Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Survey 2015

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy. Not so much a baby anymore but has grown to be a sweet, kindhearted, hilarious, ornery, determined, and independent little boy. You are truly caring about everyone you meet, can make anyone laugh, loves to snuggle, you like to be the silly center of attention and has to do everything on your own. Every day is a new adventure with you, our conversations are my favorite part of the day. I love listening to your memories, daily happenings, questions, and observations. You test my patience and the next minute crack me up. Thank you for being such a blessing to our family, we love you like crazy!

Just a few of my favorite things about you:

You are all boy, sports, wrestling, tackling, superheros, and fast cars.

When you know you're in trouble and you suddenly whip out an "I love you mommy," or a "you look nice today mommy" mid lecture/punishment.

How you STILL love mowing the yard and picking up Maisy's dog waste (cracks us up)! Best pooper scooper on the block...we'll remember that when your older!

I feel like you may be a lawyer in the future, while it drives me crazy your debating skills are on point. Example: when I say you need to take 3 more bites and your response is, "Well I've already taken 3, so how about 2 more...does that sound like a compromise?" Or when you ask to read two books and I say we only have time for one you respond, "no no no I just want two short books so it won't take long, it will make me fall asleep faster!"

...example conversations:

"Jt you have 3 minutes to pick up all your toys, I've asked twice so what's left on the floor will go in the trash."

JT, "where do they go after the trash?"

Me, "to the dumpster."

JT, "what happens then?"

Me, "they recycle it and make it into new toys for other kids."

JT, "Boy toys like I have? Do they make Captain Americas and Batmans."

Me, "yes lots of new toys."

JT, "why do they do that?"

Me, "omg not the point JT, pick up your toys!"


Brett, "JT I'm going to ride your bike across the street if you don't hurry up."

JT, "Are you going across the street?"

Brett, "yes I'm going to ride your bike if you don't come now."

JT, "okay be careful."

Brett, "Ok I'm leaving on your bike, better hurry!"

JT, "Okay, bye!"

How you still love to cuddle with us, you've always been that way and I hope it doesn't end anytime soon.

Your love for Maisy. Watching you two together makes my heart happy, she is so good to you and vice versa. Lord help us when my sweet girl goes to doggy heaven, he will be lost.

How you are always worried about other people. If someone doesn't feel well or got hurt you are always asking about them with sincere concern!

Your attention to detail. You notice EVERYTHING and always give sweet compliments! "Mom I like the new lamp that you got." "Dad I like your hat." "Mom I like your earrings your wearing." "Your hair looks nice today."

How determined and independent you are. If you start something you have to finish it and it's hard for you to ask for help. And how encouraging you are to other people!

Your sweet sweet smile and so so so much more!

2015 Survey...

1) What is your favorite color?  Green.

2) What is your favorite toy? Batman toys.

3) What is your favorite fruit? Pineapple but I like all kinds of fruit.

4) Whats your favorite tv show? Tom & Jerry.

5) What is your favorite outfit? My new superman shirt and nike shorts.

6) What is your favorite game? Baseball.

7) What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Chicken nuggets.

8) What is your favorite snack? Goldfish & M&M's trail mix.

9) What is your favorite animal? Elephants & giraffes. 

10) What is your favorite song? Uptown Funk.

11) What is your favorite book? The everything is awesome book *aka The Lego Movie book.*

12) Who is your best friend? Harrison.

13) What is your favorite sport? Baseball.

14) What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play baseball.

15) What is your favorite drink? Gatorade.

16) What is your favorite holiday? Halloween.

17) What do you like to take to bed with you at night? My batman toys.

18) What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Pancakes, chocolate chip and regular.

19) What is your favorite restaurant? Five Guys and Bigg Burgers.

20) What do you want to be when you grow up? Batman. And when I'm not batman I want to be a baseball player.

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