Friday, March 18, 2011

Nothing too exciting...

Nothing new to report.  Everything was looking great at my last doctors appointment and I only have 2 more every 2 week appointments and than I start going every week.  April 4th we go in and have our hospital tour.  It just seems like it's so close and yet I feel like I just told everyone!  It has really gone by super fast.
Baby is moving ALL the time, a lot more during the day now but still a lot at night and in the morning.  I've been craving a lot of fruit lately, mainly strawberries and grapes.  I'm starting to really feel the effects of pregnancy all over.  If I don't get a lot of time to sit at work my legs and feet are really sore that night and the next day.  I make a ridiculous amount of trips to the bathroom.  My back still hurts and my feet/ankles still swell all the time.  In fact I think they will just remain swollen until after labor, Brett told me yesterday that they looked like Fred Flintstones I think that is a pretty accurate description!

Random thoughts...
I'm getting really excited for my baby shower.  It's about one month away and I can't wait to see what my mom has done! And I can't wait to see all my family that are traveling down!  

Really hoping KU can win the NCAA tourney this year so the bracket can go in the baby's scrapbook.

We have officially moved ONE name to the list.  That was a big step for Brett ya'll lol.  We want to get a list with 2 or 3 names on it and once we see the baby we'll decide than.  So I'm pumped he has finally agreed on one!

Brett's cousin and her 3 year old little girl were in town recently and she was fascinated with my belly.  She liked to tickle "the baby" aka my belly and she even sang Justin Bieber's "Baby" song to it.  It was SUPER cute and I have it on video on my phone but I can't figure out how to get it to my computer so once I do I'll post it.  Every time I saw her she asked, "is the baby still in there?" It was very cute, we even had a belly bump bump instead of a chest bump ;)

I think that's it for now, not much to update on!

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