Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fun Weekends

Like always and like everyone else we've had a busy couple of weeks. Brett finished up with Veritas basketball, placing 3rd in the state tourney! They had a great season and are only losing one player so hopefully next year they can continue going strong. The boys on the team have been so unbelievably sweet with Jaris. He loved going to their practices, got to warm up with them every game (gave him knucks every single time he asked), let him be in the locker room at half time, played with him every time he asked, and on and on. They loved him and he loved them!

We had the end of the season banquet at the Oread and it was so much more than what they usually do. The parents were so impressed with everything! I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of Brett and all that he is doing not only as the athletic director but as a football, basketball, and now baseball coach! Throughout the entire night I was told how grateful the parents were for "sharing my husband" with the school and what he has done for their child. Not only making them stronger but giving them confidence as a player. He has done so much for the program and it's only been 7 months! A contract with ADIDAS, apparel at Jocks Nitch, new basketball uniforms, local radio show, and starting a baseball program! He has so many more ideas I can't wait to watch him carry those out!

HERE is a link to their awesome season highlight video..worth a watch!

We had some fun play dates with friends!

No cavities at the dentist!

And on top of that Jaris has stopped sucking his thumb! It all started when he got a cut on his thumb and had to put a band-aid on it. That night he asked if he could suck his thumb and I told him no because of the band-aid. He was okay with it so I also told him that maybe it was time to stop and how bad it was for his teeth and so on. I kept the band-aid on for longer than needed to get him used to going to sleep without it.

He did fine until we took it off, so I laid with him to keep him from doing it but he has his "mamie" that he snuggles with and sucks his thumb at the same time. *A little blanket he's had since he was a newborn.* I didn't want to take his mamie away (the whole "security" thing ya know?) but I knew if didn't he wouldn't stop sucking this thumb.  I had a pretty great idea to help him say goodbye to it which I won't post about because I'm seriously thinking about selling it on Etsy! Yes it worked that good and is a really good idea! So he officially has no more mamie and doesn't suck his thumb! Job well done buddy! 

We've had weather ups and downs so when it was nice we took advantage and cleaned out the garage...Jaris was thrilled. One of my favorite things about living in Brett's grandparents home is coming across hidden treasures. I found a huge box of old pictures, in the garage!! So many cool photos of the house before all the remodeling, the family, etc. One of my favorite finds is the black and white one below.  We also put up the mats from KU's baseball stadium.

took a timeout to fix our windows with aunt Steph!

such a good dog

Brett's papa
Spring cleaning hit the inside of the house too!
And with spring come the start of baseball. Brett has started the first ever baseball program at Veritas and he is so excited. I love going out to their practices, the coach built a practice field on their land out in the country...right up my alley. So JT and I go out, I get to go on a country run and JT gets to be bat boy! They had their first game on Wednesday against a team that has been playing together for a few years and won! So excited for them and they gave Brett the game ball, they are awesome kids!

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