Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Just Some Notes.

One of my favorite things about being a mom is watching my kids' personalities take shape. And it's funny to see how different two kids can be! Jaris was pretty much a model baby. Ate everything, transitioned to big boy things super easy, never threw fits, etc. Landry is the COMPLETE opposite. I can count on one hand how many things she eats. She throws fits, usually out in public of course and doesn't seem to know what "shh" means! I don't even want to begin to think about putting her in a big girl bed or starting potty training. I have a feeling it's going to be a lot more exhausting than it was with JT!


He has always been quick with smart aleck answers or responses but I feel like he's even better and it's getting him in trouble at home a lot. He's very much in the "I think I have the answer for everything/I know everything" stage and Brett and myself are ready to move on! Sometimes it's hard not to laugh because some of his responses are quite funny!

For awhile now when Brett and I love his room we always have to say "goodnight, love you, see you in the morning, sweet dreams!" Jaris and I also have our own little routine when I kiss him goodnight. Kiss, Eskimo kiss, then we tap our foreheads together (Jaris used to ask to do that all the time, he called it "up high), and then we blow on each others necks making tooting sounds. Boys! Most recently we've been having to check for bad guys as well.


She is talking so much more now and I love her little squeaky voice. I feel like over the last 3 months she has really grown verbally. Some of my favorites...

"Hey mommy! What you doing?"

"Don't worry I'll help you," or "I got you."

"Mommy I missed you!"

"Come and get me!"

"Do you wanna go to Target."

She is starting to work the night time system. She has been fussing herself to sleep over the last couple of weeks which isn't normal for her. She does this super sweet thing now where she has to give everyone (including Maisy) a big hug, a big kiss on the lips, then she will grab your cheeks and turn your head kissing one cheek and then the other, then will kiss your forehead, and then the top of your head. And then of course "nose-ies" or an Eskimo kiss. I LOVE IT. The problem is she wants to do 10 more times after shes been put in her crib. And it's hard to say no when she crying and yelling "big kiss please!" It's so pitiful.

We are starting to pack up the house, slowly but surely. Such a sad process! We should be in Georgia by July. Just in time to head to Florida for our vacation!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Texas Trip

The day after Christmas we headed down to Texas to visit Brett's dad. That morning Landry woke up not feeling well but we just figured it would be a little winter cold, no big deal. But you could definitely tell she wasn't feeling herself. Kelly and the kids drove behind us and after a few stops, 1 throw up from Landry, 1 stop at Rosa's, we finally made it Granbury. Landry woke up with a low grade fever and was super lethargic so I took her to an express care just to make sure it wasn't the flu or something. All test came back fine so we went home and she went back to sleep. The kids rode the "bull" and then got to ride some horses. By the late afternoon she had perked up a little. I stayed home with Landry while the rest of the kiddos went to a trampoline park with the Texas cousins.

Landry was asleep off and on all night and went to bed early and basically slept through the rest of the trip. If not in the crib, she was sleeping in my arms. Very lethargic but no other symptoms. Seriously slept the rest of the trip. Not an exaggeration. That afternoon we went to the gun range and got to shoot some guns! I was a little uneasy but turns out it was fun and I'm a pretty good shot! Well...after a few practice rounds!

We left the next day and Landry was still sleeping, she slept the entire 8 our drive, and when we got home. When she was "awake" she was barely opening her eyes, not moving, just laying and then back to sleep. We decided to take her into the ER that night in case they missed something at the express care. Again no other symptoms, not a runny nose, no fever, no cough, was drinking and having wet diapers, but nothing else. All their test came back negative as well.
The next day she was the same and I was starting to get worried. It's not normal for a 2 year old to sleep for 5 days straight with no answer. So we went to Children's Mercy and she was admitted. We were there for 2 days. They gave her fluids, did multiple blood test (pricks on her feet and hands...apparently her veins stink), ran a head CT, abdominal ultrasound and...all came back NORMAL. They were stumped. By the second day she was starting to perk up and was eating better so they gave us the option to keep testing or go home. I couldn't let her be poked anymore so since things were looking up we decided to head home. With no answers. She's back to herself again and pray that never happens again.

before we took her to CM going on day 5 of straight sleep.

I wish she was normal on our trip because she would've gone crazy over all the dogs and horses. We'll just have to make another trip!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Two Sweet

Loving this girl has been an absolute adventure. She is fierce. She is sweet. She is funny. She is happy. She is lovable. She is all that I could've dreamed a little girl to be. I can't get enough of her and I can't believe she is two! 

12-24 months is my favorite time. She has really grown over the year and it has been so much fun watching her. She is still a little goofball, making silly faces all the time, crazy noises, anything to get a laugh! She is very determined and knows what she wants and what she doesn't want. I love that about her but it doesn't make negotiating with her very easy! It also causes a little bit of friction with her brother. When she wants a toy, she is going to get that toy whether or not he's playing with it. But that is to be expected with siblings. On the flip side, the second JT gets in trouble she is always sneaking into his room to talk to him. She loves her big brother and is so stinking excited when he walks into the door after school or anytime really. "Hi bubba!" with laughter and excitement, it makes me so happy.

She is very happy go lucky. A free spirit. Always spinning in circles, dancing, running around. Unless you are in my arms you don't really have any sense of stranger danger. She will walk around any restaurant or shopping center and not even care if I'm around or not. She wakes up happy, smiles and laughs all day, and goes to bed happy. She has always been and still is a great sleeper...usually from 8:30-8. There may be a temper tantrum in-between all that but for the most part she is happy!

She is still a picky eater...mostly hot dogs, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, and chicken fingers. Oh and she LOVES sweet tea.

She says a lot of words and is working on putting phrases together...

"Me help you?" Her way of asking for help since I always say may I help you.

"Where'd Maisy go?"

"Big hug?" "Big kiss?"

"Come on mommy." When want me to go somewhere with you.

Also great with her manners! Thank you, excuse me, and bless you are all used regularly and correctly!

I have loved getting to spend my Monday's with her. We play, watch movies, run errands...she is my Monday buddy and I love it.

I can't wait to watch her grow over this year and hope the terrible twos take it easy on us!

Landry Marie - God has blessed us with one sweet little girl. You are so much more then we could've imagined. You and your brother bring so much joy and laughter to our lives. We hope you always remain as fierce as you are now, we hope you grow to be proud, courageous, and brave, always know God, love others without judgement, and move mountains. We are so lucky to be your parents. We love you to the moon and back times infinity sweet girl. - Mom and Dad.

This year for your birthday we decided to keep it simple. Just family and presents...sweet tea and cakes of course. It was perfect and sweet.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Nebraska & Iowa Visit

With our upcoming move I took a few days to visit family in Nebraska and Iowa. The kids and I headed to Nebraska where my first stop was to visit my grandparents old farmhouse. I have such fond memories of this house. To this day I could map out the floor plan, I remember every detail. My grandma moved out after my grandpa died so they haven't lived there in years but I always drive by it when I visit. This time I had a project in mind and I needed a picture of a barn. I really wanted it to be their barn and luckily my cousin knew the family that lives there currently. I contacted them before we headed up and they were nice enough to let me wonder around. I'm a pretty nostalgic person so being there I got pretty emotional, and knowing it was the last time didn't help. I didn't ask/want to go inside the house just because I wanted to keep that memory preserved. However I did go in my grandpas workshop. Immediate sobbing ensued. Like...ugly cry head in my hands sobs. The smell immediately took me back and I could almost see him standing there working. I went into the big red barn which was terrifying as a kid but this time I spotted about 10 things I could've taken home to decorate with! I could've stayed there all day.

I took the kids to the park by the elementary school where my grandpa was principal until he died. They played at the park on the same things I played on when I was little, nothing had changed. It was so sweet.

Been down that slide 100 times! Burns in the summer!

I got cousin time and my grandmas Indian tacos...a win win for me.

We headed to Omaha to meet my mom and Iowa family at Vala's Pumpkin Patch. This place is awesome! There is so much to do and if so fun for both adults and kids. We watched pigs race, spent time at the petting zoo, raced a lot, rode the train, jumped on the pillows, ate, had a blast in the gigantic egg barn, and did some sports stuff. It was super fun!

Such a great trip in both states, always great to see my family.