Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Here are a few photos from our Halloween! We had a great time at my families annual Halloween party, and even got some trick or treaters Halloween night! I love Halloween and wish I had time to really "go all out" each year, next year however will be quite a different Halloween experience for us.  We'll have a baby! I can't wait for the pumpkin patch and I've already got tons of costume ideas in mind!

Last minute costumes!

My dad and Brett

My aunts!

My uncle

My parents :)

The two cutest nephews ever!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Now it's on to Thanksgiving and Christmas! I LOVE this time of year!
*Be excited...for my bedroom shelf project Brett and I have to take some new pictures together so those will be coming soon...I know you're all super excited ;)

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