Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's day!  We did :)  Brett sent me beautiful flowers at work and the plan was for a nice relaxing evening at home.  

Brett grilled steaks and I made hash brown potato casserole, it was 
all delicious.  When we were in high school Brett and I use to play Tiger Woods on the Playstation all the time and we would make his mom's 7 layer dip and drink a ton of Dr. Pepper.  So that's exactly what we did after dinner, except we were both too full to eat any of the dip.  And ps I beat Brett by 8 strokes but who's counting....anyway it was the perfect evening at home.  Hard to imagine that next v-day we'll be spending it with a baby!

A cute little gift of popcorn and candy from my parents...aren't the boxes cute!?

Cooper's Cause is participating in the Lawrence St. Patty's Day auction so I decided to put together a collection of 8x10's in black and white and put them in a cute little basket and donate it.  I'm hoping someone will bid on it (because a...how embarrassing would it be if no one did...eek and b...it will get my name out there) but even if it only gets $10, it's $10 to a great cause so keep your fingers crossed someone bids!  Here are some of the photos in the collection.

These are just a few...there is quite a bit that will be in the basket.
As far as baby Temple goes, it's pretty much the same. Belly is huge...back is hurting a lot...my wedding ring is officially off and has been replaced with a fake one lol...baby's room is painted (thanks Steph)...and still no name.  We had 3 girls names set in stone so why are boys names so much harder?!  We have a doctor's appointment Thursday and other than that there's not much to report!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A weird stage...

Well, I am 28 weeks and feeling a bit unprepared.  I'm due the first week of May, which when you say it that way, seems so far away.  But if you say that I could go into labor in 10 weeks, makes it feel really close.  My shower isn't until April 16th (which again feels forever away) so we won't get the majority of our baby stuff until than.  We (and by we I mean my sister in law) are painting the nursery today so that will make me feel better to have that done.  We won't get our furniture or bedding until March/April.  So for some reason I'm just a weird spot were I feel completely unprepared! Oh well, maybe I'm just weird or hormonal :)

I'm growing growing growing...my belly button is very small and is either going to pop out or disappear soon..eek!  It looks like there's a basketball under my shirt :)
My back is killing me.  Sitting on the couch normal is no longer an option, I need a pillow behind my back or I lay down.
 I'm still sleeping good, I have a body pillow on my left side but when I rolled over to my right side I didn't have any tummy support so I had to shove a pillow on that side too.  Thank goodness we have a big bed.
I'd like to do some maternity photos soon but it doesn't look to be warming up anytime soon so we'll have to wait.  I'll probably wait until March so I can wear something a little more comfortable than skinny jeans, boots, and a sweater!
He wasn't moving a whole lot last week, I would feel a random kick every once in awhile but nothing like I had the week before.  But he is back and kicking in full force again this week.  Taylor finally felt a few!
Two weeks ago my doc put me on iron pills because my glucose test showed it was a little low.  Well iron did a number on my body and needless to say she took me off of them.  At least for now.  Thank goodness.  My next appointment is the 17th so I'll update again than!

I thought I would include the latest Maisy photo for you all to enjoy ;)  It was a snow day and so we had played outside for awhile so she was exhausted...
...that's my big belly in the way and my leg that she is resting her head and paw on.