Saturday, April 29, 2017

6 Years Old

This year has gone by so quickly. And I know every year gets faster but it's hard to fathom that you are 6 and going to be a 1st grader this year. Your first year of school is almost over (19 more days!) and it has been nothing short of amazing watching you learn. We've gone from reading to you at night to you reading to us. Your favorite subject so far is math, you love numbers. And you are a dodge ball playing expert. You've had a blast this year with dad after school...going to football practice, then basketball practice, and now baseball practice. Attending all the home games for those sports and helping dad out with the state tournament. You ran your first marathon in marathon club after school, finished two seasons of basketball, and are ready for your second season of baseball. You've got a really fun group of sports buddies you're playing with and it you've made some good friends there as well as school. It was a busy school year and you were always able to go with the flow.

You have your moments of annoyed big brother with Landry (when she's stealing your cars etc) but for the most part you are so awesome with her. You always want to see her in the morning before you leave for school and you can't go to bed without giving her a hug and kiss. And I love that you still say, "goodnight baby." She adores you. 

We've had our fair share of challenging parental moments with you but with that comes growth...for all of us. We are hoping there's a little less attitude with 6...I won't hold my breath. But you have such a tender heart and still love to snuggle up with us, so happy you haven't grown out of that yet. You are so caring and usually move up on the behavior chart at school for being kind. I guess you are listening when I send you off in the morning, "learn and be kind." 

You've taken over family prayers when we eat and at bedtime. I love listening to you pray, it really shows just how sweet you are. You pray for friends, family, Maisy, safe travels, for people to feel better, whatever is going on with someone you know, you pray for them. It's amazing to hear. 

We are excited to watch another year of growth and couldn't be more proud of you. How blessed we are to be your parents. We love you to the moon and back. 

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