Friday, September 9, 2011


Jaris got to try cereal for the first time the other night and it was interesting to say the least!  He was a little fussy towards the end (his teeth are starting to bug him) so he didn't eat much the first time around but he seemed to like it.  He still really likes to put his fingers/fists in his mouth so it was hard trying to keep them out and then he would try to grab the spoon but after trying to keep his hands down I figured I was fighting a losing battle so I just let him do it and it made him happier!  He also likes to take his bib and rub it all over his face like it's his blanket that he snuggles with!  We first tried it in his bouncy chair and that was going well but we thought we would try the bumbo seat as well but that didn't go as good so lesson learned there!

Ready to start!

In need of a bath now!
The second night we mixed the cereal with some carrots and he seemed to really like it!  The last two nights we've done applesauce and he likes that too!  It does seem to be helping him sleep through the night better, when he was congested he was waking up around 1-2 am but since we've started cereal he's been sleeping through the night.  The last few mornings when I leave for work (around 9:20) he is still sleeping!

Just can't keep the fingers out!

Notice the food on his forehead? That's from rubbing his bib all over his face :)


So overall feeding is going well and it's fun to do!  He is really trying to sit up all the time now, doesn't like to be laying flat or angled for long.  I think we may try the "johnny jumper" soon but we'll see, maybe more towards the end of the month.  

My cousin is home (Sioux City IA) until September 17 and after that he will go back to Cali and shortly after he will deploy for his first tour of Afghanistan.  Since my mom will be heading to Italy on the 14th for 2 weeks (super jealous) I took off next Wednesday and the rest of the week so that Jaris and I could make a trip up to Iowa and see my cousin before he leaves.  He is a Marine, he is married and they have a beautiful little girl Cevaeh photo here :) so please keep them all in your prayers as well as my aunt, this is her only child so she will need them!  I think my sister Danielle is going to come with me so I have a helping hand, it should be fun.  Can't wait to see everyone and for them to see J man!

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