Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day

By now, I thought would be a mother of two. Our plan for the second baby was to try when Jaris turned two but it ended up being about 6 months after that. Not a big deal, Jaris happened quickly so I wasn't too worried. Now...here we are a year and half later and absolutely nothing. I know there are many women who try for way longer than that however it's been an incredibly frustrating and disappointing journey. What's most heartbreaking is how much Jaris wants a sibling and how far apart they will now be, whenever that miracle happens. This is not how I planned things. That however has been the silver lining in this whole process: realizing that it never was my plan to begin with. Letting His plan take course and letting go of all my expectations. While it's still hard and still hurts with every negative, I am blessed. I have a husband that would go to the moon and back for me, a happy, healthy, beautiful four year old who is the light of our lives, family, a job, and a roof over my head. And while things in all aspects of our lives haven't and won't always go our way, I have to and have done a better job of accepting that. Something better is coming along. There is always a reason. I'm aching for another baby so please pray, put us in your thoughts, or whatever it is you do...that it's apart of His plan. 

Mother's Day

I got to start Mother's day early when I got to go visit JT at preschool for Art with Mom! He was pumped for me to be there. They sang a little song and read a book for us, then we got to go look at their art work. I love that they are learning about important artists like Van Gogh and Seurat at such a young age. And it was fun to tell JT that mommy and daddy saw the actual Seurat Sunday Afternoon painting in person and Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles!

He also filled out a little survey about me which is too cute!

What is your moms name....mom.
What is your moms favorite color...green and orange.
Where do you want to go visit with your mom...the toy store.
Your mom makes the best...cake. (Love that answer!)
How old is your mom...4 years old. 

Mother's day was so great. Woke up to biscuits and gravy. Headed to get pedis with my mom. Did some picking up at the house and then headed to lunch at Papa Keno's with by boys. After lunch we went down to Sunflower Bike Shop to get JT a bike helmet (or as he calls it a "bike head"), and they sweetly walked through antique stores with me! Finished our downtown visit with Sylas & Maddy's obviously. My favorite part of spring weather is kicking off patio season. I LOVE our screened in patio and dinners out there are my favorite. So I wanted to grill my favorite meal of pork tenderloin, corn on the cob, and hash brown potato casserole. We had my family and Brett's over and it was perfect weather. Finished the night with apple pie, read a couple of books to JT, and fell asleep. 

Ice cream with my boo...sorry no make up on...yikes!

porch season is officially here!

everybody in the photo hates having their picture taken lol...sorry y'all!
this kiddo LOVES pork tenderloin!

my favorite!

I'm so blessed to be JT's mom. God couldn't have given us a sweeter little boy, seriously don't know what life was like before him and we are having such a fun time watching him grow up. If it could slow down a little bit though that would be great!

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