Wednesday, October 3, 2012

JT is growing so fast!

I can't believe Jaris is 17 months.  I think that means time to start crafting/planning for the next birthday :)  He has been sick with croup and holy smokes it is not fun.  His cough is terrible and in the middle of the night when you hear him gasp for air before he starts coughing, you almost have heart attack.  For 3 nights in a row his cough woke him up and he threw up from coughing so hard.  It was so hard to hear how bad he was and not be able to do anything.  He slept with us (and by us I mean on my chest) those nights and finally last night he slept through the night.  He is still coughing and is pretty hoarse but I think he is getting better.  I am ready for him to be off the steroids, they make him crazy!  It also doesn't help that he has 4 teeth coming in right now!  

He is growing so fast and amazes me every day.  He does things and says things every day that make me look at him and think, "when did you learn that?!"  This morning for example, he was eating a banana on the couch and the Mickey Mouse Club was on.  There were 3 or 4 ducks on the screen and he points and says, "ducks!"  I knew he knew what birds were but I had no idea he knew ducks specifically! He probably thought I was nuts when I starting laughing and yelling good job.  I had another crazy mom moment when two nights ago Brett walked out of the room and he said, "daddy go?" and put his hands up like this...

I was so excited to hear him connect two words, it was so fun to hear and he thought it was pretty funny to see my reaction.  Here are a few other things, something he's been doing for awhile and some are new....

-Loves watching animals on tv.
-Roars when he sees a lion.
-Points and says "bird" when he sees them as well as "dog."
-Asks for "nana" aka a banana.
-Hi and bye to everyone.  
-Knows toys specifically by their name (fish bath toys, football, basketball, cars, ect).
-Says mom, dad, Mayme (Maisy), ball, no go, nana, bird, bee (every bug is a bee :)), and boots.
-Still super loud.
-Loves to push things still, his lawn mower, his ride in car, anything really.
-There is no food he doesn't like.  Especially loves fruit, spaghetti, tomatoes.
-Loves books.
-Starts at the patio back door and says "GO!" and then takes off running.

There are just little things like when I tell him to go get his shoes and he does it, or to sit on his bottom to go down a step and he does, or to put his toys back or what ever he took out and he does (that's a little of mama's ocd coming out :)).  It's just crazy what they pick up on when you don't notice.  
He is such a little ham.  He makes us laugh all the time with his silliness.  I wish I could stay home with him and soak up every second of this age.  He tries so hard to be independent but he is still a snuggler and is still a mama's boy.

Sorry for the picture overload!

Love that dimple!

Still obsessed with cars.

Blowing bubbles.

Can't get enough of these two together.  He always lays on her.

Loves his boots!

Big boy!

Squirrel spotting.

Refused to let me take them off to go running...

I just want to kiss him all the time!

That's all for now!

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