Monday, September 15, 2014

Just a little behind...

We've been busy since our last update! Here, there and every where, I feel like it's something every day!  We've been spending A LOT of time at the lake, my favorite thing to do in the summer.  Boating, floating, swimming, tubing, wake-boarding, country music, sunbathing, we love it all.

Every minute of my free time has been spent editing photos and creating invitations.  Every night after JT goes to bed I'm down in front of my computer until around midnight or later.  September isn't slowing down, 3 invitations, 3 senior photo shoots, a family, and a newborn shoot. I'm booked and fall hasn't even started yet!  I really enjoy getting to do invitations, it lets me be creative in a new way!

We went to the fair and demolition derby...always fun!

We've been digging and planting...

We made a headboard...

Brett and I flew to Pennsylvania for a good friends wedding, we had a blast!

We went on a fun little family get away to this beautiful place on the Lake of the Ozarks!  30 of my family members for my uncles birthday.  This was such a fun place to stay, we rented a boat, jet skis, swam, and did a lot of eating.  It was a lot of fun!

Went out to the beautiful sunflower fields.

For father's day I got Brett tickets to the Zac Brown band concert.  I would go to a concert every night if I could but Brett isn't a concert goer so when he said he wanted to see ZBB I jumped!  They were FANTASTIC! We will definitely be back!

Yes that is Zac Brown right in front of us! So glad we got floor seats, it was so fun!

KU football has started!

That just about catches us up!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

4th of July

Last minute we decided to head to Brett's dads down in Granbury for the fourth.  We left Thursday and after nine hours finally arrived around midnight.  JT did great on the car ride (thank goodness for portable dvd players) and went right to sleep when got there.  The 4th was busy and started out with the town parade.  Granbury is a small town out in the country, on a big lake, around 8,000 people.  Brett's dad is the Deputy Sheriff and the entire Sheriffs department had a huge part in the parade.  Brett got to join his dad on horseback and Jaris and I got to ride in the back of the D.A.R.E. truck!  Holy moly it was hot and a very long parade...but JT had fun.


Later that night JT got to present the flags at the rodeo, clearly he loved it!

He got to go out and chase the goat!  I was really surprised he did that, he's generally pretty shy about that kind of stuff but he LOVED it and wanted to go again!  How cute does he look out there?!

We watched fireworks and headed home.  Saturday Brett and I went to our favorite for lunch, Rosa's. Later that night Brett's aunt, cousins and their families came out to Brett's dad's ranch.  Gator rides, horses, hot dogs, burgers, and s'mores summed up the evening.

It is our dream to own a home out in the country.  I am a country girl at heart and I love everything about (minus well water :)).  I could be around and photograph horses all day.  All Day.  This is Fergie...we bonded and I want her.

We headed back home on Sunday (after eating at Rosa's again...of course).  Always love our time at the ranch and can't wait until next time.