Sunday, September 25, 2011

Iowa trip

Our trip to Sioux City could not have gone any better.  My cousin Chris is in the Marine Corps and is leaving to go on his first tour of Afghanistan so while he was home he had a "see you next year" party that weekend.  With my mom being in Italy I took off 4 days and decided we would head up so we could see him and he could see Jaris before he left.  Danielle, Jaris and I left around 5:30 Thursday but we had to take 75 hwy up north through Topeka because parts of I-29 are still closed due to the flooding.  It was fine but we had to go through a ton of small towns in KS and NE so there was a lot of slowing down and the hwy was only two lanes so if we got stuck behind a slow person it took some time to pass them and on top of that it started to rain.  Jaris slept the entire way but we stopped in Council Bluffs and ate dinner so Jaris was able to be out of his car seat for a little bit and so I could feed him.  I somehow forgot to get gas when we stopped so we had to stop once more but we finally made it in around midnight.  I was worried that Jaris wouldn't sleep since he had just slept 6 hours so I decided to treat midnight like it was our normal 8:30 routine.  So I fed him some cereal and carrots, gave him a quick bath and bottle and by 1 am he out like a light and slept until 9:30!  
Friday I had to run and find a zip up sweatshirt for Jaris because it was coooold up there however it took 3 different stores to find one for a boy in a 6 month size.  They had ones for older kids and one in every color for girls but I only found ONE for him so we just went with it and we had to pick up a little hat for him too :)  My aunt Sarah and god-daughter Savannah came over and we headed to lunch at my favorite Sioux City spot....Milwaukee Wiener!! I love their hot dogs and's old frills...and delicious!

His chubby little hand makes me giggle 

Then we headed out to my aunts house in the country so I could take photos for Chris of his family before he left.

Then we headed to his going away party.  It was good to see most of my Iowa family there and I'm glad they got to see Jaris.  I'm so glad we got to see Chris before he left, he is such a good kid (I guess he's not  kid anymore but to me he is ;)), he has a good heart and his faith is strong so I know he'll be alright over there.  We love you Biffer and we are praying for you as well as for Celesity and Cevaeh, and your wonderful momma.  Be safe over there, keep your head down, and we'll see you in one year.

Deanne, my aunt and mom's friend

Jaris and my uncle Joey (whom he LOVED....maybe it's a red head thing ;))

My little snuggle bug

Good face Jaris

My cousin Chris and I

My grandpa makes THE BEST cake. No lie. THE BEST.  When he comes to visit he can't leave w/o making me a cake!

My aunt Sarah

They were giving kisses earlier but Cevaeh would rather kiss hands! The cutest little cousins!

say whaaat?!

My god-daughter Savannah and I

Great grandpa Joe and my sleepy boy

My uncle Joeys evil bird.  Ok it's not evil but I HATE birds and this one talks and talks and can mimic the sound of any voice and that is just not right...evil :)

My uncle Matt back from Afghanistan.  There are red-heads on my side too so Jaris doesn't stand a chance as you can tell by his skin color lol!

My uncle Mark

Great grandpa Joe and great grandma Betty

We left Sunday morning and met up with some of my Nebraska family on the way back.  My grandma wasn't able to make the trip as she is going through chemo and didn't have strength to make the trip. 

My cousin Heather 

My little cousin Lyndi and Jaris, how adorable is Lyndi?!

Miss Emma  was such a good little mommy!

Jaris was awake pretty much the entire rest of the way and the only noise I heard from him was his conversations with Danielle and Petey.  He was such a good little traveler and he slept through the night every night we were there. He was a little more fussy during the day then normal, he had a tooth coming in and now has two little bottom teeth growing up! He's had a lot of mucus/congestion lately because of his teeth and has had a low grade fever with it and it's been no fun.  He HATES the booger sucker and it's no fun for me to make him cry :( but there is no other way to get it out and he can hardly swallow with all that junk in the back of his throat.  But I still feel bad!  

Seriously...could he be any cuter?!

He is a drooling and finger sucking machine recently.  I think he is ready to start the "johnny jumper" so hopefully tonight we'll get that on video and see how he likes it!  He has finally achieved his goal of getting his toes in his mouth and now it's all he does. 

 Feeding time has become my favorite time of the night.  He talks talks talks and laughs so much, it cracks me up.  We tried banana's for the first time in Sioux City and he did NOT like them! His face was priceless but we tried them again recently and it wasn't so bad this time around :) 

I just love him so much.  I can't get enough of him and everyday I have to leave him to go to work kills me.  I'm so excited for the upcoming month, fall....pumpkin patch...and Halloween! I LOVE Halloween and the pumpkin patch and I want to make sure that the pumpkin patch is a tradition with my little family.  Growing up we went every year and it was so fun and I can't wait for this first trip with Jaris!

Maisy likes to help out EVERY night at bath time :)

Getting in his pj's trying to suck on his toes through his socks

A good laugh especially at 1:24...apparently he thinks me telling Maisy no is funny!

I think that's all for now!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Jaris got to try cereal for the first time the other night and it was interesting to say the least!  He was a little fussy towards the end (his teeth are starting to bug him) so he didn't eat much the first time around but he seemed to like it.  He still really likes to put his fingers/fists in his mouth so it was hard trying to keep them out and then he would try to grab the spoon but after trying to keep his hands down I figured I was fighting a losing battle so I just let him do it and it made him happier!  He also likes to take his bib and rub it all over his face like it's his blanket that he snuggles with!  We first tried it in his bouncy chair and that was going well but we thought we would try the bumbo seat as well but that didn't go as good so lesson learned there!

Ready to start!

In need of a bath now!
The second night we mixed the cereal with some carrots and he seemed to really like it!  The last two nights we've done applesauce and he likes that too!  It does seem to be helping him sleep through the night better, when he was congested he was waking up around 1-2 am but since we've started cereal he's been sleeping through the night.  The last few mornings when I leave for work (around 9:20) he is still sleeping!

Just can't keep the fingers out!

Notice the food on his forehead? That's from rubbing his bib all over his face :)


So overall feeding is going well and it's fun to do!  He is really trying to sit up all the time now, doesn't like to be laying flat or angled for long.  I think we may try the "johnny jumper" soon but we'll see, maybe more towards the end of the month.  

My cousin is home (Sioux City IA) until September 17 and after that he will go back to Cali and shortly after he will deploy for his first tour of Afghanistan.  Since my mom will be heading to Italy on the 14th for 2 weeks (super jealous) I took off next Wednesday and the rest of the week so that Jaris and I could make a trip up to Iowa and see my cousin before he leaves.  He is a Marine, he is married and they have a beautiful little girl Cevaeh photo here :) so please keep them all in your prayers as well as my aunt, this is her only child so she will need them!  I think my sister Danielle is going to come with me so I have a helping hand, it should be fun.  Can't wait to see everyone and for them to see J man!

Monday, September 5, 2011

4 Months?!

I can't believe I'm updating about his 4 month check up already! We took him in and his stats are...

...14 pounds 8 oz (only the 40th percentile but that's way up from his 2 month check up so he's actually doing good!)
...27" long (97th percentile!) 
...rolling over from back to belly like a pro!  He has rolled over from tummy to back but it seems as though he forgot how!  He gets stuck on his tummy and after awhile gets annoyed :)
...still sleeping so good
...bares weight on his little leggies
...loves grabbing his toes
...We get to start rice cereal and fruits and veggies, can't wait for that
...again did great with his shots, just sleepy afterwards but not fussy
...still has his normal fussy time around 8-9 at night but other than that time he is a happy happy baby
...Dr. C felt two teeth coming in on the bottom, I kind of figured that, we saw two little white spots on his gums and he has been gnawing away on his fingers and drooling a ton

Overall Dr. C said he is doing awesome.  And I always said when I had kids I would never say what I'm about to she did say that his sleeping habits and the fact that he is rolling from back to belly is really really good for his age.  Okay I promise that's the last time you'll hear the "my child is advanced" line ;)

Our routine is still the same except with a little less daddy around.  Brett is back at KU finishing his degree!  I'm really proud of him and how hard he is working, he has class all day Tuesday and Thursday, works at LAC Mon, Wed, Fri and works out his high school students 3-4 times a week as well.   And on top of all that he has been helping his sisters take care of their grandparents.  So he is busy busy.  I've been super busy as well with photo shoots and have 4 more in the next 2 months.

I had this past Tuesday off and it was the day Jaris turned 4 months so naturally we did a photo shoot!

*random shots & videos*

We got the first belly laugh on tape! It just may be the most adorable baby laugh ever ;)  We just got back from a walk/run and it was hot out and he is about to get a bath so that is why he has just a diaper on lol and that is why I look like I do.  Please excuse the backwards hat.  And he drools a ridiculous amount while laughing and it gets all over me but his laugh was too cute to let that stop me!

Tried the Moby Wrap and he loved it!
Blurry but this is how I found him the other morning

Pretty much sums up how he is these days...grabbing his toes with the other hand in his mouth!

Showing Papa how he can get his toes!

While visiting Brett's papa, he predicted the future :)

On a random side note I can't wait for fall to get here, so excited for the pumpkin patch and Halloween (my absolute favorite time of the year)!
And another random note...someone gave me the Jewel Lullaby CD as a gift and I hadn't listened to it until the other night and I immediately loved it from the first song!  The song you're listening to is called the "Circle Song" and it is my favorite song to sing to him.  And it also has another favorite, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."  It's a great CD for any mommy who is interested!

I think that's all for now, we are planning on trying cereal tomorrow night with J man so I'll be sure to take video and pictures.