Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Busy weekend!

We had a fun and busy weekend to kick off the fall season!  Friday night Brett and I headed to the Rangers/Royals game for his b-day.  It was PERFECT weather and we had AWESOME seats!  Brett and I love going to baseball games...it's relaxing with all the fun stuff like hot dogs and beer, wouldn't mind being season ticket holders some day!  It was nice to be doing something just Brett and I that wasn't a quick dinner out.  Jaris got to stay over and grammy and papa's.  When I came to pick him up the next morning he said, "don't take me home mommy."  Glad he had fun!

We were on tv twice (bottom right pic)!  We are such a good looking couple they couldn't resist :)
Next up was the KU football game.  The morning started off cool but it quickly warmed up.  I really like the morning games because a breakfast tailgate is the best!  All the breakfast casseroles and mimosas, you can't go wrong!  Kelly and the boys were in town so JT had a blast running around with them in the kid zone.  He wasn't feeling the game too much, he woke up early at my parents house so I think he was a little grumpy, we ended up leaving at the start of the 4th quarter and missed the 52 yard field goal to win the game!

My high school reunion was also that afternoon.  Originally we planned on leaving the game early to go there but Jaris was having too much fun with the boys and because he was a little grumpy we just went home for a nap before our next event.  My mom had planned for us to go to the stock car races outside of Topeka that night.  It was entertaining and JT loved it...not our normal crowd but it was fun.  We didn't get home until around 9:30 so it was a pretty long day for us!

please excuse Brett's cheek full of sunflower seeds

Sunday was so nice.  A great church service, lunch with my mother in law, Cowboys won, put JT down for a nap, picked up the house, took small nap, and then we had my family over for BLT's and corn on the cob.  It was too nice to be eating inside and having people over is one of my favorite things to do. 

We are going to conquer potty training this weekend using the "3 day" method so wish us luck!

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Michelle Harris said...

Season tickets are awesome but when you do think about it don't forget to add it the extra expenses. The food and gas! Glad you had fun at the game and like I told you on Facebook, you should have gone Saturday night and we should have gone Friday night. Oh well, we always have fun too! Good luck with potty training and let me know how it goes! You are my go to lady!