Thursday, November 3, 2016

This kid...

I wish I could remember and write down all the sweet and funny things Jaris says. Last night was just one of those nights where everything was crazy and nonstop. I had a dentist appointment in the late afternoon and immediately after I had to go get Landry, pick up JT from granny's house and get him to basketball. As I'm driving around my numbness is starting to ware off and I'm in a lot of pain. I've had a lot of dental work done, pretty much everything you can think of, I've had. Luckily this time I didn't have to have a root canal but for some reason this was the worst tooth pain I'd ever felt. Even worse than when I did have to have a root canal. Trying to get to the location of basketball practice (not our regular spot) made my night worse. We got about 200 yards form the church only to come to a closed bridge. So we then had to go 10 minutes to get around to the other side. He was already late because of my dentist appointment. During practice my pain level increased and I was almost in tears. Got home and got Jaris dinner and Landry in the bath and then Brett came home (thank God) and took over Landry's bath. But while I was switching out with Brett we were both in the bathroom when we heard Jaris saying his dinner prayer. Normally he says the one they learned at preschool, "God is good, God is great..." and so on but lately he has wanted to change it up. We listened from the bathroom, "God is good, God is great, thank you God for this food, please make sure all the Veritas football players are safe, the baseball players are safe (we were watching the Cubs), thank you for my family, and put this food to the nourishment of our bodies. Amen." Be still my heart!

 I sat with Jaris while he ate and he kept asking if I was okay and if I needed anything. When he was done with dinner he came over and sat on my lap. He gave me a soft kiss on the cheek where my tooth hurt and asked if I was feeling any better. I said, "man oh man buddy I love you." He replied with his usual of "I love you to the moon and back to the moon and back forever," and then gave me a big hug. Maybe it was the amount of pain I was in or maybe I'm just emotion but for some reason at that moment I got very sentimental about him. And when he was done hugging me he looked at me and he could tell I was about to cry and he said, "mom...don't you dare cry!" I started laughing and so did he, then he said it again...and again. 

He has such a tender heart, I absolutely love that about him.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I can't get enough!

I love the ages my kids are at right now. Years 3 and 4 were rough with JT, he's finally coming out of that and really starting to grow up. Conversations with him have always been entertaining but they are starting to become more in depth and personal. He is adjusting to his school schedule pretty well. Lunch was a little bit of a challenge starting off because he has 5 minutes of quite time. And if you know Jaris you know how hard that can be for him! Nothing a little sticker chart can't solve! For every good lunch he gets a sticker and we haven't had a problem since. Brett takes him to school and then he goes to football practice with him after school, except on Mondays and Wednesdays when he has marathon club. He has no idea what the point of marathon club is but he knows he gets to run run and run and get a t-shirt at the end. So far hes ran over 12 miles! And he loves going to football practice with Brett. He likes to run the sprints at the end with all the boys and coaches, he's like their little brother out there and he loves every second. He really likes to come home and show us all his work from school and what he's learned. He's obsessed with writing his alphabet every day and works really hard to keep learning. Basketball has officially started for him and he loves it. He has never been an assertive kid so practice has been a little bit of a challenge when it comes to scrimmaging so I'm anxious to see how his first game goes!

Landry is 9 months and a compete nut. She is constantly making us laugh with her random screams of excitement and her little personality. She is definitely going to keep us on our toes as she's already a feisty one. Screaming just to hear the sound of her voice is one of her favorite things to do. She's always talking and singing, saying "mama" and "baba baba." I love to see her personality developing and how much of a goofball she is already. I'm so thankful for my extra days at home with her.

9 month stats...
Weighs: 19 lbs 9 oz.
Length: 28.75"

This last few months have been completely insane for me. I've really stretched myself thin and feel a little like hot mess! Work has been crazy...luckily it's not a take home job, so when I leave I don't have to worry about it. Then there's Simply Sweet Design which has been so busy. I've had photo shoots out the wazoo. On the weekends and after work when I don't have cheer practice, 3 senior shoots and a family shoot in the last 2 weeks alone. Which means HOURS of editing. Hours upon hours at night after the kids go down. And 2 interior design consulting jobs. Then there's my position as part time Developmental Director at Veritas. I have been given the HUGE task of Wood for Good projects for our biggest fundraiser of the year, Barn Party. This project is 6 wood projects (one for 7-12 grades), the students must build, paint, and create a project from wood to be auctioned off. These projects go for thousands of dollars...not a task to be taken lightly. It's my main source of stress right now! My mission trip to Haiti is fast approaching and I'm trying to get everything I need for that. Which means a lot of paperwork, making sure donations get through, getting the paperwork I need to get my passport, and church meetings. And last but not least, cheerleading. Friday night games and practice after work and working on our biggest performance for our Late Night in November. After hours of editing photos in the basement I then flip on our song and choreograph what I can while also choreographing a fun routine for our basketball boys to "perform". Which basically means I'm not in bed much before 1 or 2 in the morning.
Throw in a busy 5 year old, an even busier 9 month old, daily school things, and husband who isn't home much and you've got one exhausted mama. Drained. My brain is so fried, my to do list is 100 miles long and I'm not sure if I'm going left or right! After November I'm getting a long massage and a facial...and big glass of wine.

 *And in case you're wondering how I have time to blog...I've been writing this post for 3 weeks now over my lunch (insert crazy lady laugh here)!*

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kindergarten and Life Recently

I'm not sure how this day got here so fast but here we are. I really didn't think I would cry on his first day...only because JT is so comfortable at Veritas, he went to preschool last year with the same kiddos, and Brett is just around the corner. However the night before the big day I was tucking him in and I got a little emotional. JT does NOT like to see me cry even happy tears so he then got emotional. So I knew the next day I couldn't cry or it might make him not want to go. He woke up bright and early, had eggs for breakfast, and was super excited to go. I held in my tears until he walked out the door. He's not a baby anymore, not a toddler anymore, he's a little boy growing up way too fast. I was so excited to hear about his day but I had to wait since he goes to football practice with Brett after school. 
When he got home he told me about how much he loved school! He was super pumped that he gets 2 recesses, which he also said was his favorite part of the day as well as PE. He told me all about eating lunch in the cafeteria and every time he saw Brett he made sure to tell him that he was to be at school ALL day. He really loves being at school, especially when he sees all the older kids whom he loves and they love him back. They all have that little brother relationship with him and he loves it. 
This week when Brett dropped off JT for class, his teacher told Brett JT had a "pretty cool moment" with another student. One of the little boys in the class had stuck his tongue out at another little boy and wasn't allowing him to play. He went to the teacher and was upset that no one would be his friend. Jaris overheard and went up to the little boy and said, "you can be my friend." And they both went off to play. When Brett told me my eyes filled with tears. I tell JT everyday before he leaves for school to be nice to everyone, include everyone, and accept everyone. My heart is so full knowing he is doing that. I pray his kindness grows with him. He has always been a sensitive soul and we are so proud of him.

He also finished his first season of tee ball and loved every second of it!


Life has been so crazy recently with the start of school, sports, and jobs. Between my regular job, keeping up with Simply Sweet, adding on part time developmental director for Veritas, and returning as head cheer coach...I don't have a spare second. And now that Brett is back to school and football has started we are lucky to see each other in passing. 
Landry is growing like a weed and is really developing quite the personality. I know I'm going to have my hands full with her! She is so funny and already has a little sass. I guess because it's been awhile but I forgot how much fun this age is. I cannot get enough of her and every single second is pure joy. While I would really like for time to slow down, we are having so much fun with these two!



Monday, August 1, 2016

6 Months

Halfway to 1 year...I can't believe it. But at the same time it feels like shes been with us forever. This girl, she steals my heart every single day. She is absolute sunshine every single day. She makes us laugh every single day. We cannot imagine life without her!

-Weighs in at 17 pounds 2 ounces and 26 inches long. She likes her food!
-Rolls all over and is itching to crawl. Constantly wants to move.
-Sits up on her own.
-Doesn't miss a meal...she eats like pro and seems to like all baby food so far.
-Laughs the most at her brother and daddy can get a good laugh from her too but is definitely boy crazy. Mama can't get her to laugh like they can!
-She's so happy. If shes fussy, shes hungry or tired and then she's happy again.
-Her laugh (or I guess high-pitched screams/squeals would describe it better) is so cute and pure delight! It might be a little loud at a restaurant but that's what my kids (and husband) are...loud.
-She has one tooth that is finally pooping through!
-Gets hot quick like I do.
-Goes down at 7:30 (on nights we don't have anything) and sleeps uninterrupted until 7:30/8 the next morning.
-Hair is coming in at a snails pace :)
-Night songs...Ain't No Sunshine, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Everyday (Buddy Holly), Once upon A Dream, Stay Awake (Mary Poppins).

She is just such a happy baby pretty much all the time. And when shes crying shes hungry. She is so easy, easy going, and just the most kissable thing ever. She has the sweetest disposition and we all love her like crazy.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

4 Months

Little miss is 4 months, weighing in at 14 pounds 6 ounces and measuring 25 inches long! She is such a good baby, she makes me want to have 3 more...okay maybe just one :)  We've started cereal and she is doing great. She is a drooling machine and I keep expecting to see a tooth any day not but so far nothing. Sleeps for about 12 hours uninterrupted, usually 8 pm - 8 am. She is kind of a cat napper, usually has one good early afternoon nap and then a few 30 min naps. 

She is really finding her voice and is starting to talk more...although I guess I shouldn't say talk because she is more of a screamer! Excited screams and squeals are pretty normal, especially when someone makes her laugh. Jaris is the BEST at making her laugh, she thinks he is just hilarious! And she loves to have conversations with Brett! 

She is grabbing everything near her and puts it directly in her mouth. Including her toes!

She doesn't like to be held like a normal baby...she likes to face out and see everything that's going on. Which I think is why she likes the bjorn so well!

Her hair is starting to darken, I think it may end up being brown but I can still see some strawberry blonde in it as of now. Her cheeks get chubbier by the day! She is just so happy and content...such a chubby, kissable little roly poly. We are crazy about her!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

2016 Survey

I love doing this every year with JT. Can't wait to start it with Landry!

1) What is your favorite color?  Green.

2) What is your favorite toy? New Batman car grammy and papa got me.

3) What is your favorite fruit? All of them.

4) Whats your favorite tv show? Avengers. *he hardly watches that lol...loves Teen Titans Go*

5) What is your favorite outfit? Nike short sleeves and shorts. But I like the slick kind of shirt not the other kind. (aka a dry fit not a cotton :))

6) What is your favorite game? Baseball.

7) What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Lunchables.

8) What is your favorite snack? Goldfish and candy like Kit Kats or Hersey Bars.

9) What is your favorite animal? Cheetah. 

10) What is your favorite song? Shut up and Dance with Me.

11) What is your favorite book? Superhero books.

12) Who is your best friend? Harrison, Jonah, Josiah, Luke, Maxton, Murphy, Chase.

13) What is your favorite sport? Baseball.

14) What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play baseball and mow the grass.

15) What is your favorite drink? Water and lemonade.

16) What is your favorite holiday? Halloween because you get candy.

17) What do you like to take to bed with you at night? All my night-time buddies.

18) What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Chocolate chip pancakes and powdered donuts.

19) What is your favorite restaurant? Jeffersons and Biggs Burgers.

20) What do you want to be when you grow up? Basketball player.

21) What do you love most about daddy? I love him and I love when he plays baseball with me outside.

22) What do you love most about mommy? I love you and when you plays Batman with me and when you makes cupcakes.

23) What do you love most about Landry? I love her and I like to make her laugh.

Friday, April 29, 2016

5 years ago... made me a mom. I say this with every passing year but I truly can't believe how fast 5 years has gone. It seems like such a milestone birthday...ready to start kindergarten, loosing the baby/toddler face, starting sports, more independent and self-sufficient. 

The moment we met I was hooked. From that day on you've made me happier then I ever knew possible. You make us laugh every day. You are so witty and quick that sometimes your responses catch me off guard. We are so proud of the little boy you are growing up to be. One that truly cares about and loves his family. Your love for your sister is even better then I imagined. She's the first person you want to see in the morning, you HAVE to give her a kiss and huge before you leave for school, and when you talk to her in your high pitch sweet voice I melt. You have been a HUGE help with her. You get burp rags, wipes, pacifiers, hold doors open for me, anything we ask you do it and without complaint. You were always so sweet and loving with Maisy so I knew you would be a great big brother but you've really blown us away.

You are doing so well in preschool and we are excited to see what you learn in kindergarten. You've made so many friends and just seem to attract people to you. You are such a perfectionist (which you get from me and sometimes it drives me nuts :)) but determined to finish everything you start.

Our conversations are my favorite time with you, just one on one. You don't leave out any detail and I love to get a glimpse of your school day. You ask a TON of questions still and definitely have your dads gift of gab. Also you still love to compliment people, "I like your hair mom." "I like your shoes dad."

We are so excited for you to start sports this year, especially t-ball! You also show a genuine interest in music (which I love love love) and according to your granny you have a "great touch" on the piano so I am super pumped for you to start piano lessons this year as well.  

We definitely have our moments like all parents do, not listening or back talking but that is generally the extent of your bad behavior. And even after getting in trouble you still love to snuggle, you always have! We are very lucky!

God has blessed us with a sweet, loving, and smart kiddo and we couldn't be happier he chose us to be your parents. Thank you for being everything you are. There isn't a day that goes by where we don't just look at you and thank God you are ours. We can't get enough of you and like you tell us every night...we love you to the moon and back to the moon and back forever.

- mom and dad