Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Longer weekends please!

We had such a fantastic weekend!  I'm trying to slow photography down a little bit to give myself more time on the weekends and so far it's totally the right decision.  We went to a pancake feed at JT's school and got to look at his art work and things he's been doing in his class.  

From there we met my parents at the pumpkin patch.  Love Schaake's and we had a great time as usual.  Jaris kept his streak of picking the smallest pumpkin ever going this year!  He still loves the tractors the best and wearing his boots of course!

We had a great lunch at Fuzzy's Tacos downtown and spent the rest of the day getting house projects done and playing in JT's bounce house, perfect weather for it. The weekend before, I went to Nell Hill's with my mom, grandma, and aunts so I had some stuff to rearrange but the majority of it was Christmas stuff.  I have to keep telling myself it's too early, but I'm soooo ready to decorate for Christmas!  Here are some of the projects we finished up...

 This was a teal stand before and I liked the teal but it's not a friendly color when you switch out seasonal decor.  The orange was okay with it but with Xmas around the corner the green and red wouldn't have worked so it got painted "modern gray" and got new knobs.

FYI...that's JT's green little pumpkin by the canister...
 This wasn't a project I'm just excited I finally have one!

The tray is a Nell Hill's purchase...

I refinished the dresser two weeks ago but finally got it downstairs and got my awesome fan fixed up as well, looks pretty great together!

Bounce house fun!

Jumping over mom!
We met up with family for dinner and called it a night.

Sunday we ate lunch and headed out to Clinton Lake trails to go on a little hike.  Maisy was so excited to get off her leash and as soon as she saw the chance she bolted down the steepest of hills to get to the water. We watched the Cowboys win, played a lot more in the bounce house, cut the grass, and had a homemade dinner. Such a great weekend!
Best I could do lol.

Can you see her in the water?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Um, didn't I just graduate high school?  So many big things happen in your 20's and here are just a few of my favorite!

Got this sweet girl...

Married my high school sweetheart...

Got some ink...

Went on our honeymoon...

That time I jumped out of an airplane...

Girls trip to Chicago with my faves...

Grew a baby...
had a beautiful baby...I'd post all my faves of JT but that would be a long post :)

Went to a lot of concerts...somehow I saw Stevie Nicks, Madonna, and Cher, insane.
Goo Goo Dolls...

Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks...

Went to a lot of awesome concerts...Miranda



Zac Brown Band

This fun moment!

Destin trip with my family...

and Brett's family.
And so many more amazing memories in between.  I'm looking forward to what my 30's hold!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


September 2, 2014 this kiddo started preschool!

First United Methodist 2014, Mrs. Winn and Mrs. Willis.

Lately Jaris has had a hard time separating with me.  I knew preschool would be a hard transition because of that and because he knew no one going in.  Drop off was hard the first few times but it is getting easier.  There are still tears but it is easier.  His teachers are AMAZING.  We are very blessed to have them this first year, they're so good with JT and have really made the transition easier for him.

He's seems to doing great so far, I just hope he's behaving when he's there.  It's just funny to me that one day you leave your child at a place, in the care of people you don't really know, around kids you don't really know, and hope that everything you've tried to teach them about being kind, respectful, and playing nice is working!  We've had nothing but great comments so fingers crossed it is :)

We can't wait to see how the rest of the year goes!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Just a little behind...

We've been busy since our last update! Here, there and every where, I feel like it's something every day!  We've been spending A LOT of time at the lake, my favorite thing to do in the summer.  Boating, floating, swimming, tubing, wake-boarding, country music, sunbathing, we love it all.

Every minute of my free time has been spent editing photos and creating invitations.  Every night after JT goes to bed I'm down in front of my computer until around midnight or later.  September isn't slowing down, 3 invitations, 3 senior photo shoots, a family, and a newborn shoot. I'm booked and fall hasn't even started yet!  I really enjoy getting to do invitations, it lets me be creative in a new way!

We went to the fair and demolition derby...always fun!

We've been digging and planting...

We made a headboard...

Brett and I flew to Pennsylvania for a good friends wedding, we had a blast!

We went on a fun little family get away to this beautiful place on the Lake of the Ozarks!  30 of my family members for my uncles birthday.  This was such a fun place to stay, we rented a boat, jet skis, swam, and did a lot of eating.  It was a lot of fun!

Went out to the beautiful sunflower fields.

For father's day I got Brett tickets to the Zac Brown band concert.  I would go to a concert every night if I could but Brett isn't a concert goer so when he said he wanted to see ZBB I jumped!  They were FANTASTIC! We will definitely be back!

Yes that is Zac Brown right in front of us! So glad we got floor seats, it was so fun!

KU football has started!

That just about catches us up!