Sunday, December 19, 2010

1/2 way there!

I can't even believe that we are half way through this pregnancy. CRAZY!!  Everyone says that last half really drags on, and since I'm won't be in school and work will be pretty slow, it just might.  We had Halloween, Thanksgiving, school, the start of basketball season, my birthday, Brett's birthday, and a ton of photography clients that made the first half fly by!  I guess that means I'll have to get some photography clients lined up :)
I'm still feeling great, no crazy cravings yet, the bump is for sure growing and growing, and I can feel him moving around in there at least once or twice a day, absolutely amazing.  I'm so ready to feel that first big kick!  Still no progress on the name.  I think I've narrowed my list to my top 3 however Brett has not (shocker I know).  We've told everyone what we like but once we can agree on our top 2 or 3 we will keep them to ourselves and most likely decide once we see the baby.
I have a check-up this Wednesday so I'll be sure to do an update after that.

This weekend has been busy with Christmas parties, we had one for Brett's job which is my dad's work, and three of my uncles, so it was fun to have family there.  And Saturday we had the LAC party and since Brett kind of trains there we were invited!

Hope everyone has very Merry Christmas!

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