my placenta didn't move...I wouldn't be going and I would've been devastated. So glad everything is working itself out!

I told the tech that we were wanting to find out what it is if she can while checking to make sure we are okay. While scanning over the baby she passed the legs and I could tell immediately it was a girl. She moved over to another section quickly but I already knew, I had a huge smile on my face. A few minutes later she went back over to see and it just confirmed what I saw...I said, "it's a girl isn't it?" She said yes ma'am! I wish I had a camera on Brett's face. The "I'm in big trouble...and oh my gosh what is about to happen to my wallet" look was priceless! I could hardly contain my excitement! We had planned on doing a balloon release and finding out at the same time as family, but that went out the window when she scanned over the legs and I could already tell..oops. So we decided to do the picture above as our announcement.

I've had two names on my girl list for awhile...Landry and Breckyn. But Brett and I decided when we first found out we were expecting, that if it was a girl we would go with Landry Marie. I love the meaning of it and Brett likes it because of Tom Landry from the Dallas Cowboys but that's not where I got it! I also like the way Jaris and Landry sound when I say them together. Marie is my middle name as well as my moms. And I call Maisy, Maisy Marie all the time so I figured I should just keep the tradition going :)

We told family that night, everyone is of course excited. Jaris however had quite the opposite reaction. He had gone back and fourth about what he wanted but recently he was siding with Brett and wanted a boy. So when we told him, he was not a happy camper. Tears. It was actually hilarious! I knew it wouldn't take long for him to come around and by the next day he was asking if she could sleep in his room. When she would wake up he said he would tell her "shh...everything is okay." And then I melted. Now he's pointing out things she needs and keeps saying, "my Landry" which I love. He gets a kick out of talking to my belly and I need to record it but the way he talks is so funny. He asks her if she slept okay and then tells her that he loves her. It kills me!

Today we had our normal scheduled ultrasound to check out the anatomy of little miss and make sure all insides are growing like they should. Heart, kidneys, bones, stomach, brain, etc all look great! She is measuring within a day of her due date and is already on the tall side of the charts! The battle has already started between Brett and I...which I of course will win!

This ultrasounds was AMAZING to watch. After looking over everything she wanted to get a profile of her, only to catch a few minutes of her really dancing around! She was all over the place and almost did a back flip for us, both the tech and I got a good laugh. Plus because of the location of my placenta (towards the back) I can feel EVERYTHING. I'm being kicked, elbowed, and headbutted at all times of the day. Brett felt a few kicks last night, pretty sure shes already done him in. He was pretty excited.  The tech got a great pic of her smiling mouth wide open...I love it. She for sure has Brett's nose and lips!

I am head over heals for her already and I can't wait for January!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New School Year

This year is a big school year for Jaris. Last year was his first year of preschool and we went two days a week in the mornings. This year he is not only going three days a week in the morning but also in the afternoon! At the end of last year we had to register for the three day morning classes or risk losing our spot. But then we decided we wanted him to at Veritas in their K-Quest program. However they only do that in the afternoons. So we decided to keep him at his old preschool three days a week in the morning and in the afternoons on those days he will go to Veritas. So basically 3 days week he's got a full day of school with an hour lunch break. I think this will be an awesome way to transition into kindergarten next year. He should be fully prepared! The other two days a week he's with the grandmas so he's got a pretty nice schedule set up. 

First day of Veritas (he's not a huge fan of having to wear a polo and what he calls "nice shorts" everyday yet).

First official day at his old preschool!

I really love that Jaris is at Veritas this year. I was involved with the school last year because of Brett but now that I'm coaching and have a kiddo there I'm really getting to know the students and parents. They are truly one big family. The families care about us, the kids tell me they stop and say hi to JT when he's in class, and his PE teacher was my PE teacher when I was in elementary fun is that?! He's in a great atmosphere (at both schools) the teachers are really focused on his goals, you can really tell that they care about him, his well being, and family life. I love that. He loves seeing all the big kids that he knows and it's super cool to have dad down the hall. 

I got this picture from the administrator on the first day of school. Brett peeking in on JT to see how he's doing. So sweet!  

Our schedule is starting to really pick up, this month alone we have Veritas events, volleyball games, football games, swimming lessons, football practice (every weekday), cheer practice, 3 weddings (yes only one weekend wedding free), a trip to Iowa for one wedding and a trip to Nebraska for another, a trip to the zoo, 3 birthdays, and we are finding out what this baby is! October looks pretty much the same, except for weddings will be replaces with senior photo shoots.

We are ready for all that the fall/winter season has to bring with it! 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Latest Happenings

We are so close to finding out what this baby is, I can hardly contain myself! The first trimester everything was pretty much the same as my first pregnancy. No morning sickness, really tired, that's about it. Then the second trimester hit and it's been totally different. A lot of aches and pains (ligament stretching I'm pretty sure), back pain way sooner than last time, my belly feels heavier than I remember, just overall uncomfortable. I think (you'll have to double check with Brett) that I've done a pretty good job of not complaining. In fact I'm not really sure he knows just how uncomfortable I am this time around. Last pregnancy I didn't get heartburn until the end, back pain until the end, didn't make as many trips to the bathroom until the end, but this time it all hit at 4 months. I'm 5 months now and huge. Huge. But cheer practice and walking everyday is keeping me busy.

5 months...*sorry for the 3 bathroom selfies*
Jaris has been doing swimming lessons all summer with the fabulous Miss Claudine and he is loving it! We started him at 8 months old and then took a year off. He is doing so great, you can't keep this kid out of the water!

Last swim before school starts with his best buddy Harrison!

Taylor came into town this last weekend, she and I went to the Sam Hunt/Lady Antebellum concert. Taylor is a huge Sam Hunt fan (that's putting it lightly) so she got us VIP passes and we ended up being first row off of the stage. I could touch the stage, which was pretty cool. We got high fives from all of the singers and it was so much fun! 


Lady A was amazing as always! This is my second time seeing them this year, we got to see them at the CMA Fest.

The next day we headed to Power Play with my parents and Taylor. We had a lot of fun, although I love bumper cars but had to miss out...they were JT's favorite as well!

iPhone pics...

I love this picture because his face looks so little still.

I can't handle.

Maisy and mama going in for kisses

Baby #1 and Baby #3  :)

ThunderKat, our fave date night band!

Every day. All day.