Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Oh 3 Day Weekends!

Every weekend should be 3 days.  We had such a great weekend and I was definitely sad to see it end. Friday the Ballard family came into town and we had dinner and play time at our house.  Jaris loves being around Kaden and Brooks, those poor boys don't get a second without JT calling their name...but I love watching him with them.  Saturday I got started on a project for our living room wall while Brett took JT to go play with the boys at the park.  

We met with the family for lunch and headed back to our house for more play time.  That night we took the kids out for dinner and called it a night.

Sunday we had everyone over for burgers and that night Brett and I got to relax and watch a movie! Monday was perfect weather for the boat.  Brett couldn't go unfortunately because he had clients but we had such a relaxing day on the water.  Well..until Jaris choked on a chip.  I was in the water with Stephanie on a floaty.  My sister and dad were on the pontoon with Jaris eating lunch.  All of the sudden I heard my sister yell, "Amber he's choking!"  You know they say when your child is in danger you get super human strength to save them...somehow I got off my floaty, over to the ladder, up it and to the middle of the boat with in 1/2 a second.  You think you would know what to do when your child is choking but in that moment of pure panic, it seems to just leave your head.  To top it off he had a life jacket on.  Luckily as soon as I got to him he was able to get it down.  Seeing that "I can't breath" choking look on his face was the most awful thing.  I was shaking and trying to hold off the tears so he wouldn't get scared, as soon as he could breath again the first thing he said was, "wipe my nose please!"  I don't know that I've ever been that scared.  After all was okay my sister said, "how in the world did you get to him so fast because I said he was choking and then there you were!"  I really don't know how I got up there so fast considering where I was...I do have a few wounds from the ladder.  I'm still not sure if I actually climbed it or just pulled myself up, either way it roughed up my hand a little bit!  After that we were all fine and had no more chips for the rest of the day!  We ended our weekend at one of our favs, Jefferson's downtown.  


it was beautiful weather!

out within 3 mins.
Tuesday was the annual Lawrence Pooch Plunge at the pool.  We take Maisy every year and she loves it, she would be there all night but her hips kill her the next day. Jaris got to enjoy it this year too, he got a kick out of all the dogs running around and jumping in the water.  At one point I was holding JT and a boxer came up to Maisy and got aggressive with her.  JT was watching and all of the sudden he screamed her name and started to cry and said "no doggy!"  He was scared that dog was hurting her.  It broke my heart to see him get so upset but at the same time it brought a little tear to my eye seeing how much he really does care about her.  I know he loves her but I always wondered how much he understood that and now I clearly know.  Love them together.  He will be a great big brother.

 That's all for now!

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