Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

The weekend started off on a bad note for the Temple family.  Brett works out at the gym every day and if he isn't working out he is working out a client.  Usually after his workout he plays basketball however he has been hurt playing basketball multiple times...rolled ankle, strained MCL, jammed fingers, blah blah and on and on.  So as his wife I asked him to please not play anymore, he complains every time he gets hurt and I just knew something worse was going to happen if he kept playing.  And I was right.  I was at the mall with my mom and sister Friday night when I get a call from Brett.  He sounded like he was in a lot of pain, he says, "I think I did something bad to my knee."  It's been really swollen and he's been using a crutch to walk so he goes for an MRI today, pray it's nothing bad...I can't take care of two babies right now ;)  Saturday was a lazy day, we had my cousins graduation party and then all 3 of us went home and took naps.  Sunday we went to church (I think we finally may have found one we both like, keep your fingers crossed) and that night went to dinner with my parents and sisters.  Memorial day I made cupcakes, got some cleaning done, and that night we headed over to Brett's moms for steaks.  Brett's steaks on the grill are the best, he does such a great job!

Strawberry cupcakes...cream cheese frosting...and strawberry daiquiri jelly beans to top it off!

What was going on while I was in the shower... :)

Granny and Jaris

Enjoying a cupcake!

Awake time!

Kaden playing a game on Uncle Brett's phone

Brooks' turn, he loves Uncle Brett!

Quality cousin time, so cute!

Wish it wasn't blurry

Hal and Debby

I'll be sure and update when we know about Brett's knee, other then that we are doing great!

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