Monday, September 5, 2011

4 Months?!

I can't believe I'm updating about his 4 month check up already! We took him in and his stats are...

...14 pounds 8 oz (only the 40th percentile but that's way up from his 2 month check up so he's actually doing good!)
...27" long (97th percentile!) 
...rolling over from back to belly like a pro!  He has rolled over from tummy to back but it seems as though he forgot how!  He gets stuck on his tummy and after awhile gets annoyed :)
...still sleeping so good
...bares weight on his little leggies
...loves grabbing his toes
...We get to start rice cereal and fruits and veggies, can't wait for that
...again did great with his shots, just sleepy afterwards but not fussy
...still has his normal fussy time around 8-9 at night but other than that time he is a happy happy baby
...Dr. C felt two teeth coming in on the bottom, I kind of figured that, we saw two little white spots on his gums and he has been gnawing away on his fingers and drooling a ton

Overall Dr. C said he is doing awesome.  And I always said when I had kids I would never say what I'm about to she did say that his sleeping habits and the fact that he is rolling from back to belly is really really good for his age.  Okay I promise that's the last time you'll hear the "my child is advanced" line ;)

Our routine is still the same except with a little less daddy around.  Brett is back at KU finishing his degree!  I'm really proud of him and how hard he is working, he has class all day Tuesday and Thursday, works at LAC Mon, Wed, Fri and works out his high school students 3-4 times a week as well.   And on top of all that he has been helping his sisters take care of their grandparents.  So he is busy busy.  I've been super busy as well with photo shoots and have 4 more in the next 2 months.

I had this past Tuesday off and it was the day Jaris turned 4 months so naturally we did a photo shoot!

*random shots & videos*

We got the first belly laugh on tape! It just may be the most adorable baby laugh ever ;)  We just got back from a walk/run and it was hot out and he is about to get a bath so that is why he has just a diaper on lol and that is why I look like I do.  Please excuse the backwards hat.  And he drools a ridiculous amount while laughing and it gets all over me but his laugh was too cute to let that stop me!

Tried the Moby Wrap and he loved it!
Blurry but this is how I found him the other morning

Pretty much sums up how he is these days...grabbing his toes with the other hand in his mouth!

Showing Papa how he can get his toes!

While visiting Brett's papa, he predicted the future :)

On a random side note I can't wait for fall to get here, so excited for the pumpkin patch and Halloween (my absolute favorite time of the year)!
And another random note...someone gave me the Jewel Lullaby CD as a gift and I hadn't listened to it until the other night and I immediately loved it from the first song!  The song you're listening to is called the "Circle Song" and it is my favorite song to sing to him.  And it also has another favorite, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."  It's a great CD for any mommy who is interested!

I think that's all for now, we are planning on trying cereal tomorrow night with J man so I'll be sure to take video and pictures.

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