Tuesday, August 28, 2012


3 weeks ago we headed south to visit the Ballard clan in Tulsa!  It was not a bad drive at all, we left right at Jaris' bedtime and he slept the whole way.  Saturday we had lunch at Chick Fil-A and Jaris loved the play land.  He had a little attitude during lunch so we went back home swam while JT napped.

We had dinner at a really fun and delicious Mexican restaurant and again Jaris was a little difficult during dinner.  Thankfully they had a huge pond with lots of ducks we could go feed while we waited for our food!  Jaris is so good all day but lately whenever we go out to eat, he decides to be mister difficult!  So needless to say Brett and I have learned to eat quickly ;)

       Sunday we went to lunch at Brett's favorite, Whataburger and then headed to see the Tulsa facilities.  It was a really nice arena and Jaris had a blast playing on the court with Kaden and Brooks.

Trying to keep up!

Looked at Danny from toe to head and was very unsure of him lol

Peek a boo with Joe

We were all in Brett's office when Jaris wondered out and when I saw him he was on the other side of the glass doing....


We headed home after our visit, it was way too short of a trip but I'm glad we got down there to see everyone, the new house, and the Tulsa facilities...can't wait for a game!! We had fun and I love it when Jaris can be with his cousins!

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