Monday, May 4, 2015

4th Birthday!

Last years party was bananas. 62 adults and kids. It was overwhelming in our little house and way too much prep/work/time/money for a birthday party. So this year we decided to do two separate parties, one for family and one for his friends. On his actual birthday we went to my parents house for cake and ice cream with all the family, and my grandma happened to be in town so she got to be there as well! He made out pretty darn well :)

Sunday was his party with friends. I usually start to prepare around February for his party (getting ideas, crafting etc) and I did this year as well but but then life happens and I was incredibly busy with photos, invitations, and Brett's Veritas and workout schedule. It just got put to the side. So much so that I had to send invitations out via Facebook event and texts! I was able to get my computer graphics done during my lunch hours and eventually it all came together.  I'm a night owl and usually I like to stay up late and get everything set up the night before while everyone is sleeping. This year I decided to make JT'S cake. I make really good cupcakes/cakes but I'm by no means able to decorate cakes decently. Luckily you can buy already made fondant and frosting to save some time. I think it turned out pretty well! However I was up incredibly late because the yellow fondant wouldn't stick to the black fondant so I had to take a basting brush and brush water on each individual window, not to mention cutting each building and each window...way too much time! But he LOVED it and it tasted great! And I love making cupcakes so we had both :)

We usually have a bounce house but since we were minimizing this year we decided to skip it. We had the kiddos make their own superhero masks, either Batman or Catwoman. When they finished their masks they got their capes. It turned out so cute and the kids LOVED it! I got a picture about 4 hours after the party of one of the kiddos still wearing their mask! 

Ate cake, opened presents, played, the end. He loved everything and I LOVE how it all turned out especially since it was all pretty last minute!

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