Friday, May 31, 2013

Things to remember...

Random thoughts of things I want to remember at this age:

Jaris is talking up a storm!  He repeats EVERYTHING you say.  Every word of the sentence you say to him, he will repeat.  He has an awesome vocabulary, I would say 100+ words and becoming a pro at sentences! 

A few fav phrases right now:
I got it
momma hold you (aka hold me mom)
daddy mow grass
I sit momma (aka I want to sit with you mom)
mom/dad where are you
wake up
Maisy get it (if he's scared Maisy will eat his food)

He really wants you to understand what he is saying.  95% of the time I can clearly understand his words but when I can't I'll ask him again and he will say it until you get it.  He really takes his time the second time around and tries to enunciate better, which is great that he doesn't just give up.

He knows all the names of our family members, Brett's side and mine.  And he saysthem all really well, even aunt Stephanie!

He's very into doing thing himself or as he says, "I do it."  He wants to buckle his car seat, he wants to put his sock and shoes on, he wants to do it all.

He can't go to sleep unless we do his routine to a T.  Bubble Guppies (he calls it buggles) while eating a snack.  Brushing his teeth and he really likes doing that by himself!  Giving everyone, including Maisy a hug and kiss.  I hold him and sing songs but I have to have his blanket over my shoulder, the fan has to be on, and the water machine has to be on.  He has to get a drink of water before I go out of the room.  Miss any of these steps and good luck!  Particular much?!

And he very is particular about everything he does.  Things need to be in their correct place, if you move his drink he will move it back.  Down to the tiniest detail, things have to be perfect.  A lot like me :)

Starting to get a little feisty with "no."  When he does get in trouble, after a time out and an explanation, I ask him if he understands and I"ll tell him to respond with yes ma'am.  He now does that on his own!  We want to make sure that he uses yes ma'am and yes sir from now on.

He always says thank you on his own now, most of the time says please but still has to be prompted on that one.  He also says bless you when you sneeze now!

When he plays hide and seek he will hide but yell, "Jaris where are you!?"

Still says hi to everyone, loves mowing, cars, cheeseburgers, donuts, fruit, Bubble Guppies, his baseball, Cars movie especially Mater, being outside, and trucks.  

That's all for now!

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