Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I am obsessed with music.  Love it.  Thanks to my mom I've been cultured on the best...anything 70's and 80's including...Madonna :)  I almost passed out from excitement when I found out she was coming to the Sprint Center and even more excited when I actually got tickets!  My mom was going with one of her girlfriends so I was a little sad she and I weren't going to sit together because Madonna will always remind me of my mom but I had a blast and we texted each other :)  Kelly and I went and met up with my friend Kristy and her friend Julie.  Our seats were pretty high up but I didn't care, seeing her was enough!  The show was AMAZING.  The BEST technical, graphics, dancing, artistry, show I've ever seen.  The set was unbelievable and it was pure entertainment from start to finish.  Most of the pictures are from my phone so not great but I put some on from the web so you could see better.  I still can't believe I can add Madonna to my list of concerts...crazy!


Yes those are drummers hanging from the celling!

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