Thursday, August 2, 2012


I finished a Pinterest project!  Our bathroom has needed something above the toilet for quite sometime now and I thought this little project was perfect!  Two wooden blocks, spray paint, jars and candles from HL and hose clamps from Westlake.  

Jaris has his 15 month check up on Tuesday and I'm excited to see how much he's grown.  I feel like he is such a little guy!  His doctor wanted him to be off the bottle by 15 months.  The only time he used one was when he went to bed.  Let me just say, this kid is amazing with transition.  He was right at the 14 month mark and on the first night we tried it, he went from...bath...bottle/book...bed, to bath...sippy cup on the couch watching Bubble  We had no problem.  He took it like it he had been doing it all along and so we have been bottle free for about one month now!  Our new routine has become one of my favorite times of night.  He is so funny sitting on the couch in his cute pj's, eating a snack and drinking milk.  He loves to snuggle and dance to all the Bubble Guppies songs (which I actually love their songs lol).  Below is a ridiculous amount of couch pictures but he is just so dang cute! 

such a big boy!

snugs with daddy

snugs with momma

That's all for now!

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