Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fun weekend!

We haven't slowed down since we got back from Destin.  I started my new job on Monday and I couldn't be happier.  I'm really looking forward to being a fan again and actually attending the games instead of working them.  Going to sporting events with Brett and Jaris is something I love doing and I can't wait for the season ahead!

1st day of a new job = a happy momma!
While we were in Destin my grandmother became very ill so initially we were planning on heading to Omaha to see her this past weekend.  After some complications we decided to wait until this weekend, which worked out because I was running a team triathlon!

Friday we took Jaris to see the movie Planes!  I was little disappointed in the movie, not as much action as I thought but JT liked it and did really well.  We stopped to play at the park first!
Saturday Jaris woke up with a fever and it got even higher after his nap.  We took it easy that night and watched movies.  His fever went down but he has a pretty rough cough.  Gotta love Lawrence allergies.  

Sunday I woke up bright and very early to head to Manhattan for a sprint triathlon with my sister in law and a friend from high school.  Samie swam the 500 meters and kicked butt! She was the first woman out and the 3rd overall!  Stephanie biked 12 miles and also did great!  I ran the 5k and did pretty well for myself!  Last time I did a 5k I ran it in 36 mins...yikes.  I cut 6 mins off my time since then so I was happy with 30 mins.  And that's after all the terrible eating I did in Destin and only running 2 miles at most before the race!

That's all for now, we will be in Nebraska this weekend :)

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