Sunday, March 27, 2011


This is a not an important post but I'm excited about it!  I love to bake, usually I'm the only one who ends up eating it because Brett isn't a big sweets person (I only wish I could be like that), but I had a little craving for some brownies.  I have tried to make brownies 8 million times...I love them.  However, they NEVER turn out right.  The edges are always hard and the inside is nice and gooey but never the same consistency all over.  I couldn't figure it out...I tired different pan sizes and fifty other things but nothing helped.  And granted they are just brownies from the box but still.  So today while doing some grocery shopping the brownies were on sale so I thought I would try again and  if the edges were hard again at least I could eat the inside!  I made sure I followed directions to a "t"...however this time instead of cooking them at the recommend oven temp and time I just very slowly cooked them for however long it took and finally......THEY TURNED OUT!

How silly is it that it took me that many tries to make brownies?! Oh well...I got it now!
April is going to be a very busy month for me.  I have an appointment this Thursday and than the first week of April I have a haircut and our hospital walk-through.  The next week I have my last every two week appointment on the 12th and from then on it's every week.  April 16th is my shower (which by the way it's extremely hard not to look at our registries..).  The week after our shower will be spent getting everything put together, clothes washed and put away, car seat installed, and finishing the baby's room.  I started laughing writing that last line just thinking about how close we are really freaks me out!  I truly can't believe we are so close, I know I've said this a million times but I feel like I should still have 3 more months!  I'm starting to think more and more about what will go on once we get to the hospital. I'm not nervous for all the needles or epidural (don't get me wrong I'm not looking forward to them) but I'm terrified to start the whole pushing process.  That is the point of no return lol.  There is no going back after that, you can't put it back in, you can't stop him from coming and as soon as he's out your responsible for a new life.  THAT'S SCARY!  I know we'll be just fine but still...ahh it's so close!
I'll keep you updated after our appointment and hospital walk through!

Brett walked into the baby's room (which as of right now if Brett's clothing room) and found her sleeping like this...

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Ashley Thornton said...

I can never make brownies either. I can bake almost anything. Some stuff from scratch but have the same prob with brownies...It's not just you. :)