Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our Little Jayhawk!

It's in his blood.  This kid is all Jayhawk all the time.  Brett has been lucky enough to take JT to pretty much every home basketball game this year and the majority of last year.  I still haven't been to a home game with him *insert sad violin music*.  We watch Jayhawk videos all the time.  We have to listen to the fight song over and over and over again in the car.  We also have to do the clap with the song, every time.  He points out "JAY!" every time he sees one.  He loves them.

After attending the last two games of the Big 12 Tourney with him, it's so much fun to watch! He gets so pumped with the crowd, puts his arms up and does "whoosh," he just loves it all.  Especially when they sing the fight song and the Rock Chalk chant.  I had a blast being with him and he does SUCH a good job!  He was perfect during the first game and a little restless the second because we had to wake him up from his nap to get there on time but nothing crazy.  It was perfect family time and I'm hoping there will be more games to come this year ;) at least to watch on tv!

Brett & Naadir got pretty close last year and this year, a little bro-mance :)

one of my favorites of my little sweetheart

love my boys!

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he found Jay!

big boy!

And then...there is this.  I was trying to get his excitement on camera all night but I couldn't catch it in time.  Finally I got the best face of the night.  It cracks me up every time I watch it! Love his pure happiness and excitement, he is totally enthralled with the game! Love him!

And because we have to listen to it one thousand times...I'm a Jay on the way home from the champ game.  Can't see anything just listen.

Rock Chalk!

So fun!

I am so lucky.  I'm blessed with a funny, smart, loving, and sweet little boy.  I wish I could record him all the time.  His personality really started to show around 14-15 months and month by month it just gets bigger and better.

It's into March now and I've got a theme for his 2nd birthday.  I can't believe he is so big already.  He amazes me with things he knows and picks up on, every day.  He'll say or do something and I look at him and think, "when did you learn that"...or "how do you remember that?!"  He is talking up a storm and repeats absolutely everything you say.  He has a great vocabulary, I'm not sure if he is behind, ahead, or right where he should be for his age...I try not to worry about it, but I think he is doing pretty well.  He is really putting words together well, trying to make sentences, and pick up on things he hears.  He is also super polite!  He knows when to say please and thank you.  At dinner the other night with a big group of Brett's coworkers, the waitress brought JT's food out and without prompting him he looked at her and said in the cutest little voice, "thaaaaaaaaank yooooooouuu."  I was so proud of him and everyone was so impressed!   

He is still the happiest kid I know.  He's not shy with people and I really hope that quality remains as he gets older, he gets that from Brett.  He's definitely got my goofball/ham it up personality.  He likes to do crazy laughs and goofy faces, he's always looking for a laugh.  When he finds something that makes you laugh, he really goes all out!  He's very easy going.  As every, almost 2 year old does: he has his naughty moments.  I will say his naughty is very subtle compared to a lot of kids.  We really only have trouble at dinner time.  He wants so sit where he wants, if he sits at all.  He likes to sit on every one's laps.  When he is done eating he wants out his booster seat and he's ready to go play.  Sometimes he eats really good and other times he'll eat 2 bites and be done.  Thankfully the iPad has really helped to kind of distract him and he keeps eating while playing and learning!  Other than that his naughty moments are pretty subdued but I'm sure as the 2's roll in they will get worse but for right now I'll take it as is!

He is really in to basketball, football, cars, trains, Roar (Lion King), Nemo, Fox & the Hound, anything and everything Jayhawks, animals, wresting with Brett, playing football with Brett (including his new favorite, tackling), his Cars slippers, his sunglasses, and of course Bubble Guppies.  He loves to snuggle...give "knucks"...hug all over Maisy...tell everybody (including strangers ) his learning games on the iPad...and be silly.  Everywhere we go he will say hi to someone and then 50 more people, it's pretty darn cute though.

Maisy's eyes when Jaris hugs him are hilarious!

**Warning...Pity Party**

A combination of a few things over the past few months have made it hard leaving JT for work.  While I've always been sad to be at work and not home with him, its never bothered me as much as it has lately.  I'm not really sure how to describe the feeling, it's just sad.  I don't feel guilty for working because I know that allows me to provide more for him plus I know when he's at daycare he's getting the social experience I can't provide for him if he's home with me.  And having that time with my mom is special for the both of them.  I think what's getting to me is, 1) all that I'm missing during the day... 2) my time after work is so limited.  I want to take him to the basketball games with Brett, I want to go to the football games, I want to come home and not have to get all my play time in before I start dinner, or have to run all my errands with him that night because there's a game on Saturday, ect ect.  My boss has been AMAZING since JT was born and hasn't had me work a women's game (a lot of them fall on Sunday's) which is fantastic but between football, basketball, tournament time, pep rallies, baseball, softball, soccer, basketball camps, relays, graduation, and so on and so forth...there is always something.  My schedule is never consistent.  
It's even harder for me to think that photography season is right around the corner.  I get excited thinking of all the ideas I have and all the shoots I would love to do but then I think that the majority of my shoots are on Sunday because it ends up being the least busy day for both parties but that's more time lost with JT.  I would LOVE to do it 2 full days a week and stay home the rest of the time, I love photography and I still have so much to learn but no time.  So I've been thinking of taking time off from it until my schedule calms down.  Between the photo shoots themselves and the editing hours afterward (which leaves no time for Brett) it becomes too much with an already eventful job.  I hate to complain because I am very thankful to have a job but sometimes a girl needs to vent.  And while I don't want to be a full-time stay at home mom, it would be nice to have an easier schedule.  I'm not the mom that likes to be super busy all the time, time goes by fast enough as it is.  I just want a part time job that I love (photography :)) that pays good, has benefits, and allows me to be home a few days a that too much to ask!?  

My sister sent me this and it made me so sad to think of how fast time really does go.  It's just not fair!

Okay...well on that note I love this age and I love love love love love JT!