Friday, February 20, 2015

Family time!

One of my most favorite things about watching JT grow is watching him go through the phases of things he loves. First it was cars, then motorcycles, then NASCAR, and now monster trucks! I will admit I liked the NASCAR race we went to more than I thought I would but I think I'll be good if this was the first and only monster truck show I'll ever see! We got pit passes so we could get up close and personal with the trucks and the show a little less exciting than I thought but JT liked it and that's all that matters...right?!

Our Valentines day was spent at the KU game and then the Veritas basketball game!

School Valentines!


Got to take my crazy Valentine to lunch!

We sent Valentines to our nephews and niece, the boys got basketball cards and Bregs got a stuffed "Maisy" dog because she liked her so much when they were here with us. She appropriately named it Maisy and clearly loves it!

Quick snap shot of my handsome boys!

Ya know...waiting to head to the Veritas game.
Maisy didn't want to be left out of the Valentines day kisses.
Fun trip to the mall!

Sunday night with my boys.
 We only got a little bit of snow this entire winter so we tried to make the most of it. Maisy thought we got her a giant frisbee! 


That's all for now!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Jaris Conversations to Remember!

Every conversation with Jaris is one to remember but here are a couple things I want to write down!

Everyday on our drive home we pass the KU dorms and they are in the process of building more. One day Jaris asked what the buildings were...

Me, "those are dorms buddy. That is where college kids go to live for their first year of school. One day when are 18 you'll live there too!"

Jaris, "do they have toys there?"

Me, "You won't want or need toys when you go there."

Jaris, "yes I would! Will you pick me up from there?"

Me, "while I would love to pick you up...I really don't think you'll want me to pick you up from college everyday!"

Jaris, "but I would be sad if you didn't pick up."

Me, "alright well I'll hold you to it!"

Jaris has a little girlfriend at preschool, I was waiting to pick up JT while standing next to her mom when the mom of another little girl came over to me and said...

Mom, "I think Jaris may be the little heart breaker of the class!"

Me, "oh gosh what did he do!"

Mom, "Addie came home from school the other day wearing a little necklace and was swinging it around. I asked her if she she made it at school and with the biggest smile she said, "oh no, Jaris made it for me!"" 

I got a good laugh out of that! Especially because the day before, his normal girlfriend so sweetly asked him, "Jaris will you take the lid off my marker for me?" I almost died of the sweetness!

In the mornings Jaris will often come into our bed if we aren't up yet. We were snuggling and we asked him what he wanted for his birthday because it's not too far off. Without hesitation or naming a toy first he very seriously stated, "I really want a baby sister! I don't know why they haven't brought us one yet but I really want one! A baby sister!"

***FYI...I have no idea who "they" would be lol!***

I wish we had a picture of mine and Brett's faces, hilarious! Brett asked him if he was sure he didn't want a baby brother (of course) however he was positive he wanted a sister.  We also told him that we had to wait until God blesses us with another baby to which he replied, "well it's taking forever!"

Walks outside and it's freezing he says, "UGH! Cold weather I'm tired of your attitude!
I want it to be warm!"


JT isn't a big fan of going to the church day care program right now so he went to church service with me. Pastor Bump got up to talk after the music and JT said, "is that God?" The lady in front of me started cracking up! Then later the Pastor was talking about Abraham and JT asked, "is he Abraham?"  It's never ending with this kiddo!

Random one liners...

"Mmm...this iced tea is scrumptious!"

Talking to Maisy..."goodnight my princess."

"Mom you don't need to lay in my bed with me, Maisy is my protector."

"Mom and dad hurry up or I'm leaving without you!"

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Way back in September Brett told me about an event that one of his clients did and she thought I would be interested in doing it. It was called the Transformations Charity Gala. It is a pageant style competition (evening gown, talent, and question) for 10 local women to compete for a local charity of their choice. Who doesn't want to be in a pageant once in their life right?! And all for a good cause!
But the BEST part is...each of the 10 contestants were paired with a female impersonator (aka drag queen) coach! Each contestant would be put in full drag queen make up, hair, etc. This was right up my alley!! I applied and somehow I was chosen as one of the 10 lucky women!

We had our first meeting in October and I was paired up with the fabulously fierce Monique Hart. Over the next few months we had some fun photo shoots, I practiced my walk, talent, and learned my charity as best as I could.  We had no idea what the other contestants were doing for their talent until the day of, which added that much more pressure! 

The show had an opening number, then on to the evening gown, talent, final 5, question, and winner.  In between our coaches would perform for the audience. I can't even begin to tell you how fun the entire show was. We got there on Saturday morning and between the 10 contestants and 20 or so drag queens the entire day was hilarious! The real show was back stage! Queens, panty hose, wigs, make-up, high heels, dresses flying everywhere. The conversations were fantastic!

I think this sums up the dressing room pretty well...missing from the photo is all the wigs, dresses, and alcohol!
I loved being around every. single. person. Everyone was so encouraging, nice and helpful, it was like one big happy family all here for a good cause and we were happy no matter who won! I was so nervous every time I hit the stage but I would do the entire day again every year if I could! Amazing people, amazing charities, and amazing memories made. I hope to stay in contact with all the ladies!

Thank you to all my family and friends for the support, texts, calls, pictures, purchasing tickets, etc. You have no idea how much all of that means to me! I can't wait to be in the audience next year!

Thank you to OH SNAP! PHOTOGRAPHY for OH SNAP! photos below...All can be seen here!

Our opening number was disco theme...



Ready to open the show and get started! How fabulous is my coach?!?!

 Another contestant, my fro twin. Her disco outfit was my favorite!

Ready to get it started!
After the opening number we changed into our evening gown. My gown was made by one of the other coaches...Mulan. I picked it because red is the color of Cooper's Cause and it reminded me of Dorothy's ruby red slippers! And my hair is a piece made specifically for me by my coach.

Fyi...the earrings were literally super glued to my ear. Yup. Super glued.

Pretty fabulous looking group of ladies!
Then came talent. My hidden talent is rapping. Random I know but for some reason I'm pretty good! Nobody in previous years had done it and so I obviously had to be the first! I did a mash up of Nicki Minaj's Super Bass and Iggy Azalea's Fancy.

I got a FANTASTIC intro from Monique!

Like a true diva I had to do an outfit change to convert from Nicki to Iggy...duh!

After our talent we changed back into our gown and hit the stage to have the top 5 announced.  I LOVED my hair (wig)! I told Monique she was going to have to fight me to get it back!

My favorite performance of the night...4 of the coaches including mine (2nd from the left)!

Somehow I made it in to the top 5! I couldn't believe it...and what I love about the pictures below is how excited the other girls are. I was the last of the 5 to be called and they are still so pumped. They are all truly awesome ladies!

We immediately had to answer a question about our charity from one of the judges. I was more nervous for this part than any of the others. I wanted to make sure that I represented Cooper's Cause well and got their message across. I think I did that!

I didn't bring home a win but another fantastic charity did and I had so much fun from start to finish. I got in the top 5 and that in itself is pretty awesome.  I had a fantastic support system and I cannot wait to continue my support of this amazing event! 

I promise I'm not pregnant, it's just the sleeve on my dress that makes it look that way!

Seriously considering going blonde :)